All your Base...: Bases and Homesteads

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Bases of Operation (and Homesteads) represent locations that the Players utilize to launch their adventures from. Now in much of Star Wars, this is most often the Ship that the group has available to them, but this is not a requirement.

The following rules and guidance govern the use of these resources.

Bases (to include Homesteads and Businesses) are places where the players can go to rest and recuperate, store equipment, interact with NPC's and so on.
To establish such a locale, costs 50,000cr and assuming 5 Obligation. This grants your character a "Basic" location, that provides the basic amenities such as a power generator, living quarters and so on. It covers an area upto 10 square kilometers, as appropriate. Your Base attracts 1 recurring NPC per PC in the group. Finally, once purchased you must select an area of focus for the location. This focus grants all Players associated with this location an additional Career Skill determined by the locations focus; such as Resilience for a Farm, Athletics for a Mine, Pilot (Space) for a Station... ect.

Upgrades and Modifications The following are available on pg 83 of Far Horizons
Increase Core Focus
Improved Security
NPC Ally
Landing Bay
Special Business Orders
Wholesale Pricing
Specialized Licensing