1354 DR House Kormallis

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House Kormallis
Patriarch: Helm "The Torturer" Kormallis
Consort: None
Heir: Harkas Kormallis (younger brother)
Membership (Nobles): 14
Predominant Faith: Tyr
Faction Details
Common Descriptors: xxx
Primary Classes: xxx
Alignments: LN, LG
Faction Ranks
Favored: Rank 1. You are a favored member of the House. If you are a scion of the House, you have pleased the patriarch sufficiently to gain his notice. If you are an agent or retainer of the House, your efforts to aid the House have gone well-noted.

Lynchpin: Rank 3. You are given a position of some responsibility in the House's operations. If you are a scion of the House, the patriarch considers you one of the favored scions of the House, and consults with you on matters of House importance. If you are an agent or retainer, your contributions and skills in service of the House have won you a position of no small regard and respect in the patriarch's eyes - although that may earn you the jealousy of his blood kin who are less favored than you.
Matriarch/Patriarch: Rank 10. You are the acknowledged and legal head of the household.

Trade & Interests: Recruiting, mercenary training, outfitting for travelers, former interests in slave trade
Holdings: Waterdeep
Ethnicity: Illuskan
Founded: 1258 DR
Previous Eras: 1354 DR


  • House Kormallis is known to have once engaged in the slave trade, but does not do so any longer.

Members of the Family

  • Helm "The Torturer" Kormallis: Patriarch (Rank 10) • 39 years. Lord Helm has one of the vilest reputations of Waterdeep's nobles. While he certainly earned his nickname from his time serving in his family's mercenary companies, society remembers far more vibrantly his former lady-wife Teris' admissions to her friends of the terrible torments her husband inflicted on her. She disappeared shortly thereafter; Lord Helm claims she left him for her family in Amn, and investigations by the Watch (including magical interrogations performed by the Watchful Order) led to a conclusion of no foul play. But Waterdeep's society is not so sure, and most agree that if there is a monster in their midst - even taking into account dopplegangers, undead, and shapeshifters of the world - it most certainly is Lord Helm Kormallis.
  • Harkas Kormallis: Heir (Rank 3) • Patriarch's Brother • 34 years. In marked contrast to his older brother, Harkas is a dashing and chivalrous knight of Tyr. It is clear that he and his brother do not get along very well at all, and Helm makes Harkas' life difficult every time he is in Waterdeep. While no one in society blames the younger knight for staying away, there are plenty who wish that he would hurry up and inherit the title of House Kormallis. As much as a wet blanket a Tyrite paladin might be, he'd still be worlds better than his older brother.



Rumors About House Kormallis






Goals and Philosophy




Quests undertaken by agents of House Kormallis might include the following:

  • x


Scions and agents of House Kormallis in good standing might receive the following benefits:

  • xxx: Rank xxx. x