Astoria Pack

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Territory (x)
Den: x
Area: x • Defensibility: x
Loci: x
Attunement: x
Pack Tactics

Pack Territory: ••••• ••••

  • Contributing Members: Desmond (••), Vanya (••••), Victor (•••)
  • Lineage: None
  • Area: ••• (18 sq miles)
  • Defensibility: ••
  • Loci: The Old Wolf Glade (Locus •, Wolf), Astoria Reservoir (Locus ••, Nurturing)
  • Attunement:

Pack Tactics

  • Bloodhound: 2-5 Pack; Wits •••, Survival •••. Pack spreads out, scenting the air and looking for someone (or their scent trail). This covers a wider area than normal, as they efficiently and instinctively split the terrain among themselves. Main actor gains Teamwork benefits, and the 9-Agains benefit to his perception or tracking roll.
  • Can Opener: 2 Pack; Strength ••, Brawl ••. One member claws back worn or natural armor. First actor makes a Strength + Brawl attack that does not damage, but acts as Teamwork, granting dice to second actor, and negating worn or natural armor against the rest of the group's attacks.
  • Dog Pile: 2-4 Pack; Strength •••, Brawl •••. Used against a prone enemy, in which the wolves throw themselves atop him, clawing and biting and preventing him from rising. First actor inflicts no damage, but grants Teamwork dice, split evenly among the others in their attacks; they all also add 1 to their damage if they hit successfully. Target must take a Strength + Athletics action to rise, at a penalty equal to the first actor's Strength, plus one for each additional wolf involved in the tactic's use.
  • Take Down: 2-5 Pack; Strength ••, Brawl ••. Used by at least two pack, who hit the target high and low simultaneously. Main actor takes the Leg Sweep attack (-2 penalty), but gains Teamwork benefits, and opponent halves his Defense against the main actor.


Desmond Lancaster
Head of Security, Werewolf
Desmond is head of security for University of Astoria, and a werewolf in the Astoria pack.
Combat Merits: Defensive Combat (Brawl, •), Marksmanship ••, Police Tactics ••; Flanking ••

Common Locations: University of Astoria
Vanya Simonson
Cross Country Coach, Art Teacher, Werewolf
Vanya is a coach and art instructor at University of Astoria, and a werewolf in the Astoria pack. She has admitted to being the one who Bit Warner Pelt on the night of the Bonfire Party, and has vowed to help him in any way she can, whether or not he joins their pack.
Combat Merits: Fighting Finesse (Claws, ••); Relentless Assault (••)

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Athletics Center, Forestry Zone), Kaffe
Victor Sutherland
Wildlife Conservation (Sophomore), Werewolf
Victor is a UofAstoria student (part of the PSN fraternity), and a werewolf in the Astoria pack.
Combat Merits: Defensive Combat (Brawl, •), Unarmed Defense (•), Efficient Killer (•••)

Common Locations: PSN Fraternity House, University of Astoria (MERTS Campus, Delphis Hall).
Reese Tavis
Brother (Status ••); Archaeology Major (Junior); Wrestling & Rugby
A young man who was Bitten by the Astoria pack's first alpha, but ended up joining Volk's pack. He is known to have been responsible for Biting Henry Mulgrew. Reese is a good guy: a member of the ATO and a good athlete, a solid low-As student (majoring in Archaeology, with a minor in Mass Communications), he's well-liked by most of the people he knows. Reese plays hooker position in rugby.
Season One: Reese was revealed to be a member of Volk's pack, and engaged in a shadow war with the Astoria pack. After the Bonfire Night, when he bit Henry, he started to have second thoughts, and was eventually captured by and then rejoined the Astoria pack.
Combat Merits: Close Quarters Combat (••), Defensive Combat (Brawl, •), Grappling (•), Unarmed Defense (••); Relentless Assault (•)
Common Locations: Unknown
Jerome Tate
University Freshman (Music Production), Werewolf
Turned during the Bonfire Night full moon, and kidanpped by the Coast Range Pack, Jerome has gotten his freedom from them in recent days. He is now a part of the Astoria pack, learning to control his Feral Wolf.
Combat Merits: None

Common Locations: University of Astoria, the House of Running Water


Aedia Randall (Deceased)
Pack Alpha
Aedia was the pack alpha of the Astoria pack, whom the pack has gone to great lengths to protect after her mother - the pack's first Alpha - was killed a little over a year ago by Volk. She was killed during the Hunter's Moon by Volk.

Common Locations: University of Astoria
Orlando Guerra (deceased)
Head Librarian, Werewolf
Orlando was the head of the University of Astoria library, and a werewolf in the Astoria pack. He was killed by Donaldo.

Common Locations: University of Astoria (Library), his City Center house
Martin Dane (Deceased)
Park Ranger, Werewolf
Martin was a park ranger for Clatsop State Forest, and a werewolf in the Astoria pack. He was killed by Alice and Sasha.

Common Locations: Clatsop State Forest (Astoria Basin; woods or ranger stations therein), Navy Heights apartment.
Cecil Eversley (Deceased)
Bartender at the Crossroads. Werewolf
Cecil was one of the werewolves at the Bonfire. Elaine saw him as disemboweled as a wolf and then took photos of him as he transformed back into his human form.

Common Locations: Crossroads, his City Center apartment