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Character Record

Lawful Neutral Male Shield Dwarf Thug Warrior (LVL 2). DoB: 24th day of Uktar in the year 1353.

  • Ability Scores: Strength 16 (+3), Dexterity 14 (+2), Constitution 18 (+4), Intelligence 11 (+0), Wisdom 14 (+2), Charisma 12 (+1)


  • Saving Throws: Strength and Constitution
  • Skills: Athletics, Acrobatics, Intimidation, Deception
  • Tools: Mounts (land), Gaming set
  • Armor: All armor, shields
  • Weapon: Simple weapons, martial weapons

Traits & Languages

  • Traits: Darkvision; Dwarven Resilience; Dwarven Weapon Training; Stonecunning; Fighting Style: Defense; Bad Reputation
  • Languages: Common, Dwarven, Undercommon


  • Ideals: Becoming a Wizard
  • Flaws: Ahmaergo (Fear), Betrayal (Rage)
  • Bonds: x


Age 32 in 1353; Born 24 Uktar, 1321 DR (Year of Chains) Born under the Sign of the Butterfly, with Selûne (first quarter) under the sign of the Trident

Those born under the sign of the Butterfly are restless, sociable and good natured. Cheerful, expansive and magnetic, they win friends easily and dislike offending others. Although often indecisive, they are not weak willed and tackle difficult tasks with infectious optimism.

Those born with Selûne under the sign of the Trident are quick witted, spontaneous and gregarious. They have a lively curiosity and are intelligent, persuasive speakers, enthusiastic, inquisitve and communicative. They love discussing new ideas and projects.


  • Armor Class: 18 (Armor: 14 + Dex Mod: 2 + Mountain Dwarf: 1 + Fighting Style: Defense: 1)
    • Armor Worn: Scale Mail, AC: 18, Weight: 45lbs
  • Hit Points: 24, Hit Dice: 2d10
  • Initiative: 2, Speed: 25ft


  • Glaive: Bonus: +4, Damage & Effects: 1d10+4 +1d4; Double Weapon, Two-Handed, Reach, Enemies provoke opportunity attacks when entering hit range, Weight: 9lbs



  • Carried: 29gp, 0sp, 0cp, 0 gems
  • Stored: 0gp, 0sp, 0cp, 0 gems


  • Carried: Adventurer's Kit (Backpack, Healer's Kit, Mess Kit, Tinderbox, Torch x10, Rations x10, Waterskin, 50ft Hempen Rope); Acid Vial x3, Caltrops x10, Ball Bearings x10, Block and Tackle, Gaming Set, Hunting Trap x10, 150ft Hempen Rope, Tent
  • Stored: None.


Modest (25gp/month)

  • Ahkhalan has taken rooms at the Yawning Portal, on the second floor. The door to his room is next to the third-floor staircase.
  • A modest lifestyle keeps you out of the slums and ensures that you can maintain your equipment. You might live in an older part of town, renting a room in a boarding house, inn, or temple. You don’t go hungry or thirsty, and your living conditions are clean, if simple. Life at this level is simple and possibly dull. Ordinary people living modest lifestyles include soldiers with families, laborers, students, priests, hedge wizards, and the like.

Other Important Individuals

  • XXX: x

Projects, Goals and/or Downtime

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Experience Points

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