Werewolf Rage

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  • Rage measures the amount of immediate autonomy the Feral Wolf has, and how close it is to attempting to exert its will and force the werewolf into Going Feral.
  • Rage is a pool, similar to Willpower. It is never rolled, but points are added and subtracted to it in response to things that happen in game.
  • Rage is gained by things that happen to or around the werewolf, or by actions the werewolf takes. These are called Feral Triggers.

Feeding the Feral Wolf

  • At any time that a werewolf gains a point of Rage, she may choose to spend a point of Essence to reduce the amount of Rage gained by 1.

Fighting the Feral Wolf

  • Anytime a werewolf gains a point of Rage, and if the total Rage pool is equal to or greater than the werewolf's Composure + Harmony, the Feral Wolf may spend 1 Rage to inflict the Fighting the Wolf on the werewolf. The werewolf is assumed to be fighting going feral at that point.

Losing Rage

Rage is lost most often when successfully fighting the wolf, preventing it from taking over the werewolf's body (see Going Feral, below). There are said to be other methods, mystical techniques passed through some elements of werewolf society, but they aren't commonly known.

Using Rage

  • The werewolf himself cannot use Rage in any capacity.
  • Only his Feral Wolf may - in order to take over the werewolf's body (see Going Feral).
  • Additionally, when the werewolf has been driven Feral, his Feral Wolf may also spend Rage as though it were Essence to power the werewolf's special abilities.