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Gauntlet Rating: Small Town (3; Interaction Modifier -1)

Navy Heights in Shadow

  • Lingering Darkness: Above all, Navy Heights in Shadow is dark, perhaps even darker than Shadow usually is. Shadows are long here, and shade ever present.
  • Fog: Fog is also quite prevalent in Navy Heights, a manifestation of both the river-borne mists that often come ashore, as well as the old fog-of-war that springs up in any place dedicated to warfare (as Navy Heights was during World War II). Mist creeps about here and there, rolling in strange tendrils through streets and alleyways.
  • Remnants of War: Navy Heights once bore quite a military Resonance, though it has long since faded. Despite this, that flavor left an impression in Shadow: far off bombs can sometimes be seen flashing through the mist that chokes the Point, old abandoned bunkers and gun emplacements exist in Shadow where none have in decades in the mortal world.


  • Astoria Column: In shadow, the hill upon which the Column stands is quite clearly the back of a furred animal of some kind, its hide marked with some of the symbols that decorate Clatsop and Nehalem holy sites. The Column itself seems to be nothing so much as a great iron spike, driven into the back of the giant beast. Black blood still wells up at its base, running in a trio of bloody streams down its side. No one seems to know who or what the great creature was.
  • Goonies House: Shining brilliantly from its hillside, the Goonies House seems to be a place of a distinct brightness in the other-wise dim district. Its air is redolent with the Resonance of Adventure, though it is not a locus. This Resonance instead comes from the many visitors and their feelings of fun childhood and adventurous nostalgia that visiting the old site brings. Spirits here are strange Artificials of clever childhood inventions, Conceptuals associated with adventure and piracy, and even a few Helion Celestials.
  • Columbia Memorial Hospital: Columbia Hospital seems crisp and very chill, and its cold air is witheringly antiseptic. It is almost entirely devoid of spirits, save for one or two associated with medicine and antiseptic efforts. It is occupied by strange, porcelain-masked creatures of great spindly height who are aligned with Helios and govern healing.
  • Harbor Seals Pier: This popular place is filled with fat, indolent seal spirits, all of whom flock here to feed on the Essence generated by the many visitors here to adore the seals in the physical world. The seals here are quite large, the largest of which is the Pier Mother, a great powerful seal spirit some twenty feet in length.
  • The Lagoon: In Shadow, the Lagoon is a great prison for water elementals. A strange site where city spirits (particularly those aligned with waterworks and utilities) maintain an ever-patrolled prison camp in which all water spirits discovered by its masters are imprisoned.
  • Tongue Point Woods: These woods are eternally mist-choked, and low, dark cloud cover blocks the light of the skies above. It is a dangerous place to journey in Shadow, and something haunts its dark recesses that ensures that most who venture into its woods do not make it back out alive.

Navy Heights Spirits

  • Typical Spirits:
    • Nature: The woods of Navy Heights - both the Tongue Point Woods and the northern edge of the Clatsop State Forest's Astoria Basin - mean that there are a number of wild animal and plant spirits that can be found here, from massive tree spirits (particularly Douglas firs), fox and raccoon spirits, and many birds.
    • Artificial: Littered among the car-, building-, and tool-spirits so ubiquitous to life outside of the wilderness today are a good many weapon-spirits, many of which are old and half-forgotten, leaving them surly and hungry for Essence.
    • Elementals: Weather elementals are perhaps the most ubiquitous, particularly the spirits known as creepers and mistwrights, as well as the rain-and-drizzle spirits found around the rest of Astoria.
    • Conceptuals: Left-over and dead spirits of war can often be found here. Many times they have been consumed for their Essence by other spirits, though this simply results in distinctly martial spirits of other Nations. Because Navy Heights is something of a poorer section of town, it is also heavily populated by the spirits attracted to such desperation and poverty: melancholy and addiction, particularly.
    • Celestials: Though it was once home to strong Mamorean spirits, they are mostly lost and devastated by Saturnine spirits today.