Astoria Wereowls

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Heida Alders
The Old Witch on the Moors
An old wereowl of some 120 years of age, Heida is a skilled witch and ancient wereowl. She obviously would like nothing better than to avoid getting wrapped up in a conflict between the Cathlamet Bay Pack and the Astoria Pack.

Season Two It is revealed that her own territory is within Cathlamet Bay Pack's territory and she has a standing arrangement with them. She has agreed to teach Elaine occult lore and made limited arrangements for safe passage for Elaine and I single companion.
Common Locations: Lewis & Clark National Wildlife Preserve

Linda Dennison
University of Astoria Junior (Marine Biology)
A university student, Linda can be impulsive but secretive, a bad combination. She obviously has strong feelings for Elaine, and is very supportive of the Astoria pack.

Season One: Linda is one of Elaine's students and tries hitting on her before being shut down.
Season Two: Linda approaches Elaine again the two start casually seeing each other. It is later revealed that she is a wereowl who had set spirits to hunting down Monks on campus. Her relationship to Elaine becomes somewhat more serious. It is also revealed that she maintains a group of spirits that are watching over the University Campus.
Common Locations:University Campus