Werewolf Mental Merits

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Bestial Defense (••)

Prerequisites: Primal Urge •
Effect: When calculating Defense, use the higher of your Dexterity or Wits, rather than the lower of the two. By spending 1 Essence, your Defense is calculated as Dexterity + Wits + Athletics for 1 turn.
Drawback: As this invokes the Feral Wolf, anytime you use this Merit's Essence-based benefit gain one Rage.

Nowhere to Run (••)

Prerequisites: Primal Urge •
Effect: You have an instinctive awareness of your prey, and the places your prey considers "safe." Using subtle clues like smells, fibers and trails, you can identify where your prey hides and recuperates. With a turn of scrutiny, you immediately know basic details and a rough location of any Safe Place the prey has, as long as you are at least passing familiar with that area. With a Wits + Investigation roll (made as a scent-based Perception test), you can also identify less dedicated sites, boltholes and hiding holes.

Pack-Minded (••)

Prerequisites: Packbound Condition, Harmony •, Primal Urge •
Effect: When performing cooperative actions with your bonded packmates, your Feral Wolf assists the pack. Whether acting as an assistant or as the main operator, add your Primal Urge rating to your Skill dice pool when performing such actions.
Drawback: As this invokes the Feral Wolf, anytime you use this Merit's benefits gain one Rage.

Pheremonal Reconstruction (•)

Prerequisites: Primal Urge ••, Investigation ••
Effect: Using your sense of smell, you can roughly reconstruct interactions between two or more people, based on the lingering pheromones they exuded during those interactions. This is a Wits + Investigation + Primal Urge roll, using the normal modifiers for using scent-based perception by form. This also receives a -1 penalty for every three hours that have passed since the interaction, plus another penalty of -1 to -3 if the area has been interacted with by large numbers of people or otherwise invaded by strong scents since it occurred. You may spend 1 Essence to negate these penalties entirely.

Raised Hackles (•••)

Prerequisites: Danger Sense Merit, Primal Urge •
Effect: Your awareness of danger has been elevated to supernatural levels. You gain 8-Agains on rolls to detect an impending ambush or otherwise avoid surprises. You gain the same benefit on Empathy rolls to determine if someone wishes you bodily harm as well.
Drawback: As this invokes the Feral Wolf, anytime you use this Merit's benefits gain one Rage.

Sense Weakness (••)

Prerequisites: Primal Urge ••, Empathy ••
Effect: You see the deep, dark, and embarrassing in people. You see weaknesses and vulnerabilities. With a turn of scrutiny, you can tell any Persistent Conditions from which your subject suffers. Additionally, if your character suspects additional weaknesses, you can identify them with a Wits + Empathy roll, as a scent-based Perception roll. Having no dots in a Skill qualifies as a weakness, as do other traits as determined by the Storyteller. This is considered an olfactory-based perception.

Strong Anchor (•)

Prerequisites: Harmony ••
Effect: You have a particularly intense connection to your Harmony's anchor. Gain an additional die against breaking points that involve your anchor in some way. You also gain two points of Willpower for meaningful interactions with your anchor.