2040 - 2049

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  • Campaigning for CAS presidential elections heats up, with the Metahuman Protection Act as the most publicized issue. Coalitions of orks, trolls, and elves lobby for equality. The elections run more smoothly this time and the competition for all offices is fierce.
  • In the CAS South Carolina Senator Joseph Alexander is elected President, with Florida's governor Jeanette Malory as Vice President.
  • Several Metahumans are named to key CAS cabinet posts, which persuades the NAN to lift some of its sanctions.
  • In New Orleans, Louisiana, that city's trolls and orks demand their own community similar to the Zulu Nation. The city responds (although slowly). The area set aside for the trolls and orks becomes known as Orktown.


  • In the CAS, the Atlanta based Lanrie Corporation infects a Miami-based competitor's computer system with a tailored computer virus. The other major corporations discover this action and, under the terms of the Concord of Zurich-Orbital and with the sanction of the Corporate Court, destroy the Lanrie corporation. Lanrie's infrastructure is shattered, its facilities and assets are destroyed, and its board of directors are executed. This is the last known incident of viral warfare.
  • DocWagon has become the city of Atlanta’s official on-site healthcare provider. DocWagon further consolidates its hold on the health care market by purchasing a small for-profit hospital about to go out of business. Using its excellent management skills, DocWagon turns the hospital around, and the first of several DocWagon Acute Care Clinics in the Atlanta area becomes one of the corporation’s largest profit centers.


  • The construction of Freepark in Atlanta, Georgia in the CAS is completed and the turbulent government transition comes to an end.


  • On February 23, three humans and an elf attack and nearly destroy a Downtown Metro Security precinct in New Orleans, Louisiana. Two humans and the elf are killed, but the remaining human is captured and revealed to be a vampire. Before her execution the vampire reveals that a small group of her kind, led by an ancient vampire/mage named Bartholomew, is plotting to conquer New Orleans. "This is our age, not the age of man," she is quoted as saying. "We will rain hell on this city until the blood runs in the streets and we turn it into our hunting ground."
  • Within days of the precinct attack, ghouls, hellhounds, and elementals, all lead by one or more of the vampires, direct more deadly attacks on New Orleans corporate and city property.
  • In response to the vampire attacks and the inability of Metro Security to do any thing about them, the city government of New Orleans organizes a specially trained and equipped group of Metro Security Officers to battle the vampires and their troops. Combined with mages to fight the elementals and other awakened creatures, the elite force is named the "Night Stalkers." They are sent out in two to four-man patrols to deal with the vampire threat.
  • Within six months of their founding, the Night Stalkers have scored twenty vampire kills. Every suspected member of the New Orleans vampire group except Bartholemew is dead. The closest they come to capturing Bartholemew is finding a massive library of grimoires and tomes belonging to him. Magical experts who examine the books call them black magic, dealing with beings of alien dimensions and how to summon them. The books are put under lock, key, and spell at Tulane University.
  • The CAS is accepted into the United Nations.
  • CAS President Alexander is reelected. Mississippi Senator Timothy Newstrom is the new Vice President.
  • Texas leads a CAS embargo on all Aztlan goods after the Aztlan annexation of Mexico.
  • On November 6, the mayor of New Orleans declares the vampire war finished, even though Bartholemew is never found.


  • CAS President Alexander dies in office. Though some believe he is assassinated, no conclusive proof emerges.
  • CAS Vice President Newstrom assumes the presidency, becoming little more than a puppet for cabinet members.
  • Secretary of State Gabriel McCoy fills the CAS Vice Presidency by popular vote despite fierce mudslinging. Vice President McCoy becomes the only force keeping the CAS cabinet in check.


  • In New Orleans, CAS, a series of brutal murders and disappearances begin in Nitemare Alley. These events remain unsolved.
  • In New Orleans, Dougan Rose joins the New Orleans Buzzsaws combat biker team and quickly becomes a huge fan-favorite.
  • In New Orleans, Miriam Kozlowski takes over as head of the New Orleans Mafia.


  • Edna Wallace, former governor of Louisiana, is elected president of the CAS. Jeanette Malory returns to the Vice Presidency.
  • Former president Newstrom retreats to self-imposed exile to the Louisiana swamps.
  • Anonymous death threats against Newstrom force Louisiana Governor Ivory McCabe to declare martial law in the southern portion of the state.
  • CAS Secretary of State Douglas Bennett is discovered dead with his elven mistress. Innuendos of policlub involvement fill the press.
  • CAS President Wallace approves a gag order on police and federal investigators assigned to the Bennett murder. The press accuses Wallace of initiating a government cover-up. National Guard units are called to escort the suspect from the courthouse following the arraignment.
  • Drew Anderson is elected as Mayor of Atlanta, Georgia in the CAS.


  • In Louisiana, CAS, a major oil spill breaks out on the Louisiana Coast.
  • In New Orleans, Louisiana, CAS, Kyle Dremen, a notorious bokor, is found innocent of practicing ju-ju (a form of magic illegal in Louisiana due to its use of (meta)human blood sacrifice). The ruling is given despite the five zombies raised by Dremen produced as witnesses.

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