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Wet Dog Cafe
The Wet Dog is a comfortable place with a laid-back atmosphere. The drinks are just strong enough, the food and house-brewed beer is good and the wait-staff are congenial.
• Socialize Skill rolls gain a +1 equipment bonus at the Wet Dog Cafe.
Owner & Manager: Carter Ennis
Assistant Manager, Hostess: Adrienne Bauer
Cook: Wilson Williams
Waitstaff: Elizabeth Chien, Carlie Banks
Regulars: Henry "Hank" Pullman

Situated in Astoria's City Center, the Wet Dog Cafe is one of the most popular bar & grills in the neighborhood. Also home to the Astoria Brewing Company, Wet Dog is a brew pub of the sort that has become very popular in the Pacific Northwest in the last decade and a half. It is very nearly the quintessential locals hang-out: everyone comes in here, at some time or another.

[edit] Layout

The building that houses the Wet Dog is right on the water-front, and the pub takes advantage of that fact with an outside deck that overlooks the Columbia, and a large set of windows that provides a great view of the river even when the weather is too wet or cold to seat patrons on the deck. The main tap room is large, and features a large wooden old-fashioned saloon-style bar. The kitchens are tucked away opposite the entry door, and the brewing facilities are in another room, although large picture windows provide a view of its workings from the tap room.

Wet Dog Beer Label
Wet Dog Beer Label
Wet Dog Cafe Exterior
Wet Dog Cafe Exterior
Wet Dog Cafe Interior
Wet Dog Cafe Interior

[edit] Bad Moon Over Astoria

  • Season One: The Wet Dog was Henry's place of work, and the site of a couple of notable occurences, including the group's first encounter with Victor (whose preternatural senses prevented Thomas from lifting his phone) and a strange incident of one of the waitresses (Elizabeth Chien) being possessed by Elaine's Rookery and speaking cryptically to her.
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