1354 DR Temples of Waterdeep

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The City of Splendors
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Castle Ward

Sea Ward

  • The House of Inspired Hands: Temple to Gond. An enterprising temple to Gond that frequently abounds with new and noisy inventions of its faithful. (Central Street of the Singing Dolphin)
  • The Tower of Luck: Temple to Tymora. The second largest temple in Waterdeep is a large walled tower, its clergy funneling its weighty resources into improving the complex and undermining the city of Arabel's claim as the center for Tymoran worship. (Central Street of the Singing Dolphin)
  • The House of Wonder: Temple to Mystra. The ornate tower for the faithful of Mystra with her holy symbol in mosaics on the courtyard, with the tower rising from the center of the starburst. (North Diamond Street)
  • The Shrines of Nature: Shrines to Mielikki and Silvanus. A walled and forested complex that holds unpretentious "shrines" the size of some small temples to Mielikki (called "The Lady's Hands") and Silvanus (unnamed).
  • The House of Heroes: Temple to Tempus. The largest of the temples in the city is dedicated to Tempus, the Lord of Battle, and attracts spectators and combatants alike from the nearby Field of Triumph.
  • The House of the Moon: Temple to Selune. A silver-gilded temple of fine white and blue stone, the House of the Moon is the oldest temple in Waterdeep.
  • The Temple of Beauty: Temple to Sune. A lavish temple of marble, gold and silver with many statues of the goddess and her most comely worshippers throughout the history of the faith.

North Ward

  • None

Trades Ward

  • The Plinth: Interdenominational Temple. The tallest building in the Trades Ward at six stories, which acts as an open temple for all faiths, as well as a landing place for the Guards' griffon steeds.

South Ward

  • None

Dock Ward

Deepwater Harbor

  • The Queenspire: Temple to Umberlee. A towering spire rising out of the harbor, the Queenspire is the temple to Umberlee. Its lower levels are entirely submerged in the seawater, catering to merfolk and tritons who revere the ocean goddess.