Astoria Basin (CSF)

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Clatsop State Forest

The Astoria Basin forest is part of the network of wildlands that are part of the Clatsop State Forest.

Notable Locations

  • Bonfire Clearing: A clearing Warner found and set up with a large fire pit in the university-owned woodlands east of campus.
  • Old Ranger Station: In the forest behind the college there is a small ranger station. It has two small rooms and a closet stocked with emergency preparedness gear.
  • The Old Wolf Glade: An old elm tree, in whose roots past generations of wolves have made their dens. A known locus.
  • The Astoria Reservoir 2: A water reservoir. A known locus.
  • The House of Running Water: Formerly the Randall House, and "den" for the Astoria Pack. Blown up in conflict with the Monk family of hunters.