Werewolf Silver Bane

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Silver inflicts terrible burns to the flesh of a werewolf. In truth, it causes the lunar Essence in a werewolf to flare caustically, burning away their physical bodies as the spiritual power of the Feral Wolf spikes.


Prolonged contact with silver doesn't cause damage, but it is painful.

  • The pain penalty is equal to the werewolf's Harmony subtracted from his Primal Urge - those with better control over their Feral Wolves feel the agony of the silver less.
  • This penalty is increased by 1 for each additional source of silver touching the werewolf.
  • Healing Cessation: While in continued contact with silver, werewolves cannot benefit from Werewolf Regeneration, save by the expenditure of Essence. They are functionally human during that time for the purposes of healing.


Weapons that are made with sufficient silver to cause injuries inflict grievous wounds.

  • A number of points of damage inflicted from such an attack equal to the weapon's Size are upgraded to aggravated.
  • Projectiles: Silver ranged weapons may remain lodged in the werewolf's body, continuing to agonize the werewolf until they can be dug out.
    • Weapon Range is halved for guns
    • A number of points of damage inflicted from such an attack equal to the weapon's Damage are upgraded to aggravated.
    • If a ranged weapon hits with at least two net successes, the projectile is considered to have remained in the werewolf's body. The exception to this is a bullet that inflicts more damage than the werewolf's Stamina, in which case it is assumed to have passed entirely through.