Wereraven Rage

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  • Rage measures the amount of immediate autonomy the Rookery has, and how close it is to attempting to exert its will and force the wereraven into Rook-Craze.
  • Rage is a pool, similar to Willpower. It is never rolled, but points are added and subtracted to it in response to things that happen in game.
  • Rage is gained by things that happen to or around the wereraven, or by actions the wereraven takes. These are called Rookery Triggers.

Feeding the Rookery

  • At any time that a wereraven gains a point of Rage, she may choose to spend a point of Essence to reduce the amount of Rage gained by 1.

Fighting the Rook-Craze

  • Anytime a wereraven gains a point of Rage, and if the total Rage pool is equal to or greater than the wereraven's Composure + Harmony, the Rookey may spend 1 Rage to inflict the Fighting the Rook-Craze on the wereraven. The wereraven is assumed to be fighting the Rook-Craze at that point.