Werewolf Going Feral

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Fighting the Wolf
Effects: You are fighting the Feral Wolf's attempt to seize control over your body. You are unconsciously shifting in minor ways, including flashing your wolf's eyes, and growling audibly to those near you. +1 to combat rolls, -1 to all other rolls. Double Willpower costs.
Cause: The Feral Wolf instigates a Feral Shift by spending 1 Rage when your Rage pool is greater than your Composure + Harmony.
End: This tilt ends when you make a Feral Test. You can avoid making this test for a number of rounds equal to your Resolve + Harmony.
  • The Feral Wolf attempts to seize control over the werewolf's body, forcing his psyche aside while it takes over his body.
  • Any time the werewolf gains one or more points of Rage, and the total of his accumulated Rage equals or exceeds the werewolf's Composure + Harmony, the Feral Wolf may attempt to force the werewolf to go Feral.
  • The Feral Wolf spends a point of Rage and inflicts the Fighting the Wolf Tilt on the werewolf.
  • At any time during the period he is suffering from the tilt, a werewolf may take an action to make a Feral Test. He may put off the Feral Test for a number of rounds equal to his Resolve + Harmony, at which point he is forced to use an action to make the Feral Test.

Slipping the Leash

  • A werewolf with the Unanchored Condition may not shapechange of his own power.
  • He may, however, spend a point of Willpower to do what is called "slipping the leash" - goading his Feral Wolf to the surface in hopes of defeating it and using its power to shapeshift.
  • The Feral Test that follows is performed only with the unanchored wolf's Resolve, even if he has Harmony.
  • If he wins the Feral Test, he may choose to assume hybrid form as part of his success.

Feral Test

You are under the dominion of your Feral Wolf. You behave with feral abandon, and seek to find or manufacture a breaking point of the werewolf's human nature to instigate. Your behaviors are governed by two things during this time: the Instinct that triggered the Feral Shift, and the Feral Wolf Archtype. You also run from or lash out at threats. -2 Defense. Rolls to compel aggression or flight are exceptional at 3 successes. If this is not Resolved by the following sunrise, the Condition ends without Resolution.
Possible Sources: Failing to resist a Feral Shift.
Resolution: A breaking point is incurred, whether passed or failed, or causing damage in someone's last three Health boxes. When this Condition ends (whether by rise of sun or Resolution), gain a Primal beat instead of a normal beat, as well as an amount of Essence equal to your Primal Urge. If this occurs on the night of the full moon, completely refill your Essence pool.
Beats: n/a
  • Action: Standard. A werewolf can only make this test during his action; he cannot even use normal movement while doing so.
  • Dice Pool: Resolve + Harmony - Primal Urge
  • Bonuses: One or more pack Bondmate is nearby (+1), interacting with or near Anchor (+1), immersed in cold environment (+1), pain stimulus (+1 per -1 penalty)
  • Penalties: Each point of Rage the Feral Wolf spends, maximum of werewolf's Stamina (-1)
  • Critical Success: You defeat the Feral Wolf. Reduce your Rage pool down to 0.
  • Success: You defeat the Feral Wolf. Reduce your Rage pool by a number of points equal to your Harmony.
  • Failure: You gain the Feral Condition. Reduce your Rage pool by a number of points equal to your Primal Urge.
  • Dramatic Failure: You gain the Feral Condition. Do not reduce your Rage pool. Gain a Primal Beat.