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District Traits
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Notable Locations
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Other: Greenwood Cemetery
  • Suburban neighborhood south of main Astoria, along the eastern shore of Youngs River
  • Mainly a bedroom community for Astoria, Warrenton and other areas in the vicinity. Has little local amenities beyond a small corner market and gas station, requiring most residents to do their shopping elsewhere.
  • Mostly known for Greenwood Cemetery, one of the largest cemeteries in the Astoria area. The Finnish Brotherhood of Astoria has purchased a large block of the cemetery's plots to sell to their membership.


  • Made up mainly of medium (three to four bedroom) single-family homes and small apartment buildings.
  • Housing is occupied by a mixture of owners and renters.
  • Many of the residences were built after 1980.


  • Above average income neighborhood
  • 10% of the children here live below the poverty level.
  • 30% of population are employed in executive, management and professional occupations.
  • 35% of population are employed in clerical, assistant and tech support occupations.
  • 10% of population are employed in sales and service jobs.
  • 10% of population are employed in manufacturing and laborer occupations.
  • 5% of the population are employed in farming, fishing or timer harvesting


  • 8% German
  • 7% English
  • 7% Norwegian
  • 5% Irish
  • 4% Finnish
  • 3% Mexican


  • 97% English
  • 3% Other