Werewolf Physical Augmentation

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  • May spend 1 Essence to increase a Physical Attribute by +1 for one scene.
  • Limit: May not increase any Attribute by more than Primal Urge.

Superhuman Range

Attributes increased to 6+ are obviously supernatural to witnesses, but also grant extra abilities:

  • Strength 6+: Unarmed attacks inflict Knockdown if damage is above target's Stamina, for 1yd/dot over 5.
  • Dexterity 6+: May use Defense against one extra attack/dot above 5 before taking penalties to Defense.
  • Stamina 6+: May downgrade 1 lethal to bashing per dot above 5, per turn.

For each dot above 5 an Attribute is pushed, the Feral Wolf gains 1 Rage.