1354 DR House Anteos

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House Anteos
Patriarch: Dulbrawn Anteos
Consort: Ranaya Anteos
Heir: Korras Anteos (younger brother; no direct heir, first child stillborn)
Membership (Nobles): 28
Predominant Faith: Loviatar
Faction Details
Common Descriptors: Sinister, cut-throat, scheming
Primary Classes: Fighter, Rogue, Cleric (Loviatar)
Alignments: LN, LE
Faction Ranks
Favored: Rank 1. You are a favored member of the House. If you are a scion of the House, you have pleased the patriarch sufficiently to gain his notice. If you are an agent or retainer of the House, your efforts to aid the House have gone well-noted.

Lynchpin: Rank 3. You are given a position of some responsibility in the House's operations. If you are a Husteem, the patriarch considers you one of the favored scions of the House, and consults with you on matters of House importance. If you are an agent or retainer, your contributions and skills in service of the House have won you a position of no small regard and respect in the patriarch's eyes - although that may earn you the jealousy of his blood kin who are less favored than you.
Matriarch/Patriarch: Rank 10. You are the acknowledged and legal head of the household.

Trade & Interests: Trading, money changing and barter; former interests in slave trade
Holdings: Waterdeep
Ethnicity: Tethyrian
Founded: 1248 DR



Members of the Family

  • Dulbrawn Anteos: Patriarch (Rank 10) • 33 years. A banking magnate of Waterdeep, and master of coins, Dulbrawn works closely with the city of Waterdeep, assisting with the efforts to help manage the city's finances. A year ago, he and his wife lost their first child in childbirth, and he has thrown himself into his business as a result.
  • Ranaya Anteos: Consort (Rank 5) • 28 years. Ranaya, who used to be one of the cannier players in Waterdeep's social scene has withdrawn entirely into seclusion following the stillbirth of her child a year ago.
  • Korras Anteos: Patriarch's Brother (Rank 7) • 29 years. Dulbrawn's younger brother, and his newly-declared heir.

Main Branch


Other Branches

Hlethvagi Anteos
Hlethvagi Anteos
Patriarch's Cousin (Rank 6) • 38 years
A fat, wispy-bearded nobleman, Hlethvagi is a minor member of House Anteos. A moneylender and warehouse-owner, Hlethvagi is fat and wispy-bearded, usually preferring to garb himself in robes and wide sashes. He is well-known for his business acumen and cunning investment sense. He is good friends with Audyna Husteem, a priestess of the Painmaiden.
  • Talen Anteos: Hlethvagi's Nephew (Rank 0) • 16 years. The young handsome Talen has already made a reputation for himself as something of a boor: he is often deliberately rude, and can't seem to avoid speaking cruel truths. Most agree that he's just doing this to provoke others to challenge him to a duel; he is quite proud of his skills with a blade, and eager to test them.



Rumors About House Anteos






Goals and Philosophy




Quests undertaken by agents of House Anteos might include the following:

  • x


Scions and agents of House Anteos in good standing might receive the following benefits:

  • xxx: Rank xxx. x