Astoria Hills

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Most people who live in houses, but who can't afford the elitism of New Town live out in the Hills. Houses dot the hillsides in this area and provide a fantastic view of the ocean. These houses aren't always in the best of shape, however, and the residences here range from nice Victorians and Queen Annes that would be right at home in New Town, to crappy little ramshackle houses more reminiscent of a redneck backwater than a lovely coastal town.

Area Stats

  • Physical: Access -1, Safety +0. Though the Hills are filled with winding roads and a confusing array of turnbacks and trails, it's not an overly dangerous part of town. Still, things do occasionally happen out here, though because it is a residential area without much to lure non-residents here, it is generally confined to trouble between those who live here.
  • Mental: Information -1, Awareness +0. The Hills hold their secrets well; even long-time residents don't tend to know a whole lot about the area or the others here. Most people tend to keep to themselves, and don't worry about everyone else.
  • Social: Prestige +0, Stability +0. Though there's no real glamor to living in these hills, neither is there any particular shame. Lots of people live up here, and it seems like there's a constant flux of residents, so most people tend to ignore one another.
  • Sanctum Qualities: No limitations.