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The following are the Arcana of Aion. They are most often learned as a single Array, although a sorcerer may also simply learn them as individual spells as well.

Common Spells

Abandonment of Aion

With an utterance of Aionian power, you curse a target to be abandoned by Aion's forward march, and time stutters and even stops around them, slowing or freezing them in place.

  • Affliction4 points per rank • Standard Action, Perception Range, Instant • Resisted and Overcome by Will; Dazed > Stunned > Incapacitated • Cumulative, Increased Range 2 (Perception)

Absence of Aion

Invoking Aion, you stop the flow of time around yourself and quickly move your bodily location, allowing it start back up once you have done so. To viewers, you simply teleport from one spot to another.

  • Teleport2 points per rank • Move Action, Rank Range, Instant • Accurate • Limited (Places reachable) • Rank = amount of time in which time is frozen, which can be used for moving, searching, etc.

Absolution of Aion

By Aion's power, you rewind the body of a person or object you can see, removing damage done to them by resetting them to a previous state of existence.

  • Healing5 points per rank • Standard Action, Perception Range, Instant • Affects Objects, Improved Range 2 (Perception)

Analysis of Aion

You cast your mind and senses wide, merging them with the flow of Aion. If you cast your sight into the presence, you can predict direct attacks coming at you, and improve your ability to avoid them. If you cast your sight to the past, you gain postcognition; if you cast it into the future, you gain precognition.

  • Enhanced Trait (Dodge + Parry) + Senses (Danger Sense 1, Postcognition 4, Precognition 4) • 2 p/r + 9 flat • No Action, Personal, Sustained • Sustained

Arrow of Aion

This invocation of Aion's power stops time, giving you the chance to set up an attack against a target, placing it where it will drop on them, or hurling a projectile to strike them. When time restarts, the attack seems to appear out of nowhere for the target.

  • Damage3 p/r + 5 flat • Standard Action, Perception Range, Instant, MultiAttack (on Check Required roll only) • Check Required (Ranged Attack), Increase Range 2 (Perception), Indirect 4, Variable Descriptor 1