Werewolf Hybrid Form

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5 success or 1 Essence; automatic for alphas
This is the "wolfman" form. All werewolves with a dot of Harmony can shift into this form at any time, although it requires a total of five successes on a Shapechange roll (alphas can assume this shape as an unrolled reflexive action that inflicts no damage). Alternately, a werewolf may spend a point of Essence to automatically shift. Werewolves without Harmony cannot change their shape at will, but only really do so when under the influence of their Feral Wolves.

  • This form has physical changes, such as a pronounced brow ridge, a set of fangs, talons and the growth of fur in a variety of areas. This form comes with enhanced physical stats, boosted running speed, increased healing ability, and dramatically increased senses.
  • Attributes: Strength +1, Stamina +1, Manipulation -1
  • Advantages: Health +2 (total +3), Speed +1 (total +2), +2 to perception rolls, including scenting rolls.
  • Bite Attack: May inflict Lethal damage on grapples
  • Claw Attack: May inflict +1 Lethal in unarmed combat
  • Defensive Instincts: The werewolf's Defense applies even against Firearms attacks, as instinct drives the defensive action.
  • Partial Shift: The hybrid shape is "halfway" to full wolf form - though it still costs a point of Essence to make the shift, a Shapechange roll to gain wolf shape only requires 5 successes if starting in this form.