1354 DR Fences of Waterdeep

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Fences with a listed Contact will not speak to clients until they've been vetted by their Contact. If a fence does not have a Contact listed, they welcome being approached directly.

Alathann Ruil

Weapons • Armor • Fine metalwork (40%)

  • Contact: "One-Eyed" Jukk, the Bloody Fist tavern (Presper & Snail Streets, Dock Ward)
  • Location: Red Sails Warehouse, Cod Lane, Dock Ward

Alek Lenter

Poisons • Forbidden alchemical substances • Delivery systems of such (50%)

  • Contact: Thunna Cremek, Thirsty Throat tavern (Way of the Dragon, Dock Ward)
  • Location: Waukeen's Wares, Adventurer's Quarter, South Ward

Balthorr "the Bold" Olaskos

Gems • Coins • Regalia & Uniforms (40%)

  • Location: Balthorr's Rare and Wonderful Treasures, The Street of the Sword

Chuldan Helmstar

Carvings • Statuary (35%)

  • Location: Helmstar Warehouse, Dock Street, Dock Ward

Haerlit Thomm

Furniture • Distinctive Household Goods (35%)

  • Contact: Felzoun Thar, Felzoun's Folly (Salabar Street, Trades Ward)
  • Location: Thomm Warehouse, Sambril Lane, Dock Ward

Jannaxil Serpentil

Maps • Charts • Scrolls • Books (30%)

  • Location: Serpentil Books & Folios, Book Street, Dock Ward

Lhund Dhaermos

Exotic Creatures • Exotic Plants • Slaves (30%)

  • Contact: Hulfast, Wharf Street docks, Dock Ward
  • Location: Dhaermos Warehouse, Belnimbra's Street, Dock Ward
Contact for Lhund Dhaermos • Wharf Street Docks, Dock Ward
Lhund's foremost employee, responsible for acting as his immediate and available contact for anyone who has business with him, Hulfast is a common sight down at the docks, where he knows most of the sailors and dock hands - all a vital part of his business. It is generally agreed that there is no one who knows more of the pirates that visit Waterdeep's docks than Hulfast.

Orlpar Husteem

Spices • Scents • Wines • Drugs (60%)

  • Contact: Hala Myrt, Grinning Lion tavern (Golden Serpent Street, North Ward)
  • Location: Residence, Golden Serpent Street, North Ward

Orsabbas "the Fingers"

Tapestries • Wines • Perfumes (30%)

  • Location: Orsabbas' Fine Imports, Vellarr's Lane, Trades Ward

Phalantar Orivan

Magic Items (35%)

  • Location: Phalantar's Philtres & Components, Street of Bells, Castle Ward

Torst Urlivan

Horses • Harnesses (40%)

  • Location: Gentle Rest Inn, High Road, Trades Ward; and Gentle Rest Stables, Deloun Alley, Trades Ward

Ulmar "the Watchful"

Ships • Shipboard Equipment • Cargos (40%)

  • Contact: Zhaegos, Crommor's Warehouse (The Reach, Castle Ward)
  • Location: Crommor's Warehouse, The Reach, Castle Ward