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The megacorps almost never bother to maintain branches in New Orleans – it’s simply too expensive to do, and offers little reward. The cost of living is generally higher in New Orleans due to its unwillingness to permit corporate arcologies. The following are the sole representatives of the megacorps in New Orleans.


Mitsuhama Media

Part of Mistuhama’s games and simsense production subsidiary, the local branch works to find additional talent that can be used to boost Mitsuhama’s sales in such markets. They are always in strict competition with Mitsuhama Music.

Mitsuhama Music

One of New Orleans’ many music companies, Mistuhama has the clout of a major corporation when it comes to finding musicians and producing/distributing albums and the like. They maintain a strong rivalry with Mistuhama Media.

Mitsuhama Research & Development

One of the many research and development teams maintained by Mitsuhama, MCT Research Unit 165 is interested in the strange magical developments that take place in New Orleans, from the astral shallowing to the weird mana surges to the constant Background Count. They do nothing but research, and have no patience for the rivalry between the other two local Mitsuhama subsidiaries. The mages of MCT Research Unit are all part of Unit 3, one of MCT’s many magical initiatiory groups.


Though the other megacorps have major subsidiary presence in NOLA, only Shiawase bothers to maintain an actual fully corporate presence here. The massive Shiawase Tower, the company headquarters in Uptown, stands above nearly everything else around it, throwing the Shiawase corporation’s logo about for all to see.

Generally speaking, the Shiawase Tower acts as the administrative and public branch to Shiawase’s main facility: the Couba Island Enclave, an arcology surrounded on two sides by bayous (the Couba and Bardeaux Bayous, respectively), by the Cataouatche Lake to its north and Lake Salvador to its south.

Both the Shiawase Tower and the Couba Island Enclave serve the multiple Shiawase subsidiaries that operate out of them

Shiawase Envirotech

Focused on environmental engineering, production of biological agents, mystic research and the breeding of paracritters, Shiawase is one of the “bayou corps” – the companies that set up research facilities deep in the bayous of Louisiana, hoping to strike gold in the morass of strange new life that seems to continually develop in such locales. However, their environmental sanitation program is also under contract by the city of New Orleans to provide sanitation to the city.

Shiawase Biotech

Dealing in biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment and genetic manipulation, Shiawase Biotech works closely with the Envirotech branch, jointly funding research expeditions in hopes of turning up something useful.

Shiawase Petrochem

The Couba Island Enclave originally started as a simple petrochemical facility pulling oil from the Couba Island Oil Field. Shiawase Petrochem maintains oil and natural gas fields all up and down the Gulf.

Shiawase Health

Shiawase’s medical branch does not actually have a presence at the Couba Island Enclave. Instead, they are based primarily out of the Tower, from which two hospitals and multiple medical centers are managed.

Other Mega-Corps

Ares Global Entertainment

One of the many corporate facilities for Ares Global Entertainment, it serves as the local administrative hub for talent scouts looking for new additions to the North American Broadcasting System.

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