1354 DR Herald of Waterdeep

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Titled Office of the Heralds of Faerûn
When one of the Heraldic Offices is vacated - whether by death or promotion - the High Heralds look to the apprentices of that office, and choose the best of them to assume the responsibilities of the office. This office comes with a coat of arms, a physical token of that office, and a title. As far as the local authorities and legal offices are concerned, the local Titled Herald is the final authority in all matters involving the heralds. While there are offices above them, they are not authorities to whom other can appeal. This puts the Titled Herald in a position of some power and influence, although those given to temptation and corruption are usually weeded out by then, and even Titled Heralds are subject to the appraisal of their peers and superiors.

Elranmyr Wands
Falconfree (Herald of Waterdeep)
The current holder of the Falconfree title has held his title only since 1352 DR. His appointment was cause for a great deal of bravado by the city's nobility - the old Falconfree was not one of them and held them to what many considered unreasonably strict interpretations of law and tradition. It's clear that many of Waterdeep's nobles hope that Elranmyr will be more congenial in his rulings, but several of them have had cause to discover this is not so. Elranmyr idolizes his old master's integrity and the dignity of the office, and if anything, he seems less inclined to find in favor of willful nobles, considering his own background.


Falconfree is invested with one of the Heraldic Titled Offices of the Heralds, becoming the chief herald of Waterdeep and its environs. In addition to the various rights and responsibilities, the registration of heraldry and the largess of the Lords of Waterdeep ensures that the Herald is capable of supporting himself in a Comfortable Lifestyle at no cost to him. He is also given use of the Falconfree Mantle as his symbol of office.

Falconfree Mantle

Wondrous item, very rare (requires attunement)
The Falconfree Mantle is a mantle of brilliant Waterdhavian blue emblazoned with the arms of Falconfree. Only a Herald properly invested with the title of Falconfree by the High Heralds can actually attune the cloak. Its wearer gains a +1 bonus to AC and saving throws while he wears it, as well as advantage on Charisma checks when dealing with others in an official Herald's capacity. The wearer may also grip the edges of the cloak with both hands and raise the feather-edged cloak to either side of them and fly with a speed of 50 feet. If the wearer fails to grip the cloak's edges while in flight, they lose this flying speed.

Previous Holders of Office

  • Arkandor Ortrast: 1305 DR - 1352 DR. The previous Falconfree served the Heralds and the city of Waterdeep with honor and distinction for almost fifty years before his death of a heart attack in the middle of a magistrate's court.

Apprentices of Falconfree

The following are Falconfree's current apprentices as heralds.

  • Finn Estelmer: A young noble that has been linked romantically in the public eye with Elranmyr. Finn and Elranmyr's passions for one another cooled eventually, but Finn's interest in the Herald's calling never did, and he is learning its arts from Elranmyr.

Known Informants of Falconfree

The following are known informants of Falconfree and his apprentices.

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