1354 DR Sages of Waterdeep

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Sages are not organized into guilds or companies; in fact, many (if not all) sages work alone, though this habit may be changing...

Sages, or "wisebeards" as most Waterdhavians call them, can be found in many of the city markets, the open squares and courts, and at the Plinth at any hour of the day. Most sages in the city rent rooms and move often, as they search for new beings to consult and writings to study. Such moves minimize risks of theft, intimidation to acquire information, and the regrettable tendency of landlords and neighbors to disturb a sage's studies with requests for this or that information "free...just for me?"


The traditional fees for sages are as follows:

  • Consultation: 1gp, for up to a half-day consultation. Such are usually for information known off the top of the sage's head or readily available in his immediate books.
  • Research: Sages can be hired to perform research, charging half-again the per-day Research cost.

Ammathair Hawkfeather

Swords Street, just south of Keltarn Street • Castle Ward
A fair-faced scholar with a neatly trimmed beard, Ammathair Hawkfeather is well regarded by his fellow sages. Half of his clientele is made up of the faithful of various temples, and he is great friends with many of the upper clergy of Waterdeep's temples.

  • Arcana: Metaphysics
  • History: History of humankind
  • Religion: Myths and theology of humankind

Amnglor Bethair

Shesstra's Street & Gut Alley • Castle Ward
While certainly a wise, learned man in regards to the supernatural, Amnglor has much to learn about social interaction. He rudely interrupts everyone whenever a thought (relevant to the conversation or not) enters his head, and talks with Amnglor ramble and cover an incredible number of trivial tangential subjects - the only way to escape him is to walk away from him.

  • Arcana: Supernatural creatures, divination, alchemy
  • Religion: The Outer Planes

Blackrabbas Khuulthund

Market Street, between Warrior's Way and the Street of the Sword • Castle Ward
This sage is a windbag who, in earlier years, was prone to making claims of knowing far more than he actually did (or had the ability to research). Now, his intellect and research sound, he finds that few believe what he has to say; he has started to improve his reputation in the city, but his few clients are often visitors and travelers attracted by his lower fees for work.

  • Nature: Avians, insects, flowers, herbs

Haerund Mhammaster

Street of Bells, across from Duir's Alley • Castle Ward
This tiny, shriveled, hunchbacked old man never leaves his library, and is often covered with as much dust as his many tomes. He never solicits for clients, but his friends in a nearby tavern help people find him if they trust them (and honestly seem in need of his help). His musty library and rooms are filled with many examples of elven statuary.

  • History: Demihuman art & music, cryptography
  • Religion: Demihuman legends & folklore

Ilighast Chamnabbar

Diamond Street & Pharra's Alley • Sea Ward
This short, bitter little man is a member of the Watchful Order, and spends much of his time at the Tower of the Order, hoping to overhear some useful information. Incredibly terse whenever he talks, some complain that "you have to pay this sage per syllable for the informa- tion you receive!"

  • Arcana: Dweomercraft, Astral Plane, Etheral Plane, Elemental Planes
  • History: Demihuman history


'Various Inns • Trades Ward • Winter only
This female dwarven cleric of Dumanthoin has a light beard and a ready smile, unless you've lied to or cheated her. She is only in Waterdeep in winter, and she spends the rest of the year wandering the Savage Frontier, looking for relics of Delzoun as well as observing the local animals.

  • History: Dwarvenkind history, dwarvenkind stonecraft, dwarvenkind weaponry
  • Nature: Fauna of the Sword Coast & Savage Frontier

Javroun Lithkind

South of Waterdeep Castle • Castle Ward
A spiteful, bitter man of not-quite-40 winters, Javroun continues his practice as a consulting sage only for a chance to "prove my superior- ity to the feeble-minds that infest our city and the Realms." His most annoying habit is to stare silently at his clients, twisting his moustache, until they practically beg for his knowledge and assistance.

  • History: Human history, human politics, human genealogy, geography

Kromnlor Sernar

The High Road, south of the Spectorwalk • South Ward
A 22-year inhabitant of the city, Kromnlor originally came from the lands near Sespech, where she was trained as a midwife. Learning much during her travels, she arrived in Waterdeep and began to help many of the indigent of Dock Ward with her folk remedies. This practice, which continues to this day, keeps her at odds with the Guild of Apothecaries and Physicians, who discount and vilify her information as "false knowledge" (in truth, her learning is far more accurate and far-reaching than that of many guild members).

  • Nature: Fungi, herbs, medicine

Mirrormul Tszul

Andamaar's Street & Theln Lane • Trades Ward
A highly excitable, nervous mage of advancing years, Mirrormul talks incredibly fast, even when calm. If amused or inspired by a question or task, he practically giggles with excitement; while some assume he is losing his wits, he simply gets wrapped up in emotion over the intellectual challenge. He is also a devout worshiper of Sylvanus, and never fails to lend aid if asked to do so by the priests at the Shrines of Nature.

  • History: Demihuman languages Humanoid languages, Giantkind language
  • Nature: Humanoid biology, giantkind biology

Narthund Delzhour

The High Road & River Street • Trades Ward
One of the cheapest sages in terms of charges, Narthund often conducts his business at a tavern, his research paid half by coin, the rest by ale. Be sure to get your information from him early in the evening; his friendly, easy-going nature gives way to much drinking and less coherent sage advice.

  • Arcana: Astrology, numerology
  • Nature: Astronomy, geology, mineralogy

Zeltabbar Iliphar

Nethpranter's Street, just north of Court of the White Bull • Trades Ward
Master Iliphar owns a rowhouse in Trades Ward on Nethpranter's Street, and he and his two lovely daughters tend to his library. He is totally deaf, but can read lips with perfect comprehension (he knows elvish, dwarvish, and many human languages of the Realms); he can still speak, but often writes down responses on the many slate boards he has in his ground- floor office.

  • History: Humankind languages
  • Religion: Humankind legends & folklore, Outer Planes