1354 DR House Ilitul

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House Ilitul
Patriarch: Murgos Ilitul
Consort: Zorene Ilitul
Heir: Zak Ilitul (eldest son)
Membership (Nobles): 34
Predominant Faith: Tempus
Faction Details
Common Descriptors: xxx
Primary Classes: xxx
Alignments: N, LN
Faction Ranks
Favored: Rank 1. You are a favored member of the House. If you are a scion of the House, you have pleased the patriarch sufficiently to gain his notice. If you are an agent or retainer of the House, your efforts to aid the House have gone well-noted.

Lynchpin: Rank 3. You are given a position of some responsibility in the House's operations. If you are a scion of the House, the patriarch considers you one of the favored scions of the House, and consults with you on matters of House importance. If you are an agent or retainer, your contributions and skills in service of the House have won you a position of no small regard and respect in the patriarch's eyes - although that may earn you the jealousy of his blood kin who are less favored than you.
Matriarch/Patriarch: Rank 10. You are the acknowledged and legal head of the household.

Trade & Interests: Goat raising and herding, mercenary fighting
Holdings: Waterdeep
Ethnicity: Chondathan
Founded: 1248 DR
Previous Eras: 1354 DR



Members of the Family

  • Murgos Ilitul: Patriarch (Rank 10) • 51 years. Lord Murgos inherited the title from his older brother, who died without spouse or children five years ago, forcing him to return from the campaigning he's known for most of his life and trying to figure out what it means to be a nobleman rather than a soldier. Fortunately, he has his beloved Zorene to guide him through its many, many pitfalls.
  • Zorene Ilitul: Consort (Rank 8) • 22 years. Zorene, a daughter of Lord Estelmer, was quite young when Lord Murgos returned to Waterdeep. She met him shortly after his return, and saw right through his gruff exterior. She'll be the first to admit that his rugged attractiveness - so unlike most nobles in Waterdeep - drew her eye first, and as she got to know him she fell in love. They were wed four years ago, when she was 18, and she has helped guide him as a lord and noble ever since. She is pregnant with their second child.
  • Zak Ilitul: Heir (Rank 0) • 3 years. Murgos and Zorene's firstborn toddler. They have not declared a Regent for the boy's heirship, something the Herald of Waterdeep occasionally reminds them of, asking them to do so, just in case.



Rumors About House Ilitul






Goals and Philosophy




Quests undertaken by agents of House Ilitul might include the following:

  • x


Scions and agents of House Ilitul in good standing might receive the following benefits:

  • xxx: Rank xxx. x