Aureus Taurogenês

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The Golden Bull-son, Court of Helios

Rank 2 Purification Spirit

Quote: <<To all things of darkness, there comes a time of light. Your time is at hand.>>

Background: Aureus Taurogenês is a mighty spirit of purification. The light of the sun brings healing to all things, and eradicates corruption and darkness. Like all spirits of purification, Taurogenês brings devastating sunlight to creatures of darkness and to those who are in desperate need of purification.

His Influence enables him to not only inflict damage on creatures harmed or warded by sunlight, but he can use it to help cleanse addictions, poison and disease. He can use a single success on his Influence to turn his damage to lethal, and use additional successes as extra dice on his attacks with his spear or Blast numen. He may also use one success from Influence and 1 Essence per attack to make his Blast Numen inflict aggravated damage against creatures that take damage from sunlight.

Description: Taurogenês appears as a well-muscled man with bronzed skin and cloth-of-gold wrap around his waist. He wears a massive, thick girdle and bracers of pure, gleaming white-gold, and a set of sweeping white-gold bull’s horns grow from his temples. He wields a burning spear, the tip of which appears to be a shard of burning sunlight.

Summon: Taurogenês does not tolerate being summoned frivolously. A summoner must immediately explain to him why he is needed, and that reason must be to bring his powers of purification to bear: to heal someone wounded in battle against creatures of darkness, to cure someone of an addiction or wasting disease or to battle creatures of darkness himself. Only heavy persuasion or flat-out binding will force him to agree to tasks such as guard duty, the lending of Essence, inhabitation of a fetish or other tasks.

  • Attributes: Power 6, Finesse 3, Resistance 5; Willpower: 11; Essence: 15; Initiative: 6; Defense: 6; Speed: 19; Size: 5; Corpus: 10
  • Influences: Purification 2; Numina: Animal Control (cattle), Blast (sunlight), Heal (only wounds received in battle against “darkness” or other agents of “corruption”; may heal any poisons or diseases), Materialize, Terrify; Bans: Spirits of purification enter a slumber and effectively cease to exist when the sun is not in the sky. The sun need not be visible in the sky; it simply must be in the hours between dawn and dusk.