1354 DR Nightlife of Waterdeep

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Ranking Systems

The various nightlife establishments are given rankings based on the quality of drink, opulence of accommodations and just how pricey it all is.

Cost (Coins)

1coin.jpg: Very inexpensive. Costs are included in a Squalid Lifestyle or better.

  • Common drinks are usually 1 cp/tankard, hard liquor is 2 cp/handglass and wine and liqueurs are 2 cp/tallglass.
  • A small meal is usually 1-2 cp/meal, and larger meals may run up to 2-3 cp/meal.
  • Accommodations are usually 1-2 cp for a space in the common room, and 3-5 cp for a bed (possibly slightly more if the bed is the only one in a room).

2coin.jpg: Inexpensive. Costs are included in a Poor Lifestyle or better.

  • Common drinks are usually 2 cp/tankard, hard liquor is 5-8 cp/handglass and wine and liqueurs are 4-6 cp/tallglass.
  • A small meal is usually 1-3 cp/meal, and larger meals may run up to 4-5 cp/meal.
  • Accommodations are usually 2-3 cp for a space in the common room, and 4-6 cp for a bed (possibly slightly more if the bed is the only one in a room).

3coin.jpg: Fairly priced. Costs are included in a Modest Lifestyle or better.

  • Common drinks are usually 3 cp/tankard, hard liquor is 1-3 sp/handglass and wine and liqueurs are 1-2 sp/tallglass.
  • A small meal is usually 2-4 cp/meal, larger meals may run up to 5-8 cp/meal and kingly meals usually cost 1-3 sp/meal.
  • Accommodations are usually 3-4 cp for a space in the common room, and 5-8 cp for a bed (possibly slightly more if the bed is the only one in a room).

4coin.jpg: Spendy. Costs are included in a Comfortable Lifestyle or better.

  • Common drinks are usually 5 cp/tankard, hard liquor is 3-5 sp/handglass and wine and liqueurs are 3-4 sp/tallglass.
  • A small meal is usually 5-6 cp/meal, larger meals may run up to 1-2 sp/meal and kingly meals usually cost 3-5 sp/meal.
  • Accommodations are usually 5-6 cp for a space in the common room, and 1-3 sp for a bed (possibly slightly more if the bed is the only one in a room).

5coin.jpg: Extravagant. Costs are included in an Wealthy Lifestyle or better.

  • Common drinks are usually 7-10 cp/tankard, hard liquor is 8-10 sp/handglass and wine and liqueurs are 5-8 sp/tallglass. They are likely to have specialized vintages costing 1 gp or more per serving, as well.
  • A small meal is usually 6-8 cp/meal, larger meals may run up to 2-4 sp/meal and kingly meals usually cost 8-10 sp/meal.
  • Accommodations are usually 7-8 cp for a space in the common room, and 4-10 sp for a bed (possibly slightly more if the bed is the only one in a room).
Provender (Pints)

1pints.jpg: Swill.

  • The drink is abhorrent: common drinks are like muddy water, hard liquors are burning rotgut and the wines are more like vinegars.
  • The food is barely edible, likely consisting of pots of mush that simply have new ingredients added to them daily, cooking them down into a hot, unrecognizable mess that is edible and nourishing, if just barely.

2pints.jpg: Mediocre.

  • The drink is uninspired: common drinks are alright, hard liquors still burn going down, and the wines are basic cooking and table wines.
  • The food is simple, but filling and unlikely to offend the senses.

3pints.jpg: Decent.

  • The drink is worth having: common drinks are hearty and flavorful, hard liquors are smoother, and the wines are full-bodied and complement the meals well.
  • The food is good, with portions that won't leave a patron hungry, and well-prepared and -seasoned besides.

4pints.jpg: Good.

  • The drink is delightful: common drinks are rich and likely unique, memorable brews, hard liquors are finely crafted, and the wines are usually expensive and poured from bottles rather than decanters or pitchers.
  • The food is quite memorable, and often the establishment has a signature meal of some kind. Even the poorer fare here is quite good.

5pints.jpg: Renowned.

  • The drink is divine: common drinks are powerful and heady, the hard liquors are enlivening and rich-flavored, and the wines are complex and potent.
  • The food is remarkable, and its head cook (or "chef" in the Cormyrean fashion) is likely well-known in the community at least. Banquets are among the kinds of food served, with complex and nuanced preparation, served in embarrassing plenitude.
Accommodation (Pipes)

1pipe.jpg: Poor.

  • Sleeping accommodations are thin, dirty mattresses, probably bug-infested.
  • Baths are never included in the basic prices, if they're available at all.
  • Fairly dirty.
  • Common rooms are most common, and private rooms unlikely to be offered.

2pipe.jpg: Modest.

  • Sleeping accommodations are old straw mattresses on rope-supported bunks, mostly clean.
  • Baths are usually still extra.
  • Common rooms are common as are rooms (though they usually place multiple beds in a single room).

3pipe.jpg: Comfortable.

  • Sleeping accommodations are good, newer straw mattresses on fair-sized frames, with both sheet and blanket, all of it clean.
  • Baths are included in the price, but washing is extra.
  • Common rooms are less likely here, and there is a split between private and multiple-bed rooms.

4pipe.jpg: Wealthy.

  • Sleeping accommodations are very nice, full feather mattresses on wide bedframes, with multiple layers of pristine bedclothes.
  • Baths are included, likely in-room, and other washing is done for free as well.
  • Common rooms are almost unheard of (except for servants or guards), and most rooms are private. There are some suites as well.

5pipe.jpg: Aristocratic.

  • Not many places have this level of quality to offer, but the accommodations involve multiple layers of feather mattresses and the finest bedlinens.
  • Bathing is not just free, but servants to bath the guest are common, and washing, repair of clothing and many other services are included free of charge.
  • No common rooms, and only a few single-room accommodations; most of the rooms are elegantly appointed suites.
The City of Splendors
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Castle Ward


  • The Jade Jug: Inn (5c•5a). Waterdeep's plushest inn with luxury in every detail, and well worth the expensive price.
  • Lazy Dragon: Inn (3c•3p•3a) A newly-established inn. (Old Temple)
  • The Pampered Traveler: Inn (4c•4a)
  • Sapphire House: Inn, Rooming House (4c•3p•4a) An expensive rooming five-story house across Swords Street from Blackstaff Tower that has provided room and board for more than one of the Blackstaff's apprentices who found the Tower to be a little too confining. (Northern Swords Street)
  • Wyrmbones Inn: Inn (2c•2p•3a)
  • The Yawning Portal: Inn (3c•4p•3a) A well-known inn and tavern whose main feature is a massive well on the ground floor of the tavern, some 40 feet across, that descends 140 feet into the first level of Undermountain. There is a rope hoist that can be used to lower or raise those foolhardy enough to venture into Undermountain, at a cost of 1 gp per person. (Southern Castle Ward)


  • The Asp's Strike: Tavern (2c•2p)
  • The Blue Jack: Tavern (4c•3p)
  • The Crawling Spider: Tavern, Nightclub (4c•3p). A tavern for subterraneans that pine for their homes (as well as regulars who like the thrilling atmosphere), decorated as if underground with serving folk dressed as drow elves. Well known for its subterranean dancing floor, and the many small "caverns" that lead off of it whose dark recesses are best left alone by the curious. (Southern Street of the Sword)
  • The Crow's Nest: Tavern (3c•2p) A modest but comfortable tavern; a favorite among the clerks, bureaucrats, and visitors of nearby Castle Waterdeep. (Southern Castle Ward)
  • The Dragon's Head: Tavern (3c•3p)
  • The Elfstone: Tavern (4c•4p). An old earthy tavern, with live trees in the walls and the bar, that caters to elves and half-elves, and is a rare source of such delicacies as elverquisst, guldathen nectar and maerlathen blue wine. (Southern Street of the Sword)
  • The Empty Keg: Tavern (2c•2p) A rough-and-tumble beer-hall. Later in the eve, it often sees visits from some of the unattached ladies from Mother Salinka's next door, looking to lure some of the drinkers back to their boudoirs. (Southern Castle Ward)
  • The Flagon Dragon: Tavern (2c•3p) A modest neighborhood pub renowned for its zzar (Waterdhavian mulled wine) and talyths (a palm-sized cracker with a thin slice of sausage on top, and a mixture of cheese, herbs, mashed root vegetables and other ingredients whose recipe is a house secret) (Northern Swords Street)
  • The Mighty Manticore: Tavern (2c•3p). An older friendly tavern with ample ale and light evening fare at affordable prices that attracts a loyal clientele of merchants at the close of day.
  • The Quaffing Quaggoth: Tavern (3c•4p). A dwarf-owned tavern and a growing favorite among the city's sailors, merchants and young nobles. The tavern is well-known for the house specialty: a thick-brewed stout mixed with an unknown liquor that is called the Quaggoth for its rumored ability to cure every hair on a quaggoth and then some.
  • The Red-Eyed Owl: Tavern (3c•3p) A comfortable, unimpressive local ale-house that is a favorite of the average Waterdhavian locals, well-loved for its cheap ale and heavily spiced coast chowder. (Southern Castle Ward)
  • Sailor's Own: Tavern (3c•2p) A crowded, dark, and dirty sailor's dive bar.
  • The Singing Sword: Tavern (4c•4p)
  • The Sleepy Sylph: Tavern (4c•3p) A popular tavern for visitors to Waterdeep, featuring driftglobe lights and scantily clad waitstaff dressed as fairies. (Southern Castle Ward)


  • Blushing Nymph: Festhall (3c•3p) An upscale brothel known for its exotic pleasures. (Southern Castle Ward)
  • The Crawling Spider: Tavern, Nightclub (4c•3p) A tavern for subterraneans that pine for their homes (as well as regulars who like the thrilling atmosphere), decorated as if underground with serving folk dressed as drow elves. Well known for its subterranean dancing floor, and the many small "caverns" that lead off of it whose dark recesses are best left alone by the curious. (Southern Street of the Sword)
  • Genmura's Stage: Festhall (2c•1p) A bawdy burlesque palace with two floors of small, cheap, stinking rooms above its taphall, Genmura's sees plenty of seedy sorts, criminals, dock hands, and sailors just come a'shore. (Old Temple).
  • Jhural's Dance: Festhall (4c•3p) Nowhere near as raucous as many festhalls, Jhrual prides himself on the seductive, intimate environment he fosters in his hall. Plenty of alcoves and nooks to hide in with someone in close company, all surrounding a stage where his festhall workers dance to advertise their wares. His festhall is also notable for its equal proportion of men and women performers. (Northern Swords Street)
  • Lightsinger Theater: Theater (3c)
  • Mother Salinka's House of Pleasure: Festhall (3c) A shabby, low-coin festhall. (Southern Castle Ward)
  • Mother Tathlorn's House of Pleasure & Healing: Spa (4c)
  • The Smiling Siren: Festhall & Theater (4c•3p). A festhall that specializes in small plays and the hosting of traveling troupes (burlesque and otherwise). (Northern Street of Silver)

Sea Ward


  • Pilgrim’s Rest: Inn (4c•4a). A comfortable but modest inn that provides affordable stabling and lodgings for many visitors of Waterdeep's temples.
  • The Wandering Wemic: Inn (4c•4a)
  • Maerghoun'’s Inn: Inn (4c•4a) (Central Street of the Singing Dolphin)
  • Dacer’s Inn: Inn (4c•5a)
  • Golden Harp Inn: Inn (3c•4a). A comfortable two-story stone and slate inn, cheery and well lit at all times and noted for the magical harp that appears in mid-air at odd times to sing and play ancient ballads by itself.
  • The Silken Sylph: Inn, Festhall (5c•4a)


  • Sated Satyr: Tavern (3c•3p)
  • The Broken Lance: Tavern (2c•3p). A cozy tavern frequented and staffed by the athletes and fighters from the Field of Triumph. The eel pie is the house specialty.
  • The Crown & Heron: Tavern (5c•5p) (Central Street of the Singing Dolphin)
  • The Ship’s Wheel: Tavern (4c•3p)
  • Gournar’'s Tavern: Tavern (4c•3p). A brightly lit, expensive place that's more a showcase for Waterdeep's high society at play than a tavern. It is a place to be seen, first and foremost.
  • The Fiery Flagon: Tavern (4c•3p). A tavern that is famous among sailors the Realms over for its seafaring decor and pricey fare, without the trouble and decay of the Dock Ward.
  • Wyvern's Rest: Tavern (2c•4p). A former Watch-post and blockhouse, this one-story stone tavern is a favorite of Watch and Guard members, it hallmark being the stuffed wyvern that looms over the bar.


  • House of Purple Silks: Festhall (5c)
  • High Flagon Gambling House: Gambling House (4c)
  • The Silken Sylph: Inn, Festhall (5c•4a) (Northern Seawatch Street)

North Ward


  • The Galloping Minotaur: Inn (4c•3a). An inn well-favored among visiting merchants that has had to expand its operations to two other buildings and implement Waterdeep's first advance bookings system. Known as a busy place with lots of overstuffed merchants, bustling messengers, and secret passages by which the servants get around.
  • The Raging Lion: Inn (4c•4a)
  • The Cliffwatch: Inn (3c•3a)
  • Silent Shield: Inn
  • Twilight Hunters: Inn. An inn decorated with various adventuring equipment and battle trophies, the Twilight Hunter is named for the company that own it. The tropies are actually those gathered by the company from its days of adventuring. The inn's taproom is gaining some notice for its "orangeberry wine," a sweet and fiery drink.


  • The Grinning Lion: Tavern (4c•2p). A raucous tavern favored by less adventurous young nobles who dare not visit the Dock Ward.
  • A Maiden's Tears: Tavern (4c•4p)
  • The Misty Beard: Tavern (4c•4p). A spectacular tavern for thrill-seekers, since the staff is made up of rare and exotic monsters all carefully controlled by the owners.


  • The Gentle Mermaid: Gambling House (4c•4p). One of the largest gambling houses in all of Faerun, and a luxurious place to see and be seen among the fabulously wealthy and powerful.

Trades Ward


  • Gondalim’'s Inn: Inn (3c•5a). An established inn of many comforts, with single rooms or suites available at affordable prices.
  • Inn of the Dripping Dagger: Inn (3c•4p•4a). A battle-scarred and bloodied door hiding an amiable, comfortable place for hire-swords to stay and be hired from.
  • Maelstrom's Notch: Inn. A small inn known for its costly but topnotch seafood from all parts along the Sword Coast.
  • The Unicorn’s Horn: Inn (5c•4a). A decadent and costly inn to stay at (its Imperial Suite on the sixth floor has an impressive view, but not one worth 40 gp per night). Its saving grace is its strategic placement to the High Road.
  • The Gentle Rest: Inn (4c•4a)
  • The Grey Serpent: Inn (4c•5a)


  • The Underdark: Tavern. An old, rare cellar tavern with low ceilings (5' clearance) that caters primarily to the dwarves, gnomes, halflings, and odd goblins in Waterdeep. Its tough reputation of rousting humans and shapechangers is well-deserved, often started with the uncanny knife-throwing of Amaqel the gnome barkeep and finished by the dwarven bouncers.
  • Felzoun'’s Folly: Tavern (3c•3p)
  • Bowels of the Earth: Tavern (Dive) (4c•2p). An ill-lit rough-and-tumble tavern that caters to mercenaries looking for employment or a good brawl. (Blazidon One-Eye can oft be found here.)
  • The Singed Bolt: Tavern


  • The Sumptuous Masque, Nightclub (2c•3p). A nightclub-style festhall and defacto "town hall" for Twilight Vaeteru in the Trades Ward.

South Ward


  • The Safehaven Inn: Inn
  • House of Good Spirits: Vintners' Distillers' & Brewers Guild, Inn, Tavern (2c•5p•2a). A brewery, winery and inn noted for its wide variety of liquors and strong drink from across the Realms. Its specialty is Waterdhavian zzar, and it serves as the guildhouse for the Vintners' Guild as well.


  • The Midnight Sun: Tavern
  • The Spouting Fish: Tavern (3c•2p). A loud, rambunctious tavern that owes its success to its relentless street-cryer advertising and its location by South Gate.
  • The Red Gauntlet: Tavern (2c•3p) Mercenary and caravan guard tavern. (Northwest Waymoot)
  • The Sword's Rest: Tavern (3c•4p). A tavern for strong drink, strong arms and thick skulls (for when that burly fighter cracks a mug over your head - which is often!).
  • The Full Cup: Tavern (2p•1p)
  • Tymora's Blessing: Tavern. A seedy dive frequented by caravan drovers and noted for all-too-frequent brawls.
  • The Beer Golem: Tavern


  • The Jade Dancer: Festhall (4c•4p) A festhall well worth the high price for its entertaining dancer-escorts and excellent drinks. (Northwest Waymoot)

Dock Ward


  • Shipmaster's Hall: Inn (sea captains). A private inn and dining club for captains, first mates and ship owners and their guests, with an interior elegance that far outweighs its exterior. It is sponsored by the Master Mariners' Guild. (Southeast Dock Street)
  • The Ship's Prow: Inn (3c•5a). An inn well known among sailors of the Sword Coast and easily found as it is actually a converted ship's prow that now juts into Fish Street and Ship Street. The prices and services in this four-story inn are reasonable, though its clientele often isn't.
  • Warm Beds Inn: Inn (2c•2a) A quiet, homelike inn with little more than what its name guarantees. (North Ship Street & South Snail Street)
  • Blackstar Inn: Inn (4c•3a)
  • The Splintered Stair: Inn (3c•2a)
  • The Rearing Hippocampus: Inn (4c•3a)
  • Sailor's Corner: Inn
  • Stormcloak Inn: Inn (1c • 1a) The Stormcloak is a run-down ramshackle inn whose rooms are filthy and taproom filled with street thugs and drunken sailors.


  • Full Sails Tavern: Tavern, Guild HQ: Most Diligent League of Sailmakers & Cordwainers. A merry, bright tavern on Net Street at the docks, with its upstairs space acting as meeting and storage space for the sailmakers' guild.
  • The Blue Mermaid: Tavern (3c•2p)
  • The Hanged Man: Tavern (3c•4p)
  • The Sleeping Wench: Tavern (3c•3p)
  • Muleskull Tavern: Tavern; Guild HQ: Dungsweepers' Guild
  • The Thirsty Sailor: Tavern (3c•1p) (North Ship Street & South Snail Street)
  • The Bloody Fist: Tavern (Dive) (2c•1p) (North Ship Street & South Snail Street)
  • The Sleeping Snake: Tavern & Inn (barely) (3c•2p•2a) (Southeast Dock Street)
  • The Thirsty Throat: Tavern (2c•2p). A ramshackle dive known for its massive tankards of cheap ale and its taproom full of quiet drinking men. (South Book Street & Trollcrook Alley)
  • The Friendly Flounder: Tavern (3c•3p). A local tavern that thrives on simple seafood fare, favored by the locals and almost unknown to visitors. (South Book Street & Trollcrook Alley)
  • The Grey Griffon: Tavern
  • Selune's Smile: Tavern
  • The Pickled Fisherman: Tavern
  • The Soaring Pegasus: Tavern
  • The Angry Coxswain: Tavern
  • The Grog House: Tavern (1c•1p). Often called a "swill hall" by those who've heard of it, it is a place that literally does nothing else but serve terribly cheap alcoholic swill for sailors to drink away their coins. It offers no accommodations, but no one cares if its patrons pass out under their tables.
  • Darth's Dolphyntyde: Tavern (1c•2p) A small "fish-and-quaff" shop of no particular memorability.
  • Cookhouse Hall: Tavern. A large hall that serves simple hot meals and passable drink to weary travelers and those down on their luck for two coppers, sponsored jointly by the Lords and Lord Ulmassus Phull.


  • The Copper Cup: Inn, Festhall (4c•3p•2a). Three old three- and four-story warehouses linked and converted into one of Waterdeep's busiest and most famous nightlife spots.
  • The Blushing Mermaid: Inn, Festhall (4c•3p•3a) (Southeast Dock Street)
  • The Purple Palace: Festhall (4c)
  • The Mermaid’s Arms: Inn, Festhall (3c•3p•3a)
  • Three Pearls Nightclub: Nightclub (4c). A popular festhall with nightly stage acts such as comedians, trained animal acts, illusionists' displays, recitals by famed bards and orators and exotic dance.
  • Mother Jatha's: Brothel
  • Mother Athue's: Brothel (2c•3p•2a). A clean but clearly quite old establishment, Mother Athue's is a favorite among sailors and those who crave variety: Mother Athue hires her soft traders from all over Faerûn.
  • The Hanging Lantern: Festhall (4c). A festhall famed for its stunning escorts and its skilled matchmakers, as well as a side business in costume rental.