2030 - 2039

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  • Prostitution is legalized within New Orleans city limits.


  • Led by senators from Alabama and Georgia, a major walkout of legislators from the southern bloc threatens to derail the merging of the United States and Canada. As the rest of the Senate argues over new tax structures and fund allocation, the delegates from ten southern states meet to discuss secession.


  • The southern states decry UCAS president MacAlister for his preferential treatment of the northern sprawl states and threaten to withdraw from the Union. MacAlister, in his famous “eat my shorts” speech, claims that if the southern state secede, there will be hell to pay. A few days after MacAlister's speech, Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Lousiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and the southern portion of Virginia secede from the UCAS to form the Confederated American States (CAS). The CAS is instantly recognized by Aztlan. Sentiments run high, and fears of a second civil war are rampant. Nevertheless, the transition is relatively orderly. President MacAlister signs the Treaty of Richmond with the rebel states establishing peaceful boundaries and a working political and economic relationship between the two countries. The Northern part of Virginia remains as a state in the UCAS. The CAS is also written into the governing council of the city of Denver. Military units, divided in loyalties, split up and move to their preferred countries with few incidents of violence. The former governor of Alabama is voted pro tem president of the CAS until regular elections can be held.
  • Aztlan becomes the first nation to recognize the CAS.
  • With the establishment of Tir na nOg, displaced Irish humans flee Ireland. Many settle in New Orleans’ Irish Channel district, causing a shift away from its predominance in African-American population to a strongly Irish one. Violence against elves soars in the area.


  • The CAS votes to make Atlanta the permanent capital.
  • Aztlan begins a military takeover of southern Texas. Despite the efforts of the Lone Star Militia and the Texas Rangers, Austin is lost before the invaders can be stopped. The Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex becomes the new Texas capital.
  • The Texas State Legislature petitions for a military venture to reclaim the southwest of Texas.
  • The CAS government, fearing that the NAN will come to the defense of Aztlan, refuses Texas' petition.
  • Texas angrily declares its independence from the CAS, again becoming a Republic. They immediately launch an invasion against Aztlan.
  • Four months after their failed invasion of Aztlan, Texas applies for re-admittance to the CAS.
  • The Aztlan Freedom League (a non-profit organization dedicated to sending medical supplies and food to the impoverished areas of Aztlan) begins an underground railroad to allow a steady stream of refugees into Texas.
  • The Insurance War. Cord Mutual Insurance and North American Eagle Life Insurance wage a semi-covert war over the insurance contract for all employees of the CAS government. On June 8, six Geas jets explode simultaneously in flight from their Atlanta departure point. Geas Airline is insured by North American Eagle Life Insurance, which pays out huge sums both for the jets and the relatives of slain passengers. No connection is made with Cord Mutual. A sweep of assassinations of vidstars and entertainment personalities across the continent, especially in Atlanta, follows.
  • Eventually North American Eagle's corporate investigators make a connection between one of the assassinations and Cord Mutual. North American Eagle begins funding a terrorist organization known as the Medusa Sisterhood to retaliate against Cord Mutual.
  • The Medusa Sisterhood makes a series of vandalous attacks on Cord Mutual-Insured corporations and individuals. Cord Mutual responds with attacks against the Medusa Sisterhood as well as North American Eagle. What began as a clandestine corporate power struggle becomes a bloody war, claiming the lives of hundreds of insured.
  • The media breaks the story on the Insurance War, acting on rumors of the two corporations' involvement in the rash of violence in the sprawl. The CAS government and the City of Atlanta government comes down hard on both corporations, ending the war.
  • Cord Mutual is able to provide evidence of North American Eagle's funding of the Medusa Sisterhood, while no official connection is made between Cord Mutual and the independent operatives they used as soldiers in the Insurance War. North American Eagle is assessed fines and several top officials are arrested. Cord Mutual wins the CAS insurance contract despite a storm of controversy.
  • Cord Mutual goes through a power struggle and several changes in upper management. There is also a supposedly unrelated accident in the company's skyraker, which leads to the closing of the buiding's top 25 floors. Cord Mutual officials say only that it is declared structurally unsound.
  • The CAS, along with the Caribbean League, UCAS and Aztlan refuse to recognize the newly formed Tir Tairngire.


  • The CAS government legislates a new tax structure that meets with wide-spread disapproval.
  • CAS elections are scheduled for the fall and campaigning focuses heavily on taxation.
  • Large portions of New Mexico and Oklahoma join the CAS, though the government excludes them from the upcoming elections until a distinct border can be determined.
  • After witnessing the combat efficiency of Tir Tairngire in its swift taking of parts of North America, the CAS recognizes its sovereignty.
  • CAS elections are sporadic and ill-run. Most pro tem officials are elected by default.
  • The CAS adopts the SIN system from the UCAS, though the measure barely passes in the elections.


  • DocWagon is founded in Atlanta. It promises to provide better emergency on-site medical care by responding to calls much faster than any other private paramedical service.


  • In New Orleans, Louisiana, a majority of the city's African-American population demand that a portion of the city be set aside for them to set up their own community. Despite protests from both corporate and civic leaders, the city gives in to the group's demands. The area set aside for the black group becomes known as the Zulu Nation.


  • Senate hearings begin in the CAS to investigate charges of racial prejudice against metahumans. The committee's shocking report verifies that conditions amount to slavery in most states. The Native American Nations impose heavy trade sanctions on CAS to speed up metahuman equality laws.
  • In New Orleans, Louisiana, a group of four fire elementals that have been ravaging that city's barrens are banished.

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