Werewolf Harmony

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Harmony reflects a werewolf's ability to control his werewolf nature. If Primal Urge measures the power of his Feral Wolf and werewolf abilities, Harmony is his ability to control and wield that power.

  • Bitten werewolves start with a Harmony rating of 0. Werewolves with a Harmony of 0 have the Unanchored Condition.
  • Wolfborns start with a Harmony rating of •.
  • Only werewolves in a pack may increase their Harmony above their starting ratings.

Harmonic Refinements

As a werewolf's Harmony grows, his command over his Feral Wolf grows significantly. At each dot after the first, choose one of the following Refinements.

  • Leashing the Beast: Choose one category of Trigger for your Feral Wolf. This can be any category but the Other category, or those categories that the Feral Wolf emphasizes. Reduce the Rage increases from Triggers in that category by one. This may be purchased multiple times for each such category.
  • Civilizing Influence: Increase the threshold at which your Feral Wolf can inflict the Fighting the Wolf Tilt on you by 2. This may be purchased multiple times.
  • Rapid Shifter: When making shapechanging rolls, you gain 9-Agains. This may be purchased a second time, granting 8-Agains.
  • Wolf's Conscience: Spend 1 WP to forbid a specific action from the Feral Wolf when Feral. Must be spent when the action is about to be taken, and applies towards a specific target. This action is now impossible for the Feral Wolf to take for the duration of his time Feral, but may take another action on the same target, or take the same action on another target.
  • Gentling the Lunacy: When you have the Fighting the Wolf Tilt, you negate the penalty to non-combat rolls. When you have the Feral Condition, you do not suffer the Defense penalty, and the Condition is resolved when you cause damage in someone's last four Health boxes.

Harmony Benefits

Partial Shift (Harmony ••)

Limited hybrid-form shift to gain specific features only.

  • Each success grants one of the following (all features equal hybrid shift); always causes the Wolf's Gaze.
  • Traits: Claws • Bite • Strength +1 • Stamina +1 • Speed +1

Comforting Touch (Harmony ••, Empathy ••)

Wolves in a pack engage in a great deal of touch with one another, reaffirming pack bonds. This touch can even alleviate pain experienced by those wolves. You can mimic that ability, laying skin-to-skin contact on a packmate and drawing the pain out of their body. You share in a part of that pain, but divided between yourself and your packmate, it is vastly lessened. The one you have affected have their pain penalties reduced by a number of points equal to your Harmony rating. This lasts for ten units of time for every one unit of time the touch is maintained; a simple touch in mid-combat can reduce penalties for ten turns, while touching someone in pain for a minute alleviates that agony for ten minutes. At Harmony ••, this can only be used on packmates; at Harmony •••, it can be used on any living creature that feels pain. Drawback: For the duration of the comfort, you suffer a -1 pain penalty. This is cumulative with any other pain penalties you may accrue during that time.