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[edit] First Floor (Ground)

First Floor
  • Courtyard: This courtyard is a small, cobble-stoned affair, with small blooming shrubberies planted alongside the actual walls of the house.
  • Foyer: A hardwood floored room with ceilings that extend well past the first floor, the foyer is reached after entry through a set of large double doors. A sizeable window stretches up into the open space above the foyer floor, flooding the room with light from outside. There is a wide-backed chair flanked by small side tables on either side of the door that leads under the stairs, intended for more esteemed guests who are forced to wait, and wooden benches beside the main door for servants and messengers.
  • Travel Room: Because of the amount of travel that Aapo normally does, Winds set this large antechamber up as a travel room. When he is about to leave on a journey, it has all of his bags and other travel necessities, nicely packed and organized; when he returns, it's the room where baggage and dirty or torn clothing is dumped to be mended and washed. The room itself bears mainly shelves and a few tables, which house the sorts of things that Aapo uses extensively while traveling.
  • Stables: This attached stables is fair-sized, capable of holding four or so mounts quite easily. When there is a horse in residence, Winds hires a young stablehand to come around and muck out the stables and see to the feeding and watering of the horses.
  • Pantry: With shelves along every section of wall that doesn't have a door or doorway, and cabinets built into the side of the staircase that leads up to the kitchen, the pantry is where the storage of most of the household food is. There is also a sunken cool area beneath the pantry, accessible through a panel with a handle on it. This panel is lifted, and the various meats and other things that require cool storage are lifted out of it by the ropes the various boxes and bags are hung from.
  • Armory: Aapo's armory has a variety of simple training weapons, as well as certain souvenirs from his travels.
  • Shop: This shop, which faces Paper Lane, is where River carries on her scribing business. It is outfitted with a pair of glass cases showing off examples of her work, and a desk where she does her work. Beneath the desk is a recessed locking panel where the books others have left in her care are stored away when she isn't in the room, preventing theft.
  • Wash Room: This wash room has several tubs and a water pump. There is also a spigot that connects to the water boiler on the roof, allowing access to hot water.

[edit] Second Floor

Second Floor
  • Great Room: X
  • Study/Library: X
  • Slave Quarters: X
  • Dining: X
  • Kitchens: X
  • Guest Quarters: X
    • Bath: X
    • Servant Quarters: X

[edit] Third Floor

Third Floor
  • Master's Bedchamber: X
  • Master's Bath: X
  • Master's Dining: X
  • Major Domo's Quarters: X
    • Bath: X
    • Safe: X
  • Guest Quarters: X
    • Bath: X
    • Servant Quarters: X

[edit] Rooftop

  • Rooftop Lounge: X
  • Filter Controls: X
  • Greenhouse, Decorative: X
  • Greenhouse, Edible: X
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