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Far more common in New Orleans are the AA-rated corporations – multinational corporations with tremendous money and power that do not sit on the Corporate Council. Most such companies in the city are actually subsidiaries of one of the megacorps, but they operate as individual entities and report to superiors outside of NOLA proper.



gene therapy and manipulation

Natural Vat Technologies

vat-grown foods


Crashcart Medical Services Corporation

as DocWagon


metahuman specialty goods (subsid of Evo)


HermeTech Associates

magical security firm, offering wards, spirits, paracritter guard animals, biotech security vs. astral intruders and training seminars on dealing with magical threats, wage mage contracts (subsid of Mitsuhama)


FTL Matrixware

software company (subsid of NeoNET), maintains the Big Easy and local government software

Pioneer Cybernetics

cyberware and other hardware corporation (subsid of NeoNET), provide hardware services to the Big Easy and local government nodes


Hajima Securities

computer security (subsid of Renraku), provides security for the Big Easy and government nodes


Simsense hardware and software (Renraku subsid)

Adams-Westlake Mediaworks (Renraku)

A subsidiary of Renraku, Adams-Westlake Mediaworks is something of an entertainment juggernaut of its own accord. It receives very little in the way of direction or control from Renraku - as long as its proceeds keep pouring into the corporate coffers, Renraku is content to leave well-enough alone. Adams-Westlake itself maintains three primary divisions, each of them originally separate corporations absorbed by the Adams-Westlake board in cunning takeovers.

Realizm Simulations

National Trideo Network

Paradigm Pictures


Angelic Entertainment

X (Saeder-Krupp subsid)

Elemental Services

magical security, primarily wards and spirits (S-K subsid)

Krupp Specialist Engineering

heavy industry engineering (Saeder-Krupp subsid), provides Public Works services to NOLA


Jam-Bo Games

VR and AR games (Wuxing subsid)

Tiger Trideo & Simsense

media company (Wuxing subsid)

Independent AA Corporations

Amalgamated Studios


Atlantean Foundation

has a small number of the Mystic Crusaders

Brilliant Genesis


Crucifix Biomedical

Once a major subsidiary of Cross Applied Technologies, Crucifix Biomedical focuses in biotech research, bioware production and pharmaceutical manufacturing. Cross maintains the Selterman Research Facility, a large research complex and manufacturing facility for its bioware and pharmaceutical production.


petrochemical/natural gas company




biotech, outside NOLA

United Oil

petrochemical/natural gas company

Universal Omnitech

biotech; lab just outside of NOLA

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