Werewolf Full Moon

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  • First Sight of the Moon: The full moon feeds the Feral Wolf. The first sight of the full moon restores 1 point of Essence to the werewolf, but this also grants an amount of Rage equal to the werewolf's Primal Urge.
  • The Feral Wolf: All Triggers grant one additional Rage on nights of the full moon.

Pack Running

Werewolves who are part of a pack have another option during the full moon for recovering their Essence: they may go running in the wilderness as a pack.

  • Doing so - most often in wolf form, but any non-human form fulfills the function - regenerates an amount of Essence equal to their Primal Urge, plus one for each packmate who partakes in the run.
  • This outing takes a minimum of four hours, but often ends up being much longer, as the pack hunts food, cavorts and plays chasing games, and even lay down to rest together under shelter in the wilderness.