ATO Rushes 2013

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Danny Marin
Programming Major (Freshman); Wrestling • Vouched by Carter Smythe
Danny has some previous connections to the ATO, originally through Kabel and the baseball team, but then through Henry and wrestling. No one was surprised when he elected to rush the fraternity in Winter Term.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House, University of Astoria (Kayman Dormitory Hall; Student Center, Innis Hall, Athletics Center)
Elmo Lindsey
Engineering Major (Sophomore) • Vouched by Tyler Doress and Eric Classen
Very laid back, Elmo (who can do a spot-on impression of the voice of Elmo from Sesame Street) wasn't approached by any of the brothers. He's attended a couple of the ATO's parties, and knows a couple of the brothers socially.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House, xxx
Ike McClain
Biology Major (Sophomore; Pre-Med); Baseball • Vouched by Deacon Alders
A member of the baseball team, Ike is exactly the serious scholar and athlete who earns Deacon's approval (and whose influence he'd like to see increase in the ATO). He also enjoys parties, and is pretty socially adept with the ladies, as he's demonstrated at more than one ATO event in the last year. Though he's vouched by Deacon, he knows and is liked by plenty of the other ATO brothers.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House, xxx
Louis Porter
Conservation Major (Sophomore) • Unvouched
Louis has expressed an interest in joining them through the Greek Societies office. He is a new student to UofA this term, coming in from Idaho.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House, xxx
Mose Mueller
Computer Science Major (Freshman) • Vouched by Roger Vinings
Probably the least likely of the prospects, according to most of the brothers. Still, Mose is an enthusiastic (if somewhat awkward) rush candidate who's proven to be generous with the booze and pirated media and textbooks.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House, xxx
Orson Kirkland
Athletics Major (Sophomore); Wrestling • Vouched by Scott Torres and Nick Marchant
One of the mainstays of the wrestling team, Orson seems really nervous around the fraternity members. He's a wrestler and so already knows the fraternity's wrestlers, and has been a quiet presence at several ATO parties since the Fall Formal, when he first approached Henry about maybe joining. He has two friends who are also rushing: Oscar Tae and Rory Black.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House, xxx
Oscar Tae
Physics and Mathematics Double Major (Freshman) • Unvouched
Invited to a couple of events by Orson and Rory, Oscar has expressed an interest in rushing the fraternity along with his buddies.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House, xxx
Rory Black
Psychology Major (Freshman); Swimming, Basketball • Vouched by Kaleb Jackson and Emmet Lahey
Rory is a personable and inquisitive sort, and something of a natural leader. He knows a couple of the ATO brothers from the swim team, and accepted their invitations to parties a couple of times, bringing two of his buddies (Orson Kirkland and Oscar Tae) with him.

Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House, xxx
Viktor Harmon
Deceased, Undecided Major (Freshman); Cross Country, Boxing • Unvouched
Sort of a goofball and very fun at the end-of-term parties where he first me the ATO, Viktor is technically unvouched, as no one knew him outside of the fraternity before he rushed, but he's well-liked.
Killed by Fire People at the Fight Club at the Warehouse
Common Locations: ATO Fraternity House, Morgue