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Alameda WestLex
District Traits
Interactive: Access {{{Access}}}, Information {{{Information}}}, Prestige {{{Prestige}}}
Reactive: Safety {{{Safety}}}, Awareness {{{Awareness}}}, Stability {{{Stability}}}
Notable Locations
Businesses: Gunner's Gym
Schools: x
Eateries: x
Nightlife: The Dive
Residences: The Rain MaidYoungs River Lofts
Abandoned: Coast Guard Learning CenterOld Ojala Cannery Warehouse
  • Western portion of Astoria, consisting mostly of hillside homes and the shipping and recreational boating facilities at the Port of Astoria.


  • Made up mostly of medium-sized (three to four bedroom) to small (studio to two bedroom) single-family homes and small apartment buildings.
  • Most residences are older, well-established, built during 1940 - 1969.


  • Moderate income neighborhood (middle-class mostly), with a higher income than 40% of the neighborhoods in America.
  • 13% of the children here live at below the poverty level.
  • High percentage of military workers, employed in Warrenton.
  • 36% of population are employed in sales and service jobs.
  • 30% of population are employed in executive, management and professional occupations.
  • 22% of population are employed in manufacturing and laborer occupations.
  • 11% of population are employed in clerical, assistant and tech support occupations.


  • 11% Mexican
  • 8% Finnish
  • 7% German
  • 6% Italian
  • 5% English
  • 10% were born in another country


  • 85% of households speak English
  • 15% of households speak Spanish, Chinese or other languages.