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The format for the following summaries is simple. The name of the Yozi is indicated in a green heading. This is followed by the names of the Unquestionable (Third Circle Demons) that make up their souls with names bolded, starting with the Fetich (central soul) of the Yozi when this is known.

Under the names of the Unquestionables are given the names of the souls that make up the Second Circle of Demons — each Unquestionable has seven souls (protecting, gratifying, defining, communicating, expressive, reflective and understanding). The Second Circles are given in that order, by role.

Finally, the names of the known First Circle progeny of each Second Circle are given below each of the Second Circle entries, in italics.

Obscurity: In addition, demons have their Obscurity ratings noted. The first number is the total (Occult + Demonology totals required to know of the demon's existence, though not necessarily all the details of its Traits. The second number is what is required for the summoner to effectively know everything about that demon. Membership in an organization revolving around sorcery grants access to records for demons of an Obscurity equal to the rating in the Backing -1, or just the Backing rating if the organization specializes in demonology.

Note: Not everything in this page is canonical, and fits into the needs of my own chronicle first and foremost. It should be noted that these are not the only Yozis known to exist - records from the First Age state there were as many as 23 of them.

[Yozi Name]
[Third Circle Demon Name]

  • [Second Circle Demon Name] – Protecting/Warden
    • [First Circle Demon Name]
  • [Second Circle Demon Name]– Gratifying/Indulgent
  • [Second Circle Demon Name]– Defining
  • [Second Circle Demon Name]– Communicating/Messenger
  • [Second Circle Demon Name]– Expressive
  • [Second Circle Demon Name]– Reflective
  • [Second Circle Demon Name]– Understanding/Wisdom


Malfeas, The Demon City

The Yozi named Malfeas is also the Demon City named Malfeas. Turned inside out, the city was constructed from the steel viscera and stony black bones of Malfeas. He is both prisoner and prison, and he rages against his sentence more than any other Yozi. In his anger, he constantly sheds entire new cities, and then sends them careening into the old, smashing them together to create whole new cities born of his eternal fury. His heart is the Green Sun, Ligier, which casts its sickly glow on all the Demon City at all hours.

Ligier, the Green Sun, Fetich of Malfeas (3/7)

As befits his station and power, Ligier is one of the hardest demons to summon and bind via sorcery. Indeed, though his powers and provenance are well-known among sorcerers, it is not known when it is that he can do in the service of a sorcerer - none in memory written or otherwise can remember an instance of his being in Creation.

  • Sondok, She-Who-Stands-in-Doorways, the Protective Soul of Ligier (3/6): Sorcerers summon Sondok to guard their homes and treasures or to train them in the arts of war.
    • Erymanthus, the Blood-Ape (3/3): Erymanthoi are summoned for their capacity for violence, and sometimes for their propensity for eating the entirety of those they slay.
  • Berengiere, the Weaver of Voices, the Gratifying Soul of Ligier (4/5): Summoners call upon Berengiere for aid in creating things of cloth, for there are few better weavers. Berengiere has also been used to silence an enemy or to act as a lover or a translator.
    • Neomah, the Makers of Flesh (3/4): Summoners often bind the neomah for lascivious purposes, or to use their flesh-crafting skills for their benefit.
    • Noresores, the Passion Moray (5/5): Summoners often use noresores for purposes of gathering material for blackmail (and/or fodder for their own sexual deviancy).
  • Gervesin, the Grieving Lord, the Communicating Soul of Ligier (5/7): Able to assume the form of a terrible burning direlance, Gervesin spends much time in Creation.
    • Decanthrope, the Body Snatcher (4/4): Decanthropes are often summoned to act as spies or even mundane servants (the summoner getting a 10 for one deal).
    • Metody, the Malfean Elemental (3/4): Sorcerers who call the metody are typically curious experimenters or those who desire to remove some particularly enduring obstacle.
  • Auguinare, the Blood of the Forge, the Expressive Soul of Ligier
    • Heranhal, the Fervid Smiths (4/5): Sorcerers typically summon heranhal to forge metal goods.

Clariandra, Empress Resplendent in the Panoply of Brass, Second Soul of Malfeas

Amalion, the Manse of Echoes Ascending, Fifth Soul of Malfeas (4/7)

When not employing her magnificent smile to subdue a society, sorcerers summon Amalion to design buildings and raise manses. She erupts from the earth around the summoning circle as a level-5 Infernal- or Terrestrial-aspected manse of her own design, warping the area’s dragon lines to assimilate its Essence. Her summoner may demand the hearthstone of that manse, but not those of her other manse-bodies. This manse is immobile, though her human form may leave its confines.

  • Huoc, the Thorn in the Song, the Indulgent Soul of Amalion
    • Galere, the Blood-Singer

Ekrasios, the Sculptor in the Maze, Sixth Soul of Malfeas

  • Jolenta, the Creeping Oracle, the Understanding Soul of Ekrasios
    • Jasperid, the Precious Serpent
  • Tatjana, the Sobbing Dancer, the Expressive Soul of Ekrasios

Ipithymia, the Street of Gold Lanterns, Thirteenth Soul of Malfeas

Suntarankal, the Crucible of Brass and Iron, Fifteenth Soul of Malfeas

Cecelyne, the Endless Desert

All around the Demon City is the infinite desolation of Cecelyne. Her vastness surrounds and consumes Malfeas in small patches of city lost beneath the sands. Were it not for the winds of Adorjan blowing at the edges of the city and Malfeas' city-spawning fits of pique, the whole of Malfeas might have fallen beneath the sands by now. To reach Creation, demons must travel for seven days through the vast consuming desert and await their summons. Cecelyne does not imprison the Yozis - that is the task of Malfeas. Instead, she haunts them - no matter how many worlds they might break into, or secret passages they might find, there is Cecelyne waiting for them, and by definition any place that Cecelyne waits in is not Creation. Thusly the gods ensured that the Yozis would never find their way back into Creation.

Kalmaxis, Most Wretched, Fetich of Cecelyne

  • Inyab-Loth, the Communicating Soul of Kalmaxis
    • Gotehaqu, the Ghul-Lords
    • Rugosha, the Whisperers of the Dolmen

Orabilis, the End of All Wisdom, Sixth Soul of Cecelyne (4/7)

Sorcerers call upon Orabilis because he is the End of All Wisdom. Ancient texts warn that a sorcerer must not overreach and demand the mysteries of the world, for doing so frees Orabilis to cast the sorcerer into the Malfean sky regardless of binding. It is said that he can construct great libraries of glass that contain the lore of any subject a sorcerer desires.

  • Lucien, the Guardian of Sleep, the Expressive Soul of Orabilis (3/5): Lucien hunts down those who would disturb their betters through revolution, protest, heresy, begging and assassination. Many places in Creation tell of the Revolt-Crushing Archon, or the Traitor-Seeking Huntsman, or the Murderer of Dynasts. All of these are stories of Lucien and are marked with the distinctive signs of his coming.
    • Gilmyne, the Dancer at the Saigoth Gates (4/4): Gilmyne are often summoned to entertain or to sway emotions through their dances.
    • Perronele, the Living Armor (5/5): Perroneles are usually summoned to act as unobtrusive armor, though their language mastery makes them excellent translators as well.
    • Tinsiana, the Scorpion Demons (4/6): Sorcerers summon scorpion demons as bodyguards, hunters and killers. Some use them specifically to possess and hollow out a victim, though the tinsiana dislike being bereft of their bodies and resent those who command them to do so.
  • Florivet, the Whim-of-the-Wind, the Reflective Soul of Orabilis (4/6): Because of the adoration of the air elementals that follow Florivet, those in the know have been known to call up the Whim-of-the-Wind and offer him dalliance with a courtesan or a keg of fine wine (or both) in the hold of a ship to guarantee it fine winds for swift journeys. These sorts of compacts please Florivet so much that he is often willing to accede to such requests even from mortal thaumaturges who know the means of beckoning him.
    • Agata, the Beauteous Wasp (3/4): Sorcerers call agatae to serve as steeds.
    • Vakotha, the Jubilation of Screams
  • Uringu, the Infamous Architect of the Unknowable Razor, the Gratifying Soul of Orabilis
    • Tiya-ha, the Sweet Razors
    • Gwelot, the Wrathful Hunter
  • Thancharat, the Crawling Rune, the Warden Soul of Orabilis
    • Aalu, the Cannibal Bureaucrat
    • Zhu-Kenin, the Tomb-Guardians
  • Tankarish-ha, the Terrible Mother of Glass, the Defining Soul of Orabilis
    • Iha-Boti, the Cloud of Shredded Flesh
  • Gebre, the Pavane of Dying Stars, Communicating Soul of Orabilis (5/7): Sorcerers invoke the Pavane of Dying Stars to learn the arts of infernal astrology.
  • Micatehatho, the Understanding Soul of Orabilis
    • Negnat, the Smoking Mirror
    • Klili'ogub, the Ill-Wrought Black Worm

Langlaua, That Which Preserves, Eighth Soul of Cecelyne

She Who Lives In Her Name

The principle of hierarchy, the touch of She Who Lives In Her Name on nascent Creation was indelible. Even today, Creation is a place of hierarchies: social, spiritual and magical. She Who Lives In Her Name is a fire, enwrapped in a crystal sphere, whispering its name to 100 sphere-imprisoned flames that encircle her. Each of these flames whisper their names to the smaller sphere-wrapped fires that circle them. Once, there were 100,000 of them, but as She Who Lives In Her Name was cast out of Creation, she shattered three of these spheres against the closing walls of Malfeas, and ignited a terrible inferno that burned away much of Creation. The Creation that exists today is not all of the Creation that ever was; it is simply what remained after the great conflagration passed. So thoroughly was this burnt, however, that no one is capable of remembering what was burnt away - only that something was. For all her desire to rub the gods' noses in the fact that the world is still partially hers - she defined its existence and its order, after all - she holds less enmity for Creation than her fellow Yozis. Indeed, she has been motivated to lend aid to the gods and Exalts before, in the pursuit of her orderly endeavors.

Xian Bashi, Unwholesome Utterance of the Sixteenth Horror, Fetich of She Who Lives in Her Name

Geneth, the Eye of the Flames, Second Soul of She Who Lives in Her Name

  • Khsiret, Bearer of the Fiery Chalice, the Defining Soul of Geneth
    • The Ember-Born
  • Liellus, the Indexer of Archives, the Messenger Soul of Geneth

Munaxes, the Ravine of Whispers, Fourth Soul of She Who Lives in Her Name (4/7)

When Munaxes is summoned, the ground splits open in front of the sorcerer, revealing a bottomless crevasse that violently spreads secondary cracks and ravines through the earth for a mile in every direction. The sorcerer must successfully survive the initial rending of the earth, as per Chasm of the Sundered Earth, before he can proceed with the binding contest.

  • Ibrithia, the Spider-in-the-Pit, the Protecting Soul of Munaxes
    • Anuhles, the Demon Spiders (2/4): Sorcerers often summon anuhles to kidnap or kill their enemies.
  • Octavian, the Living Tower, the Defining Soul of Munaxes (4/5): Octavian is summoned for his nearly-unrivaled martial prowess, whether in direct conflict or on the field of war.
    • Luminita, the Deer That Hunts the Man (4/5): Sorcerers typically summon luminata to hunt and kill their enemies, or to hound and harass enemies to soften them up for the sorcerer herself to finish off (a tactic popular with the Wyld Hunt).
    • Tomescu, the Clamorous Cloud Arsenal (4/5): Despite their ambivalence toward battle, tomescu are often summoned by sorcerers for that very purpose.
    • Gethin, the Harvester of Rarities (4/5): Summoners generally deploy gethin as spies and thieves.
  • Stanewald, She Who Surmounted the Omphalos, the Reflective Soul of Munaxes (4/6): Sorcerers conjure Stanewald to perform her infamous dances.
    • Gallmau, the Hooded Lanterns (3/5): Sorcerers summon gallmau to track their enemies or to guard against other hooded lanterns.

Sagarduia, the River of Crystal Fire, Seventh Soul of She Who Lives in Her Name

Sanceline, the Music of the Spheres, Ninth Soul of She Who Lives in Her Name

Adorjan, the Silent Wind

The Demon City is constantly filled with clangor: music and song, screams and shrieks, the pounding of skin-drums and the ringing of verdigrised bells. This chaos serves a purpose, however, for when silence falls in the Demon City, there comes Adorjan. The Silent Wind devastates all that it touches, consuming flesh, bone and vitriol hungrily. For this reason, many demons find the silence of Creation terrifying. Even these noises to not truly deter Adorjan's passage into areas she chooses to venture; it is simply that areas of silence draw her. There are a rare few things that can keep her away from an area or banish her when she has come, but they are known to the demon savants, mostly, and the loremasters of the First Age. She is known to sometimes appear as a pale-skinned girl with black, bobbed hair and teeth of white jade, who speaks always in a whisper.

Gahrovis, a Silent Scream Tearing at the Throat, Fetich of Adorjan

  • Mistress Ganisthaia, the Wretched Courtesan, Indulgent Soul of Gahrovis
    • Fulope, the Attendants-in-Tatters

Zinridi, the Unfettered, the Third Soul of Adorjan

  • Alalgar, the Ever Open Door, Reflective Soul of Zinridi
    • Itfascil, the Howl-in-Silence
    • Shilkani, the Creeping Rift
  • Dilmun, the Intricate Paradise, Indulgent Soul of Zinridi
    • Kataline, the Song of Temptation
    • Gyorgyike, the Piper of Ten Thousand Excrutiations

Jacint, the Prince Upon the Tower, the Eighteenth Soul of Adorjan (4/7)

Sorcerers typically call upon Jacint for his ability to effortlessly build the military and economic arteries of empire, for his is the ability to summon up roads from nothingness. He can also transport large numbers of individuals great distances.

  • Zsofika, the Kite Flute, the Communicating Soul of Jacint (4/4): Zsofika is almost exclusively summoned to hunt down and kill enemies of her summoning sorcerers. Even if she were brought to Creation for another reason, the demon would still hunt down and kill someone, so it’s always better for a sorcerer to have a target in mind so it doesn't end up being a person he cares for. That said, Zsofika is also useful for oracular ability.
    • Angyalka, the Harpist (3/5): Sorcerers summon angyalkae to know themselves, to entertain audiences and to disarm social enemies.
    • Teodozji, a Lion Sent Into the World (4/5): These demons are often summoned to access the knowledge available from their hive mind. In addition, teodozjia are one of the most powerful demons of the First Circle and are sometimes summoned for their battle prowess. The lions sent into the world are popular with akuma and Infernal sorcerers because the demons’ very presence is an affront to the gods.
  • Gumela, the Jeweled Auditor, the Understanding Soul of Jacint (4/6): Gumela is a well-known horror to the lore of Creation. Sorcerers call on Gumela to unravel mysteries or to infuse their enemies with humiliating wantonness.
    • Amphelisia, the Teakettle Courtier (3/5): Sorcerers primarily summon the teakettle courtiers to poison water supplies or to produce large quantities of toxin.
    • Marottes, the Hopping Puppeteer (3/5): Sorcerers summon marottes to help reconstruct or reshape landscapes and buildings to their taste.
    • Demjen, the Quickeners of Ores (4/5): A summoned demjen’s clockwork servitors, the chalcothetes, come forth along with it, and it may enliven any of Creation’s ores to make more. Sorcerers command the quickeners of ores to mine such ores or to put their chalcothetes to use as a military unit or labor force.

The Ebon Dragon

The Demon City has no night. Sometimes, though, the Ebon Dragon takes flight, and flies beneath the green metal sun above, blocking the radiance of Ligier, and the Dragon's Nightfall happens. The sesselja chirp, demons clear the streets, and the things that hunt in darkness stir from their lairs. The Ebon Dragon is the shadow of all things which have ever existed, or shall ever exist. His touch blackens all thing with shadow. The Ebon Dragon, even before his imprisonment, was of the Other Side - that which lies beyond life, in the realm of death. Because of this contrary nature, the other Yozis have given him the task of breaking their sentence, and he endeavors forever to break out.

Erembour, That Which Calls to the Shadows, Fetich of the Ebon Dragon (4/7)

Sorcerers typically call Erembour into Creation to draw upon her powers over the night. Sometimes their goals are more venereal,however, as she is unquestionably one of the finest existing instructors in the arts of love. When Erembour enters the mortal world, thunder cracks overhead. That Which Calls to the Shadows cannot physically escape Malfeas without being summoned, but the music of her horn sometimes drifts unbidden between the worlds with terrible consequence.

  • Makarios, the Sigil's Dreamer, the Protecting Soul of Erembour (3/5): Of all the Second Circle demons, Makarios is perhaps the most well known, dealing with mortals far more frequently than perhaps any other of his ilk. Because Makarios’s insight into the market, the value of goods and the nature of trading partners, he is often summoned by sorcerers seeking his assistance as advisor or emissary. In these functions, he fulfills his duties with joy.
    • Chrysogona, the Crying Woman (4/5): Reckless sorcerers often summon chrysogonae to act as advisors. Wiser ones send the demons to advise their enemies.
  • Alveua, the Keeper of the Forge of Night, the Expressive Soul of Erembour (4/5): Sorcerers call Alveua to craft them wondrous things. She requires the Forge of Night for her greatest works, but an anvil in Creation is sufficient for lesser marvels.
    • Firmin, the Needlemaker (4/4): Sorcerers summon the needlemakers primarily to create large quantities of tools and weapons quickly.
    • Sesselja, the Stomach Bottle Bug (3/5): Sorcerers summon stomach bottle bugs for their ability to heal people and to protect them from poison.
  • Mara, Shadow-Lover, Eater of Souls, the Defining Soul of Erembour (3/5): Sorcerers conjure Mara for purposes of seduction and murder, or to empower a mortal with the strength of stolen souls.
    • Bisclavarets, the Shadow Eaters (3/5): Bisclavarets are summoned as spies and assassins. Sorcerers occasionally employ them to impersonate others, but their flawed intellect inevitably reveals such a masquerade.

Marsilion, the Eidolon of Shadow, Second Soul of the Ebon Dragon

  • Achololim, He Who Awaits the Sign, the Understanding Soul of Marsilion
    • Naneke, the Reader of Forbidden Texts (5/5): Sorcerers consult the naneke for their lore or to direct them to sift through books and libraries for hidden knowledge.
    • Simnel, the Final Friend
  • Alioth, Night's Embrace, the Messenger Soul of Marsilion
    • Ferimur, the Evanescent Journeyman
    • Shadha, the Kindly Succubus

Echthros, the Rent in the World-Cloth, the Third Soul of the Ebon Dragon

  • Roiye, the Mote in the Eye of the Sun, the Warden Soul of Echthros
    • Relkast, the Spider's Mask
    • Tluspa, the Forlorn Seekers
  • Kassat, the Vigilant Collector, the Messenger Soul of Echthros
    • Fillax, the Wondrous Butterfly
    • Uthiul, the Vitreous Jailer
  • Mellamy, the Confessor Wreathed in Grey, Indulgent Soul of Echthros
    • The Pearl Child
    • Tosuir, the Scourge of Souls
  • Trespan, the Mourning Sage, the Understanding Soul of Echthros
    • Fasherai, the Cast-Off Revelation
    • Merdui, the Tangled Whispers
  • Oskilla, the Eggshell Sentry, the Expressive Soul of Echthros
    • Myrriah, the Madness at Morning
    • Kerumath, the Lastling Road
  • Sossurl, the Mason of Creation, the Defining Soul of Echthros
    • Salthri, the Four-Faced Sepulcher
    • Ferthan, the Marble Steed

Malgorun, The Eternal Abyss*, the Sixth Soul of the Ebon Dragon

  • Bagannathir, Madness-in-Silence, the Expressive Soul of Malgorun

Jugurtha, the Coils of Night, the Seventh Soul of the Ebon Dragon

  • Sekai, the Shadow-Rider, the Messenger Soul of Jugurtha
  • Jomis, the Breath That Consumes, the Warden Soul of Jugurtha

Aramedisae, the Path Between the Forgotten and the Lost, the Ninth Soul of the Ebon Dragon

  • Inchoal, the Deformed Child, the Warden Soul of Aramedisae

Xipantek, the Shadow Feeder, the Tenth Soul of the Ebon Dragon

  • Yura of the Demon Hair, the Expressive Soul of Xipantek
  • Kambos the Flesh-Eating Mask, the Defining Soul of Xipantek

Akallu, He Who Deceives, the Thirteenth Soul of the Ebon Dragon

  • Emerenzia, the Minister of the Ivory Tassel (5/7): Sorcerers summon Emerenzia to aid them in matters of government and intrigue.
    • Aalu, the Cannibal Bureaucrats (5/7): The aalu serve primarily as bureaucrats, analysts and blind sentinels. Dynastic occultists occasionally invoke them to procure their magnificent calligraphy.

Cytherea, the Mother of Creation

The name of she who birthed Creation is known, but little else can be discerned about her. It is said that she remains in a great tower of verdigrised brass in the heart of Malfeas, weeping tears of vitriol.

Aristaia, the Womb-That-Is-Tomb, Fetich of Cytherea

Ormanlyz, That Which Sings to Walls of Basalt and Brass,* the Third Soul of Cytherea

  • Corr'dal, the Slug-Mother, the Defining Soul of Ormanlyz
    • Founder

Zahanna, Who Betrays That Which She Loves, Fourth Soul of Cytherea

  • Aza, the Heart's Assassin, the Warden Soul of Zahanna
    • Kitari, the Heart Eaters
  • Metronium, the Masked Harmony, the Indulgent Soul of Zahanna
    • Barra-kith, the Fair Revellers

Kimbery, the Sea That Marched Against the Flame

The great and ancient oceans of Creation were once a Primordial of some power. She birthed many new forms of life, some of which yet exist in Creation today. With the war against the gods, the seas rose miles high into the Heavens in an attempt to snuff out the fires of the Sun, earning her a new identity when came she to the Demon City. Now, only the twisted Lintha know anything about her.

Ululaya, the Blood Red Moon, Fetich Soul of Kimbery

  • Amelitu, the Bejeweled Historian, the Defining Soul of Ululaya

Fastred, the Just Betrayal, Second Soul of Kimbery

  • Loreli, the Puppet with Cut Strings, the Understanding Soul of Fastred
    • Tatar, Favor Friends
    • Antip, Sailors on a Sea of Bile
  • Theda, That Which Came Before, the Indulgent Soul of Fastred
    • Jwan, They Who Seek Life-in-Death
    • Baatyr, the Grief Without Warning
  • Vokmar, She Who Strives, the Warden Soul of Fastred

Ologanoro, The Tide That Knows No Life, Third Soul of Kimbery

  • Kimberry's Dawn, the Expressive Soul of Ologanoro (5/6): A great demonic sailing vessel, Kimbery's Dawn is long been summoned and bound into service by another.
    • Eristrufa (4/5, 3/5 in the West): Eristrufa are summoned to create fog banks, and attack ship's crews or the population of seaside towns.

Ynithmarishan, the Source of Salt and Misery, Sixth of Kimbery

Madelrada, That Which Wears Down Mountains, Eighth Soul of Kimbery (4/7)

Sorcerers typically call upon Madelrada for martial purposes, whether to slaughter enemies in personal combat or manage prolonged campaigns against a superior foe.

  • Calymdos, Wielder of Javelins of Rusted Bronze, the Defending Soul of Madelrada
  • Iyutha, the Vitriolic Dragon, Communicating Soul of Madelrada (4/7): Some sorcerers conjure Iyutha to ravage their foes with claws and vitriol, while others call her forth to poison the hearts of their enemies’ courts.
    • Radeken, the Madling Hellstorms (3/4): Sorcerers typically call upon radeken to aid in battle or to speed a sailing vessel on its way.
  • Sigereth, the Player of Games, Indulgent Soul of Madelrada (4/6): Those who summon Sigereth most often seek her tutelage in matters of strategy. Others use her to command troops, enforce wagers or provide an opponent worthy of their skills.
    • Baidak, the Empty Pawns (5/5): Summoned in quantity, baidak make most excellent soldiers, and sorcerers call upon them to form small but elite military units. They also serve as bodyguards.

Persine, the Seeker of Treasure Among Waves, Ninth Soul of Kimbery

  • Badr Basim, the Unmarried Captain, the Messenger Soul of Persine

Gnimersalt, the Mouthless Eater of All, Eleventh Soul of Kimbery

Isidoros, the Black Boar That Twists the Skies

Isidoros is the terrible Black Boar that haunts and is trapped by the forest Yozi Szoreny. Once, his passage through the skies of Creation put the cycles of moon and stars awry, twisting Fate itself, until he was cast into Malfeas.

O-Huldin Marun, the Nine-Tusked Hunter, Fetich of Isidoros

Avarret, the Breaker of Blades, Second Soul of Isidoros

  • Lorenc, the Tireless Rider, the Messenger Soul of Avarret
    • Kotsos, the Arachnid Innkeeper

Ferand, the Chariot of Embers, Seventh Soul of Isidoros (4/7)

Sorcerers summon forth the Chariot of Embers to carve a trail of devastation across the world.

Hrotsvitha, the Spawning Forest, Ninth Soul of Isidoros

Oramus, the Dragon Beyond the World

In a great leathern temple-cage dwells Oramus, the Dragon Beyond the World. Once he formed the boundaries between Creation and not-Creation, but now he is his own boundary and limits.

Ryvis, the Hierophant of Leathern Wings, Fetich of Oramus

Remondin, the Misconstrued Counselor, Second Soul of Oramus

  • Esprevere, the Vernal Aviatrix, the Expressive Soul of Remondin
    • Marcule, the Raucous Agonists
  • Janequin, Fortune's Fool, the Indulgent Soul of Remondin (5/5): Rash sorcerers summon Janequin to employ her talents for gambling, intrigue and swordplay, while vain sorcerers call upon her as a paramour. When the wise feel compelled to bring her forth, they send her into the jaws of an enemy’s machinations and watch as complex schemes fall to ruin around her.
    • The Ruinous Butterfly

Benezet, the Gardener of Identities, Seventeenth Soul of Oramus (5/7)

Sorcerers typically invoke Benezet to warp people into new forms. Some seek to remake themselves and their allies in superior forms, while others would blight their enemies with deformity.

Mursilis, the Skittering Jungle, Twentieth Soul of Oramus

Szoreny, the Silver Forest From Which There Is No Escape

A terrible and hoary primordial grove, Szoreny's dark canopy blights out even the questionable comfort of Ligier's light. Twisted things haunt the roots and upper branches of this forest, which seems to glare malevolently at those who enter it. Most who do so do not return.

Bostvade, the Quicksilver Highway, Second Soul of Szoreny

Kagami, the City of Mirrors, Fifth Soul of Malfeas (4/7)

Sorcerers most often call upon Kagami to spy upon their rivals or to seek out prophetic visions. Some also employ his talents to travel swiftly and without interference.

  • Strephon, the Turning Wheel, the Defining Soul of Kagami

Thari, the Word Serpent

Halkomelem, the Enigma of Red and Gold, Fetich Soul of Thari

  • Tremembé, He Who Beats the Drum, Reflective Soul of Halkomelem
    • Lehali, the Gold-Dust Golem
  • Gobasi, the Unctuous, the Indulgent Soul of Halkomelem
    • Kayabi, the Tenebrous Amphibologies
  • Euskarra, Never-Ceasing Speaker, the Reflective Soul of Halkomelem
    • Kalevala, the Child Who Births the Mother
    • Thogma, the Rambling Centipede

Hegra, the Typhoon of Nightmares

The great Malfean storm, which stalks the prison of the Yozis on spider legs of lightning. Ligier hates the Typhoon, for she dares to obscure his brilliance, but even he bows to the power of this Yozi. No noise in Malfeas can surpass her thunder. Hegra condenses the fog of dreams that rise from Creation into her clouds, and her rainfalls bring eldritch dreams to those caught in them. Torrents of nightmares, gentle showers of erotic fantasies and blizzards of fancy all come from Hagra. When passes Hagra with her rains of mortal dreams, demons pour out of buildings and shelters to dance in the downpour, soaking up the strange and delightful fancies of mortal-kind.

Lypothymie, the Mask of Melancholy, Twelfth Soul of Hegra (4/7)

Sorcerers beckon Lypothymie to overwhelm others with emotion or to employ her sufferers as spies. Others seek the knowledge she has gathered from millennia of looking out from behind her victims’ eyes.