Astoria Dockside

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The industrial and shipping center for Astoria, the docks are fairly lively. Composed primarily of canneries, shipyards and warehouses, no one lives in the Docks area of town. There are a few bars and hotels in the area (including the Red Lion Inn with its view of the marina and the impressive Cannery Pier Hotel), as well as a few restaurants. The docks see as much tourist business as it does shipping business these days, and once or twice a year, cruise ships dock here for a day.

Area Stats

  • Physical: Access +2, Safety -1. The docks feature plenty of roads, and ways in and out of the area, though everyone acknowledges that they can be dangerous, especially after dark.
  • Mental: Information +0, Awareness -3. No one is interested in anyone else's business here, and everyone keeps to themselves.
  • Social: Prestige -3, Stability -2. No one actually comes from the docks, and those who do are the few homeless Astoria has attracted. In the docks, it's basically every man for himself.
  • Sanctum Qualities: Maximum Security 3. Though there are plenty of large buildings in the docks, the security of the area is fairly light. No one protects the area too stringently, and the resources just aren't available to do so in a Sanctum without drawing undue attention.