Werewolf Simple Banes

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There are also a handful of very minor banes that affect werewolves, due to their shared physiology with wolves.

Anti-inflammatory Drugs

Things like aspirin, ibuprofen and Tylenol cause gastro-intestinal bleeding and pain.

  • They regenerate this damage within the span of a few minutes, but those few minutes are painful, inflicting a -2 pain penalty.

Theophylline, Caffeine & Chocolate

Caffeine or the drug theophylline (used to treat respiratory problems) causes a sharp uptick in heart rate.

  • A werewolf who is exposed to amount equal to a cup of coffee or a candy bar must make a Stamina + Resolve check (at a -1 penalty per dose beyond the first) thirty minutes after it is taken.
  • Consuming this causes a five-die pain penalty, minus one per success rolled, for one hour per dose afterward.
  • Failure results in a seizure lasting a few minutes, then the full -5 pain penalty for the duration; a dramatic failure results in a coma for one day per dose taken.


Hallucinogens continue to affect werewolves normally, though they last twice as long.