2050 - 2059

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  • Mayor Michelle Herbert of New Orleans, Louisiana is elected to her second term.
  • In Atlanta, thousands of orks, trolls, elves, and dwarves converge on the capital, calling for increased awareness of the metahumans's plight. Members of the militant Metahuman Organized Rebellion (MOR) accuse the CAS of encouraging genocide by their inaction.
  • Hurrican Lou strikes the eastern coast of the CAS.


  • Rumors spread of a CAS air attack on the Aztlan border in which a jet was shot down in Aztlan territory. Neither side will admit to the incident.
  • In Louisiana, CAS, Governor Ivory McCabe of Louisiana disappears mysteriously. Governor McCabe is replaced by Edwin W. Edwards III.
  • In New Orleans, terrorist Julio “Chico” Hernandez blows up a steamship on the Mississippi River filled with officials from Aztechnology.
  • In the CAS Magical Studies Journal, Dr. Jean-Paul Dumaillier writes his article “Voudoun in the Modern Age.” This article brings forth the academic study of voodoun.


  • President Wallace of the CAS is re-elected.
  • In the CAS, a major price-fixing scandal is uncovered by regulatory agents. A large consortium of pharmaceutical firms is discovered to be artificially jacking up the prices of immunosuppressants used in implant surgery. The agency charges all of the corporations involved, then without explanation, withdraws the charges.


  • Robert Coventry, husband of CAS Environmental Director Catherine Coventry, disappears after last being seen at his residence.
  • Talks between the CAS and Aztlan concerning acid rain caused by Aztlan factories break down after four seemingly productive days when Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Juan Cuatal suddenly announces that Aztlan was no longer interested in talks and the CAS could ". . . rot in their own bile." The announcement comes mere hours after it was disclosed that the husband of CAS Environmental Director, Catherine Coventry, is missing. As a result, both nations go on peak military alert.
  • The CAS Destroyer Garfish disappears on a routine mission. Communication with the ship was lost seven days previous but trouble was not suspected due to the communication interference caused by a storm front that hovered over the coastal area for the previous week.


  • The CAS destroyer Garfish is found at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. No bodies are found onboard.
  • In New Orleans, two local shadowrunners, Ennio Franzetti and Jackie Forester are found dead floating in Lake Pontchartrain.


  • The CAS Senate pledges to support all political groups in the UCAS and Caribbean League that have coincidental interests in the CAS.
  • In the CAS, 12 buildings in various states are firebombed by unknown parties.
  • The dragon Falthur returns to NOLA, and claims the large Audobon park as its lair. It purchases the park from the city, and pledges that it will remain open and wild, and open to the public on weekends. It then promptly disappears and isn’t heard from again in years.


  • In Los Angeles CFS, during a combat biker match between the Los Angeles Sabers and the New Orleans Buzzsaws, famed Sabers member Tamara Ny is killed when veteran Buzzsaws linebacker Dougan Rose illegally uses cyberspurs against Ny and accidentally cuts her throat. Ny’s close friend Jonathan Winger, a known rival of Rose, attacks and seriously injures him. Rose is charged with illegal use of cyberspurs and grounded for part of the game, but suffers no further penalties. His injuries at Winger’s hands are not severe enough to ground him for their next game.
  • In Los Angeles CFS, soon after her death, the home of Tamara Ny is bombed by unknown parties. Two people are killed in the explosion.
  • In Los Angeles, CFS, during a combat biker game between the Los Angeles Sabers and the New Orleans Buzzsaws, Jonathan Winger, in a fit of vengeance for the death of his friend Tamara Ny during a previous game, straps a bomb to his cycle and drives it straight into the bike of his rival Dougan Rose. The bomb explodes and kills Winger almost immediately. Rose miraculously survives the explosion.

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