Angelo Deltario

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Lord Angelo Deltario

Lord Angelo Deltario of House Deltario





Values reflect another character as a template

Agility: 4
Animal Handling: 2
Athletics: 3 (Strength: 2B)
Awareness: 3 (Empathy:1B)
Cunning: 3 (Logic: 1B)
Deception: 3

  • Reroll any 6's scored.

Endurance: 3

  • +1B Healing in Deltario Holdings

Fighting: 4 (Spear: 1B)
Healing: 2

  • Common: 3

Knowledge: 2
Marksmanship: 4 (Bow: 2B)
Persuasion: 5 (Convince 1B)(Intimidate: 1B)(Charm: 1B)

  • May reroll up to three 1's in each Test.
  • Against Status 4+, gain +1B.

Status: 6 (Breeding: 1B)

  • Gain +2 to all rolls.
  • As a free action he may test Status(Breeding) against the targets Intrigue Defense. Success grants a free 1B die, and an additional die for every two degrees there after.
  • +3 to HF Rolls for Wealth, +3 when generation Coin by Wealthy. Rerolls 1's during these tests

Stealth: 2
Survival: 1
Thievery: 2
Warfare: 2
Will: 3 (Courage: 1B)


Intrigue Defense: 13 {3(Awareness) +3(Cunning) +6(Status) +1(Lifestyle)}

  • 15 against Dornish Characters with a Status of 2-6.

Composure: 9


  • Gain +7 Base Influence in First Test against Daesmos the Corsair in next Intrigue


Lord Angelo Deltario's Spear
Lord Deltario's Bow

Combat Defense: 9 {4(Agility) +3(Athletics) +3(Awareness)} In Armor: 9 {(9-2(Scale Armor) +2(Shield)}

Health: 9

Armor: Scale: AR: 6, AP: -2, Bulk: 2


  • Castle Forged Short Spear (reskined Frog Spear) -- Pool:4D+1, Damage:5(6 if two-handed) Adaptable
  • Thrown Castle Short Spear (reskined Frog Spear) -- Pool:4D+1, Damage: 5 Close Range
  • Exceptional Double Curved Bow -- Pool: 4D+1(1B), Damage: 7, Two-Handed, Long Range, Powerful)
  • Shield -- Pool: 4B, Damage: 1, Defensive +2

Destiny Benefits and Flaws

  • Destiny Points: 3


Head of House: As the Lord of House Deltario, Angelo gains a +2 on all Status Rolls.

Favored by Nobles: Lord Angelo is held in high esteem by his fellow Lords. He gains a +1D to all Persuasion Tests against Characters with a Status of 4 or greater.

Wealthy: Often called the Lannisters of Dorne, the Deltarios are immensly wealthy. Due to this Lord Angelo may refill his personal coinage once per month. He gains 10 Gold Dragons for each degree scored on a Status (3) Test.

Attractive: The young Lord almost as famous for his stunning good looks as he is for his wealth. He may reroll up to three 1's on any Persuasion Test.

Sponsored: House Martell has shown an intriguing interest in House Deltario. This favor is widely known throughout Dorne and gives Lord Angelo +2 Intrigue Defense against Dornish Characters whose status is between 2-6. (Smallfolk are simply unaware of the Politics of Sunspear).

Head for Numbers: Lord Angelo has gained a knack for figures under the tutelage of Lucia Bramati and Maester Terrance. He adds his Cunning to his Status anytime he attempts to generation Wealth or Coin. Further he may reroll 1's during these Tests.

Drawbacks and Flaws:

Glamor Blind: (reskined Naive) While the young Lord is a skilled negotiator and shrewd businessman, his keen eyes are blind to the deceptions of women. Angelo loses his Cunning to his Intrigue Defense when a Woman uses Deception against him.

Fascination with Floozies: (reskined Fear) Oddly, Lord Angelo is quite taken with Whores. When in the presence of such women, he suffers a -1D to all tests. Each round on his turn he may roll a Die. On a roll of a 6, he can overcome this fixation and the penalty is removed.

Blackmailed (SECRET): (reskined Sickly) Someone has dirt on Lord Angelo and is using it against the young lord for their own profit. Angelo is at -1D to any Status test involving generating Wealth (Both House Actions or through the Wealthy Benefit).

Terrible Lair: (reskined Honor-bound) Lord Angelo has a difficult time selling a deception. Whenever he rolls a Deception test, he must reroll any 6's scored and accept the second result.


Lord Angelo Deltario's Armor and Steed
Lord Deltario's Wordless Guard
  • Coin:

872 GD / 162 SS

  • Notable Items:

3 Large Chests with moderate locks

Pavilion Tent

Myrish Lens 5 Skins of Water

Lantern and 2 Pints of Oil

Flint and Steel

Quiver with 20 arrows

Sherman, the Sand Steed

  • Garb:

Noble Garb (rated at 500ss)


Earned: 160xp + 2 Destiny
  • Session 1: Sailed toward Kings Landing, attacked by Pirates. Earned: 10xp + 20GD.
  • Session 2: Attended the Funeral of King Aegon ... Made it with some whores! Earned: 8xp.
  • Session 3: Offended Vysaeria's family, and sent the Bull to the wall. Earned 6xp.
  • Session 4: Tourney. Mortimer win the grand melee. Earned 6xp
  • Story One: Earned 5xp + 1dp
  • Book 2 Chapter 1: 10xp + 5 gl
  • Book 2 Chapter 2: 7xp
  • Book 2 Chapter 3: 2xp
  • Book 2 Chapter 4: 16xp
  • Book 2 Chapter 5: 16xp
  • Story Two: Earned 4xp + 1dp

Spent: 140xp; Unspent: 20xp

  • Status 5 (70xp)
  • Convince, Empathy, Logic, Charm +1B (40xp)
  • Status 6 (30xp)