Werewolf Wolf Form

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Requires Primal Urge •••; 10 successes + 1 Essence (5 successes or 1 Essence for alphas)
This is the shape of a full wolf. Werewolves with a Primal Urge of ••• or more can shift into this form with the expenditure of a point of Essence, and a total of ten successes on a Shapeshift action (alphas can assume this form automatically by spending 1 Essence, or through five successes on a Shapeshift action). Other werewolves may only take this form only nights of the full moon, using the same Shapeshift action.

  • This form grants the full shape of a wolf, and an enhancement of many of the hybrid shape benefits.
  • Clothing is destroyed by the change, if the werewolf is clothed when it happens.
  • Attributes: Dexterity +2, Stamina +1
  • Advantages: Size -1, Initiative +2, Speed +5, +4 to perception rolls.
  • Bite Attack: +2 Lethal unarmed attack. A wolf's bite attack can be used as a grappling attack. Instigating the grapple successfully inflicts 2 lethal damage.