1354 DR Businesses of Waterdeep

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Cost (Coins)

1coin.jpg: Very inexpensive. Goods tend to be very cheap, up to 50 - 75% the normal cost of such goods, with a corresponding drop in quality, of course.
2coin.jpg: Inexpensive. Goods tend to be very reasonable, ranging between 80 - 90% of the normal cost of such goods. Quality is near or even at average for those goods.
3coin.jpg: Fairly priced. Goods tend to be of average price and quality.
4coin.jpg: Spendy. Goods tend to be of higher cost, ranging between 110 - 125% of normal cost. Quality may be somewhat higher than normal, but may also simply be because of more luxurious location or clientele.
5coin.jpg: Extravagant. Goods tend to be 125 - 150% of normal cost, and are always of better quality. Such establishments inevitably boast a fine location and exclusive clientele, as well.

The City of Splendors
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Castle Ward

  • Baltorr's Rare & Wondrous Treasures: Shop (Curios) and Warehouse (4c). A curio and coin shop owned by an expert on coins and military markings.
  • Crommor's Warehouse: Warehouse
  • The Curious Past: Shop (Historical Curios & Books)
  • Danimar Fine Wines: Shop (Wine) (3c - 4c). The Danimar family are one of the oldest holders of licenses by House Melshimber to sell its wines in the city of Waterdeep. They do a brisk business in both the imported and domestic Melshimber vintages.
  • Dathchant Engravings: Shop (Eyeshop)
  • Diloontier's Apothecary: Shop (Apothecary)
  • The Golden Key: Shop (Locks) (4c) Ansilver the Locksmith (Southern Street of the Sword)
  • Halambar Lute & Harps: Shop (Stringed Musical Instruments) (4c) The premiere place to find any stringed instrument of the Realms (expect to pay dearly for quality). It is also host to a magical harp that sings by itself and is rumored to have connections to the Harpers in some capacity. (Southern Street of the Sword)
  • Halls of Hilmer: Shop (Armor) (4c). Master Armorer Hilmer's shop is hard to miss due to its front of polished plate armor. He sells custom-made armor that is without parallel on the Sword Coast. The shop features practice rooms for trying out his armor. (Southern Street of the Sword)
  • Kreis' Fine Wine and Spirits: Import/Export (Spirits) An import business run by [{Tyrannus Adarbrent]].
  • Mother Tamra's House of Graces: School (Grace, Etiquette, Comportment) A "finishing school" that caters to young ladies of ambitious families, being taught how to wash and groom themselves, how to develop a fashion sense and how to keep a wardrobe looking fresh (including washing and sewing for repairs), etiquette and carriage (how to walk, sit, hold one's hands, etc), how to write polite messages, how to politely and with dignity encourage or discourage social entreaties, dancing and the right things to say in difficult situations.
  • The Market: The largest open area of the city that plays host to hundreds of stalls and camped vendors able to sell nearly anything in the Realms, and many thieves to relieve one of same.
  • Nureene's Marvelous Masks: Shop (Masks)
  • Old Knot Shop: Shop
  • Olmhazan's Jewels: Shop (Jewelry) (4c)
  • Paethier's Pipeweed: Shop (Tobacco)
  • Phalantar's Philtres & Components: Shop (Herbs and Medicines) (4c). A small shop for medicinal herbs and ingredients for oils, perfumes and potions. It is said that Phalantar allegedly supports adventuring companies in exchange for the rare substances he sells here.
  • Rebeleigh's Elegant Headware: Shop (Hats)
  • Sorynth's Silverware: Shop (Silver Goods)
  • "Sharkroar" Horth Sharlark's Broadsheets: Printer (Broadsheets)
  • Velstrode the Venturer's: Shop (Adventuring Goods)

Sea Ward

  • Halazar'’s Fine Gems: Shop (Jewelry) (5c). A jewelry shop that prides itself as much on its expensive prices as its magically shining black walls.
  • Selchoun’s Sundries: Shop (General Goods) (4c). A shop filled with trinkets both useful (twine, flint, etc) and useless (childrens' tabards marked as "Junior Watch Member" or "Waterdeep Griffon Cub Patrol").
  • Gerin's Breads: Shop (Bread)
  • Melvar's Chapbooks & Folios: Shop (Books)
  • Velatha's Delights: Shop (Luxuries) (Northern Seawatch Street)
  • Tammerbund's Glasswares: Shop (Glass)
  • Antonyn's Imports: Shop (Imports) (Central Street of the Singing Dolphin)
  • Tartel's House of the Sword: School (Fencing). A school for persons desiring to learn how to fence or defend themselves with or against a light longsword or smaller blade, and a dagger.
  • Lavah's Triumphant Arms: Shop (Light Arms & Armor) (4c). A shop located near the Field of Triumph that caters to the fighters and athletes who compete in the Field. Run by the crafswoman Lavah the Eldest, and her husband Elmarq.

North Ward

  • The Bent Nail: Shop (Ironmongery)
  • Bhephel's Bottles, Exotic Wines & Cordials: Shop (Wines & Alcohol) (5c). One of the finest spirits shops in Waterdeep, specializing in having the widest offerings from around Faerûn. Their small size belies their actual business, for many of their customers simply have them ship their purchases directly from warehouse to residences, without ever entering the shop.
  • Corondorr's Countinghouse: School (Finances). A school that caters to young guild members and unguilded shopkeepers desiring to learn number skills and "how business is really practices" from a cynical, veteran clerk-of-coin retired from Piergeiron's Palace.
  • Downybeard Tobacconist: Shop (Tobacco). A small, aromatic shop with a wide variety of pipeweed, tobacco and snuff. Its owner Kro Downybeard, a halfling from Luiren, makes good coin on a made-to-order service offering wooden pipes with hand-carved crests and symbols on them.
  • Fallen Stars Fish: Shop (Fish). A small shop that sells fresh fish "from the Sea of Fallen Stars" - and naturalists have verified the fish are the sorts native to that area. Many pay Gatos Firlack's exorbitant prices for cleaned and gutted fish apparently no more than a few hours old (many whisper of magical gates that grant him access to his mysterious suppliers).
  • Hriiat Fine Pastries: Shop (Bread) (3c). A wondrous bakery run by the master of the Bakers' Guild, with constant crowds forming when the smells of new pastries roll out into the streets. Its meat and vegetable meal loaf is a savory meal for those on the go.
  • Meraedos Fine Furs: Shop (Furs) (4c). The furs shop of the Gentleman Keeper (Guild Contact) of the Solemn Order of Recognized Furriers and Woolmen, Shalrin Meraedos, revered for the fine quality and affordability of his wares.
  • Millomyr Harps: Shop (Stringed Musical Instruments)
  • Ragathan Furriers: Shop (Furs)
  • Sarsantyr's Tapestries & Draperies: Shop (Tapestries) (4c)
  • Sulmest's Splendid Shoes & Boots: Shop (Shoes) (5c). A frighteningly expensive shop for footwear, but their guarantees on craftsmanship bear up as well as their fashionable boots do.
  • Taurntyrith Adornments: Shop (Jewelry & Accessories) (4c)
  • Three Moves Ahead: Shop (Games). A shop owned by the elven artisan Eatiel, a well-known craftsman and collector.
  • The Tirelessly Turning Wheel: Shop (Curios from around Faerûn) (4c). A vast and wonderful curio shop, with oddities and interesting gew-gaws from around most of the known world, and a few other places besides.

Trades Ward

  • Khammeral's Coins: Shop (Rare Coins)
  • The Riven Shield: Shop (Shields) (3c). Shop famous in the Sword Coast region for affordable second-hand weaponry and, more crucial to its notoriety, various magical or historical weapons and armor.
  • Dunblast Roofing Co.: Roofers
  • Saern’s Fine Swords: Shop (Weapons) (4c). A miniature castle and an expensive place to shop for a sword, but the Tethyrian craftsmanship in all the swords is beyond compare. The shop's fortifications have made it an acceptable emergency guard post for the Watch in the past.
  • Thentavva’s Boots: Store (Shoes) (4c). A tiny out-of-the-way shop more easily spotted by the smell of tanned leather than its decorative pegasi. The prices here are steep and the wait for boots and slippers is long, but the beautiful work holds up for years.
  • Orsabbas’ Fine Imports: Store (General Goods) (4c). An overpriced shop filled with rare imports from across (and under, some say) the Realms, with a major side business in authentic costuming for nobles' parties.
  • Riautar’s Weaponry: Shop (Weapons) (4c). An excellent source of secondhand weapons and "the best bows & arrows in the North". Easily found by looking for a low building with a petrified harpy on the roof.
  • Patient Fingers Finework: Shop (Woodcrafts)
  • Thond Glass and Glazing: Shop (Glass)
  • Belmonder’s Meats: Shop (Butcher) (3c). The most popular butcher shop in the city with its wide variety of fresh meats (and a small concession of fried meat scraps for a quick lunch).
  • Surthlan’s Metalwares: Shop (Metalwork)
  • The Golden Horn: Gambling House (4c)
  • Meiroth’s Fine Silks: Shop (Cloth)
  • Rejviik's Mortuary: Mortuary (3c). A run-of-the-mill morticians' business, run by one Master Rejviik. They both sell coffins and prepare corpses for burial.
  • Henndever's Coffins & Coffers: Shop (Woodworks)

South Ward

  • Tehmak's Coaches: Shop (Coach-maker) (Northwest Waymoot)
  • Nueth’s Fine Nets: Shop (Nets) (4c) (Northwest Waymoot)
  • Berendar's World of Words: Printer (Northwest Waymoot)
  • Pelauvir’s Counter: Shop (General Goods) (3c). A general store with moderately-priced essentials and sundries in stock at all times. (Northwest Waymoot)
  • Brian the Swordmaster's Smithy: Smithy. Fames for its well-crafted (though high-priced) swords and armor.
  • The Old Monster Shop: Shop (Monster Curios) (4c). A place where monsters of all shapes, sizes and most states of being (no undead) can be procured.
  • Redbridle Stables: Stables
  • Nelkaush the Weaver: Textiles Shop
  • Prestar’s Furniture: Furniture shop
  • Hlakken Stables: Stables
  • Bellister’s Hand: Goods Shop
  • Bellister’s House: Goods Warehouse
  • Orm’s Highbench: Trading Company
  • Althal's Stables: Stables
  • Flame of Hope: Shop (Candles)
  • Berendarr's World of Words: Shop (Books)
  • Hlethvagi's Coins: Service (Moneylender)
  • Essimuth's Equipment: Shop (General Equipment)
  • Amrani's Laundry: Shop (Laundry)
  • Piatran's Clothiers: Shop (Garments)
  • Hemmerem's Stables: Stables
  • The Garrulous Grocer: Shop (Grocer)
  • Krabbellor Silversmiths: Silversmith
  • Laran's Cartographers: Shop (Maps)
  • Waukeen's Wares: Shop
  • Ingerr & Ingerr Warehouse: Warehouse
  • The Daily Trumpet Building: Printer (Broadsheets)
  • The Medusa's Glare: Sculptor's Shop

Dock Ward

  • Gelfuril the Trader: Shop (General Goods) (3c)
  • Thomm Warehouse: Warehouse
  • Melgard’s Fine Leathers: Shop (Leatherworks)
  • The Smokehouse: Smokehouse. Used by both the Fishmongers' and Butchers' guilds, this rare one-story brick smokehouse almost always smells of curing meats or fish.
  • Telethar Leatherworks: Shop (Leatherworks)
  • Torpus the Tamer: Shop (Tanning)
  • Nestaur the Ropemaker: Shop (Ropemaking) (Southeast Dock Street)
  • Khostal Hannass, Fine Nuts: Shop (Nuts) (Southeast Dock Street)
  • Felhaur’s Fish Shop: Shop (Fish) (Southeast Dock Street)
  • Arnagus the Shipwright: Shop (Ships)
  • House of Tarmagus: Warehouse
  • House of Pride Perfumes: Shop (Perfume) (4c). A veritable glass jungle of bottles filled with exotic perfumes and other scents.
  • The Old Xoblob Shop: Shop (Adventuring Curios) (4c). A curio shop famous in the city for battle trophies from places far and near (especially Undermountain).
  • Red Sails Warehouse: Warehouse (4c)
  • Helmstar Warehouse: Warehouse
  • Zorth Ulmaril: Shop (Lanterns)
  • Serpentil Books & Folios: Shop (Books) (4c). An exclusive and expensive shop that traffics in all manner of maps, charts and books, though not magical tomes for sale unless you've one to trade.
  • Turnstone Plumbing: Plumber
  • Dhaermos Warehouse: Warehouse
  • Whistling Blades: Shop (Blades). A shop that specializes in daggers, blades and knives. If you're vouched for by a friend, Ertyl Velun can show you special behind-the-counter items such as toe-blades or hidden arm scabbards with fast releases.
  • The Fishscale Smithy: Shop (Blacksmith)
  • Horizon's Sails: Shop (Maps, Charts & Logbooks) (North Ship Street & South Snail Street)
  • Lanternmaker Zorth Ulmaril: Shop (Lanterns) (North Ship Street & South Snail Street)
  • Talnu's Ropeworks: Shop (Rope)
  • Merlook Nets & Knotware: Shop (Nets)
  • Ralagut's Wheelhouse: Shop (Shipboard Goods)
  • Maernath Storage: Rental Warehouse (South Book Street & Trollcrook Alley)
  • Alex Lenter's Storage: Warehouse (South Book Street & Trollcrook Alley)

Deepwater Harbor

  • Sea Elf Trading Outpost: Southeast of the South Gate.