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Session Thirteen: 1/21/2015

Jarod Jalo
Oakley Gellert
Sandy Roberts
Carmen Anderson
Olivia Saenz

Transition to the End of Term

  • Various rumors circulate about Aedia Randall's disappearance, among them that she may have left Astoria for Europe or entered rehab. Orlando Guerra's disappearance is woven into these rumors as well.
  • Jace Evans tries to visit Davis Monk in the hospital, but he finds that he is unable to enter Davis's room with his new condition. As he leaves, he runs into the always inconveniently present Gideon Monk. Though he makes a loose attempt to play the departure off, both men know what's really going on, but their stoic masculinity prevents them from addressing the real issues.
  • Jace has dinner with Dean Tessa Edmonton, and she clarifies that there will be no legal action against Jace or Thomas Michael Craig for the theft of her car. Jace agrees to tell Thomas of this if it ever becomes a non-awkward subject. It hasn't yet.
  • Stella Jalo continues to finalize plans for the ATO charity event for the victims of the Bonfire Party attack. While destressing by hanging out with Dane Ryerman, she mentions things she may have seen while on mushrooms, and he suggests that she go on a vision quest of sorts to deal with her recent struggles. In the midst of all this, Stella's hottie son Jarod Jalo arrives in town for a visit.
  • Dr. Elaine Litchfield, Warner Pelt, and Stella all weaponize over the course of the next few weeks.
  • Elaine finds that Pouty Mouth Victor Sutherland has recommended her to participate in the dig at the Bonfire site, where she meets Oakley Gellert, a native man who reveals he is aware of both her and Victor's supernatural conditions. Because he might go on to point out Elaine's insanity, she doesn't press the conversation.
  • Henry Mulgrew starts his competitive wrestling season, and oft neglected Danny Marin is distant. It's like his contract wasn't renewed or something.
  • Warner has been hanging out with a new social group, namely a wolf pack searching for a new den for the upcoming spring. Warner doesn't have a real estate license, so they wander in the cold for now.
  • Thomas, meanwhile, is recovering from his recent horrors only to be plagued by endless nightmares about death. Witchy!
  • What's left of the established Astoria pack convinces the administration that Aedia has indeed left for rehab, and Orlando has fled due to allegations of inappropriate conduct toward students, Aedia among the possible targets.
  • Reese Tavis continues in his limbo with the Astoria pack, most of whom outwardly shun him. Stella asks him what he wants, and he confesses the idea of answering is foreign to him. Somehow, though, it results in him saying that he may once have been thrown down a cliff, and Stella agrees she might be the one to do it.
  • Somewhere in his weretraining obstacle course, Jace asks Vanya Simonson whether he's supposed to accept Elaine as a pack member. Vanya says that morrigans like Elaine usually just eat the dead a pack leaves behind. Jace asks whether this is connected to Dark Stalker Morrigan in some way, then he immediately demands that Vanya not tell Henry that he made a video game reference for fear that Henry would jizz in his pants if he knew. Vanya, thankfully, is ignorant.
  • Thomas has been spending plenty of time at Kaffe dealing with his tragedy. While wallowing in misery, Thomas finds himself waiting in line behind a girl who is obviously distraught. She rushes outside in tears and almost gets run over in traffic (Nationwide is on your side), but Thomas saves her. The girl turns out to be Sandy Roberts, and she is confused by her near suicide as she wanders off into the night.
  • Jace is approached on campus by a woman who identifies herself as Carmen Anderson, a nurse at the Cartwright Recuperative Center. A mysterious "someone" has been moved there by his family, but Carmen has agreed to get word to the outside world, in this case, Jace, of a burner phone. Figuring it's Davis, Jace tries the number with no response and exhibits an awkward attraction to the woman.
  • In other love interest news, Warner is out in the woods when he hears a scream. He finds that his new wolf friends are considering eating a nubile young woman named Olivia Saenz. Because this is a feast he may wish to keep to himself, he drives the wolves away. Olivia explains that she is a journalism student attempting to write a story about how the local wolves are innocent in the Bonfire attack. She offers to buy Warner's photos of the local wolves to run with her story, but Warner doesn't go for the kill.
  • Henry is hanging out with Renee McDonnall when Jerome Tate happens upon them. Even knowing that Henry is oddly one of the biggest flamers on campus, Jerome's wolf (revealed later to be called "Stupid") goes on the attack. Clearly, the various wolves do not have opportunities to consult behind the scenes or else Stupid may not have ended up with his head being bashed against the inside of Henry's wolf nullification tub. Just like Stella's wolf did. Renee even contributes by stabbing Jerome with one of the many syringes that have become ubiquitous of late.
  • Jerome is pretty embarrassed when he wakes up.
  • Nina Cosgrove informs Elaine that she has an appointment booked with a "Phillip Wentworth." Phillip turns out to be none other than complete douchebag Gideon Monk, who reveals that he has a copy of Elaine's highly controversial unpublished thesis. He can't really read it, but some parts are highlighted in what seems an important way, so maybe he gets that, at least. He offers Elaine a job with Monk Inc., but the interview is interrupted by . . .
  • Even bigger douchebag (what's bigger than "complete?") Volk Yuriev. Gideon basically pisses himself and flees, while Volk has real talk with Elaine. Volk claims that the entire Astoria clusterfuck is the result of an agreement between the Monks and the Oregon weres (weregons? weregonians?) to keep werewolves out of Astoria. As long as that agreement is kept, the Monks won't murder all werewolves everywhere. Also, Elaine's ancient werearm seems to be important to everyone. Volk mentions that he would like to have a morrigan of his own because no doubt the trail of corpses in his wake could use some cleaning up.
  • Elaine plays all of this shifty (and let's face it, no one knows what her crows are thinking, so they could just possess anyone at anytime to assert their view), and she promises to consider betraying the Astoria pack while she runs to tell them everything. Well, almost everything, since she doesn't tell the Astoria pack of the other offers she has on the table.
  • PACK MEETING! And guess what, everyone that's ever been involved with the Astoria pack business is there for once. Except for Danny. Elaine brings her ancient arm to the meeting, only to be accused of eating the rest of the corpse by Jace. Henry seems disturbed that this is a real possibility. Which it is. Various werewolves try to poke the arm, but Elaine gets all weird about that, even after having slept with the arm for years now. Werebuddy, the pillow for you and me!
  • The plans come down to two points: rescue/recruit Davis for help vs. get high on mushrooms. I'm not even joking. Jace believes that Davis might know things that can help them, but he admits that having slept with Davis might increase Monk hostility toward the pack. Jace ends up calling Davis and finally getting in touch, and Davis reveals that he doesn't know much about his family's history (he's as good as Reese on this point), but he might want to get busted out of his confined care. Jace tells him the pack will do so if he asks, even if that means douchetastic Gideon will try to murder Jace.
  • On the other side of the plan, Stella gets high because her wolf is revealed to have led her to the two loci of werepower in the area. Most of the pack, minus Jace and Henry, convene at the old oak tree. There, Stella connects with a spirit snake that teaches her how to draw power from the tree. She passes this lore to others present, including a bewildered Thomas. The tree also features a wolf den as a basement apartment, which Warner decides to rent out to his new wolf pack.
  • When the pack returns to the House of Falling Waters, they are greeted by the stench of Jenry's mating musk. It turns out Jace was less concerned with studying for finals and more concerned with banging other werewolves. And Henry just doesn't get laid on his own. When Vanya greets the news with a nonchalant comment about pack bonding, both Warner and Elaine perk up, considering whether to suggest their own exercises in the area.

Session Fourteen: 2/04/2015

Saturday, November 17th. The ATO Charity Fair

  • Stella Jalo and Henry Mulgrew busy themselves in the morning setting up a fair in the University of Astoria's main quad as part of ATO's charity event. Stella overhears some ATbro's gossiping about Kaleb Jackson and some bikers, and she's reminded of the conversation she overheard earlier in the semester.
  • Stella's investigations are hindered when her son Jarod Jalo reattaches the umbilical cord for the day. She does manage to give the cord enough slack to intercept Kaleb as he's nervously hanging around a truck ready to be unloaded without Jarod noticing immediately. Kaleb is aggressive in trying to block Stella's access to the truck, invoking Buster the Wolf's rage, but Stella easily sends him away on a leash to join her son.
  • Sensing that he just avoided more than a tongue lashing, Kaleb backs off, and Stella discovers two sketchy, biker-looking dudes by the truck who are particularly interested in a couple of boxes on the truck. Kaleb lamely introduces them as Bill and Ted, clearly feeling menaced by both Stella and the bikers. The bikers gruffly step off with their boxes in tow, but when Stella follows them, Jarod shows up on the scene to stop her, recognizing the danger the two bikers represent.
  • Stella acquiesces and instead hauls Kaleb back to her office. He confesses to being entrapped by the biker gang to bring cocaine on campus and promises never to do it again. Drug kingpin Stella reminds Kaleb that if he wants drugs, he can only go through her to get them and lets him go.
  • The fair starts that afternoon, and Warner Pelt is on hand taking photos when he finds himself the prey. Olivia Saenz snaps a shot as Warner finds her in his lens. As young girls are always guilelessly wont to do, Olivia ropes Warner into trying his hand at some festival games for her. Olivia manages to find the one booth at the fair with a stuffed wolf prize, which the boy scout effortlessly wins.
  • Jace Evans shows up to the fair exclusively to demonstrate that this is beneath him to the privileged few who spot him. Among those is Dean Tessa Edmonton, who sidles up to Jace to inquire about his friend Davis Monk. She reveals that Davis's grandmother has been by her office to acquire withdrawal papers for her grandson. Jace confuses her when he tells the dean he will take care of the situation.
  • Thomas Michael Craig, meanwhile, is avoiding the crowds entirely and has Kaffe almost to himself for once. This only intensifies the creep factor when Thomas receives a text from departed Teresa Cantu asking why he isn't "here." Ignoring specters rarely works, which is proven by the subsequent texts "I'm so scared," and, "It's so cold here." Thomas decides that caffeine really isn't enough to deal with this, and, piling on the irrationalities of this scene, seeks out Jace for help.
  • Thomas catches up to Jace at the fair, and Jace is apparently over dramatic reactions to supernatural revelations because he accepts Thomas's story with a simple, "That's fucked up." However, he confirms that there are no recent texts from Teresa on Thomas's phone. Thomas for a moment glances Teresa in the crowd and begins to feel overwhelming anxiety from the crowds around him. Sensing Thomas's growing agitation, Jace takes him back to the dorms for a joint, but he suggests they meet up with Vanya Simonson later to run all this by her.
  • Dr. Elaine Litchfield is doing penance for her role in staging the Bonfire Party at the fair when she's joined by Avery Wendley. It's not really his fault that he doesn't quite get that she breaks up with him for vaguely defined reasons grounded in New British archness. Surely this will never come up again.
  • Elaine runs into Stella and Jarod and steals Stella away to confess that she's just broken up with Avery because she's afraid of what her crows could do to him. Nothing could read more as sublimated sexual anxiety, which classically leads to delusion and hallucinations involving all manner of symbolism. Like birds. Just saying.
  • Henry, a college student with no training, has all this time been operating a carnival ride that slingshots students into the air. At an event commemorating the tragic accident of the Bonfire Party. Apparently ATO's Latin motto translates to: "Safety be damned."
  • Renee McDonnall and Jerome Tate find Henry, and Jerome unwisely gets onto the ride. Henry smells blood on Renee, and he traps Jerome in the slingshot until he wrings a confession from Renee that Jerome suffers from nightmares and clawed her waking up from one. In a bit of fan service, the duration and intensity of the slingshot increases throughout the scene until Jerome is being hurled around hard enough to start losing his clothes. Henry eventually lets him off and figures that was punishment enough. Curiously, there's no line for the ride waiting to take Jerome's place.
  • The fun comes to a halt when Stella spots Volk Yuriev at the edge of the quad. She activates the tracking app on her phone as she stalks up to him, which does not go unnoticed. Although Stella's rage is on the rise, Volk reveals that he's there with a peace offer of sorts. As far as he's concerned, the two packs are even, with his totally reasonable and equitable policy of murdering three of the Astoria pack for every one of his losses. He's pulling out of Astoria, but he extends one final invitation to Stella to join his pack.
  • Stella refuses the offer with contempt and also confronts Volk with the knowledge that Elaine shared with her following Volk's approach to her. Somewhere, in a cold, dark place, the murder flutters with anger, and a thousand beady eyes look toward Stella. Tensions rise when Henry joins the conversation and affirms that Stella isn't going with Volk. Volk questions if Henry speaks for Stella, which she doesn't deny, clearly raising Volk's ire.
  • Nevertheless, Volk tells the duo that Alice killed Aedia Randall against his wishes. He was content to merely leave her beaten down. When Stella needles Volk over his inability to control his pack, Volk attacks Henry, and the situation rapidly devolves into a brawl. Volk and Henry wolf out while Stella goes feral, and Henry's attempts to wrestle Volk down just result in Volk almost fatally wounding Henry. Volk subdues Buster the Wolf with an alpha roar.
  • All of this happens on the fringe of the ATO fair, and students are soon crowding around the fight. This includes Warner and Olivia, who manages to snap some photos of the brawl. As Warner applies first aid to a badly wounded Henry, a furious Desmond Lancanster arrives at the scene and sees no way of preventing a trip to the hospital. Henry is taken away in an ambulance, and his wounds are already healing as they reach the hospital, much to the consternation of the EMTs.
  • Jarod whisks Stella back to the ATO house and demands an explanation for what just happened. Stella reveals that she dated the wrong guy, a man who has been stalking her since. Jarod insists on calling Det. Devin Matthews to tell him about Volk.
  • Warner takes a very confused Olivia out for dinner after the fair and decides to take the direct approach to explain what she saw. He flashes his wolf eyes at her and tells her that werewolves are real. Olivia resists believing him, but she also sees the evidence in her photos. She tells Warner that she needs to think over all this, and Warner tells her to visit Elaine to get some protection for herself. The murder's attention is drawn away from Stella. Olivia leaves and neglects to take her stuffed wolf with her.
  • Word gets around to the rest of the pack about the brawl, and nearly everyone arrives at the hospital to figure out how to cover for Henry, who is already drawing the doctors' suspicion. Henry has locked himself in his bathroom to hide his continuing regeneration. Elaine suggests dosing him with silver and stabbing him to reopen his healing wounds. Desmond is surely delighted to carry out this sentence on Henry, and he and Elaine join Henry in the bathroom for the stabbing. To add an element of veracity that no one in the hospital or Astoria's police force will question, Desmond claims that Henry tried to bite him, reopening his wounds in the struggle. This easily sells the story.
  • Stella files a police report against Volk on her son's insistence.
  • Elaine leaves a message for Volk that the Astoria pack's actions do not reflect her own views.
  • While the pack is gathered at the hospital, Jace reveals his concerns that the Monks are preparing to move Davis out of Astoria. He calls Davis on the burner phone, and Davis confirms that he has no idea his family is planning on withdrawing him from school. He's reluctant to agree when Jace offers to break him out of Cartwright Recuperative Clinic, voicing concerns that this will put Jace in the Monks' crosshairs. However, Jace tells him of the day's events and that the Astoria pack is expecting to be attacked by the Monks anyway now that Volk has left the scene. When Jace asks for Davis's help in keeping the pack from being slaughtered, Davis finally agrees to join them. The pack prepares to bust Davis out of Cartwright.

Session Fifteen: 2/18/2015

  • Alright, I guess we're doing this. Deep breaths.
  • The pack assembles for an assault on the Cartwright Recuperative Clinic. The plan leans heavily on Thomas Michael Craig's ability to bluff his way into any situation, and he adopts a doctoral stance in approaching the hospital, with Dr. Elaine Litchfield playing backup with her patented New English sciencepsplaining.
  • Much of the rest of the pack lurks just inside the hospital grounds, their forward team consisting of a camouflaged Henry Mulgrew, the never reliable Reese Tavis, and sarcastic Jace Evans. The typical dynamics are quickly reasserted when Henry immediately kicks a hidden camera as he tumbles over the fence enclosing the hospital grounds and Jace side eyes him so hard that the hospital's security can't help but take note.
  • Thomas and Elaine's infiltration of the hospital goes slightly more smoothly as they quickly connect with inside nurse Carmen Anderson, but she warns them that reaching Davis Monk's second floor room will be a little trickier than spouting medical gobbledygook. Another Monk has been lurking in the area.
  • While Thomas talks what staff he can into allowing him to do an off-schedule round of check ups, Elaine separates herself to hide out of sight. She draws on the overwhelming power of her madness to interfere with the onsite technology at key moments to prevent the hospital staff from verifying any facts behind Thomas's claims.
  • Thomas distracts the staff sufficiently to allow Elaine to locate Davis's room, but as she enters his room, she also notices the second Monk on the balcony outside.
  • Fortunately, Henry chooses this moment to deal with the guards' attention outside, and he begins streaking the hospital grounds shouting for the glory of DOS, the University of Astoria's military frat. Henry ends up completely naked but well ahead of the hospital guards as he leaps the fence on the far side of the grounds.
  • All of this, with a few canny assists from Thomas, allows Elaine to get Davis out of the hospital and to what remains of the werewolf forward team.
  • Once everyone gets over the fence, Jace surprises himself (and probably most of the viewers) by hugging Davis and kissing him in front of all present.
  • The Astoria pack makes its way back to their vehicles, but they are spread into several groups as some wait for Thomas to fast talk his way out of the hospital to follow the rest. This is where it all goes to shit because waiting for them back by the getaway cars is none other than the douchebags. You know, Volk's pack.
  • Team Handjob, consisting of the long-missing Harris Clayton, the not-long-enough-missing Miranda Barnes, Gabe Gerhardt, and some party dude named Abel confronts Jace to demand he turn over Davis. While Harris protests that he doesn't want to fight Jace over this, Jace challenges him to not fight, then. It doesn't work.
  • Volk has no patience for the YA drama, though, so when the Astoria pack refuses to give up Davis, he opts to enter murder form and kill everyone, though some of his own pack seem chagrined. Elaine quickly leaps into the fray and doses Volk with wolfsbane.
  • Unfortunately, Jace's feral nature overtakes him in this moment of stress, and he abandons Davis to attack murder Volk while he's vulnerable, leaving an opening for Team Handjob to grab Davis. A mysterious sense of dread encroaches as we close the scene with Henry hearing the sounds of conflict in the distance.

Session Sixteen: 3/04/2015

  • Battle rages as Stella Jalos and Desmond Lancaster pile onto Volk Yuriev, but even the combined might of the pack fails to bring down the villainous alpha while he's weak.
  • This also leaves most of the pack engaged while Team Handjob escapes with Davis Monk. Dr. Elaine Litchfield tries to stop them but is quickly taken out by Volk's personal wrestler, OSU student Amanda Wade. This is probably some convoluted form of karma for all the harm she's caused to Henry Mulgrew.
  • Henry himself arrives slightly off scene to intercept Team Handjob, maul them incompletely, and escape with Davis Monk in tow. He's pursued into the woods.
  • Volk has had enough, and he's apparently especially annoyed at Warner Pelt shooting arrows at him out of the darkness, as he leaps an astonishing distance to claw at him. Feral Jace Evans follows.
  • Still mostly on his own, Henry flees through the woods, but Abel catches up to him, followed quickly by the rest of Team Handjob. Abel, however, claws Henry near to the point of death before everyone else arrives, and they snatch Davis for a quick escape, leaving Henry bleeding out.
  • The rest of the fighting wolves are interrupted by the arrival of Monk forces armed with silver-loaded assault rifles. Volk howls for a retreat as silver bullets cover the area.
  • Desmond and what remains of the Astoria pack take out the Monk mercs, but feral Jace pursues Volk while Thomas Michael Craig never shows up on scene after sneaking off the hospital grounds.
  • In the ensuing chaos, only Warner Pelt smells Henry's blood on the wind, and, eschewing aid, heads solitary into the woods to find him. Elaine, Vanya Simonson, Reese Tavis, Jerome Tate, and Victor Sutherland have all been seriously hurt, but while the rest of the Astoria pack tends to the wounded, they remain unaware of Henry's peril.
  • Warner finds Henry, bleeding and near death. Alone, he tries to save Henry but fails. The wrestler dies in Warner's hands. Despondent, he drag's Henry's corpse back to his pack.
  • To make the scene more uncomfortable, just as Warner gets back, Elaine recovers enough from her injuries to wake up and devour one of the Monk mercs. Like, literally. A freshly dead corpse, eaten whole. Greeted with horror upon horror, no one in the pack reacts coherently to any of the fallout.
  • Vanya does realize, though, that Jace and Thomas have not shown up, and she strips to assume wolf form to go in search of them. This nudity is just macabre in context, really. Someone probably screen capped it, though.
  • Elaine, whose appetite knows no bounds, tries to eat a second corpse, but Victor stops her, and the pack gathers up their wounded (and dead) to retreat.
  • Vanya eventually returns to the pack with news that Jace must have confronted Volk and was nearly killed and was taken, but Thomas vanished into thin air.

Session Seventeen: 3/18/2015

Sunday, November 18th

  • The next day is dreamlike as we fade in and out of the consequences of the assault on Cartwright. Desmond Lancaster stands by a roadside, tears streaming down his face, as a car crashes into something. Jerome Tate visits Renee McDonnall with muted news, and she collapses, thrashing, into his arms. Stella Jalos cooks pancakes for her son Jarod but, remembering preparing these for Henry Mulgrew not so long ago, has to mask her grief.
  • Later that day, at ATO, Stella waits for the visit she knows must come. Detective Devin Matthews arrives to tell her that one of her boys--Henry--was struck and killed by a car the night before. He had apparently been drinking following a prank at the Cartwright Recuperative Clinic. Reese Tavis overlooks the scene with Henry's cat R2 in his arms.
  • The day turns rainy as Dr. Elaine Litchfield brings all of her collected research around Henry to her backyard and burns it.
  • Vanya Simonson stands by Coach Bernard Atterly as he shares the news with the wrestling team. Danny Marin flees, and Vanya follows him off screen.
  • Dean Tessa Edmonton calls Jace Evans, only to be sent straight to voicemail. Resigned, she pulls Henry's file and calls his emergency contact.
  • Victor Sutherland arrives at the Wet Dog Cafe to tell their staff of Henry's demise.
  • Danny beats angrily at Thomas Michael Craig's door, to no avail. He slides against the door and instead looks at Henry's Facebook page filled with condolences from the student body.
  • Neena Cosgrove brings a stonily silent Elaine her favorite Thai food along with the news that she's taking care of all the class work Elaine has been absently working her way through.
  • A gaudy pink humvee arrives at the Astoria morgue, and a fabulous slender woman and two bearded men emerge to begin settling Henry's affairs.

Monday, November 19th

  • The pink humvee and its passengers arrive at ATO early in the day to find Deacon Alders and several other brothers wrapping the house's columns in black. They speak with Stella, who takes them to Henry's room to gather his things. Reese is sleeping there against Henry's bed, and he awkwardly rouses and retreats.
  • Later in the day, there is a perfunctory GSA meeting, lead by a puffy-faced Elaine with Neena as support. The meeting is somber, and most of those close to Henry are not in attendance.
  • Somewhere, Warner wakes up on a a couch with someone just leaving. Wrappers litter the floor around him as he gets dressed.
  • Detective Matthews returns to ATO to ask Stella to confirm Henry's identity in photos of a someone streaking the grounds of the Cartwright Recuperative Center. At least Henry went naked into that goodnight.

Tuesday, November 20th

  • Our two missing pack members finally emerge. Thomas Michael Craig awakens in a field, naked and unaware of how he got there. A farmhouse stands nearby. Thomas approaches the house to find its owner, a single mother who calls for help on his behalf. He claims to have been drinking, and she mentions some news of an alcohol related tragedy over in Warrenton. She shows him the front page of the local newspaper reporting Henry's death. Stunned, Thomas retreats to his grandfather's house for a while to digest this turn of events.
  • Jace Evans comes to from serious injuries in a cabin of some sort. Harris Clayton is watching over him and quickly explains that they are in Volk's Coastal Range Pack's training grounds for new werewolves. The two are interrupted by two other coastal rangers not previously seen: Ulysses and Desiree. The two check on Jace's wounds and announce that he'll need a lot more care to recover from the wounds Volk inflicted nearly killing the feral Jace.
  • Not one to miss a beat, Jace injects an air of sexy into the physical exam, but once the two leave, he wastes no time trying to find out if Harris is happy in Volk's pack. Harris is obviously hesitant and afraid to express dissatisfaction, but the two are again interrupted when Volk himself arrives.
  • Jace plays it nonchalant as Volk reveals that he would have killed Jace were it not for Harris's pleas on his behalf. He also shares that Davis Monk is alive and well with the pack, and all Volk wants is intel on the Monk family. Jace claims to want the same for himself and is willing to help keep Davis compliant in exchange for Volk's training in being a true werewolf.
  • Back on campus, ATO is holding a memorial service for Henry. Most of our characters are in attendance, including the newly sexy, scruffy, wrecked Warner. Renee wastes no opportunity to demonstrate pure hatred toward Warner.
  • Stella, Desmond, and Vanya have a quick powwow at the memorial where Stella pushes to try to find Jace and Thomas, but Desmond and Vanya advise contacting Volk directly.
  • Thomas later shows up in Astoria after trying to contact Jace. When that proves impossible, he instead contacts Elaine, who fills him in on all the details he's missed. She's remarkably incurious about Thomas's disappearance, but then she always has been adept at placing psychic blocks where facts might prove troubling.
  • Later that night, the pack finally convenes with Thomas in attendance, and Victor asks about the circumstances around Thomas's disappearance. Proving that Elaine's approach might be valid, Thomas shares that he has no idea what happened between the Cartwright raid and him waking up in a field a few days later.
  • Desmond and Vanya reveal that they have spoken with Volk, and he admitted to having both Davis and Jace. More troubling, he shares that Jace has asked to be trained under him. While everyone else considers this bad news, only Thomas provides a vote of confidence toward Jace might be working some angle of his own. The pack decides there's nothing to be done for either Davis or Jace at the moment.

Thanksgiving, and the Days After

  • The holidays find the pack scattered. Warner camps alone, deflecting questions with claims of being with a girl. Neena heads to Seattle while Elaine and Stella share a small meal together. Thomas spends Thanksgiving with Juanita Cantu.
  • Elaine becomes busy at the bonfire dig site after Thanksgiving, and Thomas begins to feel that something is changing with his identity, but he buries it with frequent, drug-laden trips to Portland.

November 28th, the Night of the Frost Moon

Miles Brovik
  • The malaise begins to lift finally. Jace has spent the last week reaching some accord with Harris, Miranda, and Gabe, though he still cajoles Miranda a bit for her obsession over his dick. Thankfully, Miranda has moved onto Gabe, so they're all able to get along fine with just a few heavy claw sessions. Jace is allowed to visit Davis, though his location is hidden as the Coastals force Jace to wear a hood when they take him to wherever they're keeping Davis.
  • Ulysses, the Coastal pack's rite master, chef, and second in command, tells Jace that on the night of the full moon, while their pack is together, Jace will be allowed to spend the night with Davis. Unaware that Jace is packbound to Davis, he warns that Jace's ties to the Astoria pack will break on that full moon, but Jace is dismissive of any connection with the Astoria pack anyway and wastes no opportunity to trash talk his own pack.
  • Volk arrives to drive Jace to Davis's cabin, along the way popping in a Beatle's cassette and pointing out that he knows Jace has been fucking Davis. Jace makes fun of Volk's old fashioned ways, even knowing the rationale behind them, but the conversation turns more serious when Alice is mentioned. Jace asks Volk if the Astoria pack should expect her to come for Thomas, and Volk says if she does, they should feel free to kill both her and Donaldo. Jace acknowledges this might be difficult, but with Henry on their side might be manageable. Ah, ignorance.
  • Volk leaves Jace alone with Davis, and Jace admits to Davis that he's feeling anxious over spending so much time away from Astoria. Davis alludes to his own feeling that their relationship is turning into something more serious, and while Jace plays it kind of dumb, Davis admits that he is the one who threw a wolfsbane grenade into the bonfire in an unsuccessful attempt to drive all the werewolves away from the party, thus inciting much of what lead up to this point. Jace does not hesitate to tell him they should never mention this to the rest of the pack, as the rest will just react irrationally and emotionally.
  • All the sharing does prompt Jace to open up a bit, and he tells Davis in vague terms that he knows well what kind of person Volk is because he's had many parents in the past like him, and it's always ended poorly. Davis realizes that he doesn't actually know very much about Jace, which Jace admits just means he's "doing it right." The two spend the rest of the full moon together, and Jace is sure to cover himself in Davis's smell just to needle Volk.
  • The Astoria pack, meanwhile, is making its own preparations for the full moon. Desmond has left to head north to Aberdeen because he's received news that the Monk family has mostly wiped out the local werewolf pack there. He and Amarissa Randall originally hailed from this pack, and Desmond's own daughter Shelby was left in the area for protection.
  • Desmond returns with Shelby and Miles Brovik, the only survivor from the pack. Miles seems shellshocked and says little.
  • The pack also begins training some combat techniques, the first of which is the "can opener." Thomas stupidly agrees to wear an armored jacket as the ragdoll for practice, but since Elaine isn't involved, no innocents get hurt anyway.
  • Following the training, the pack has a pre-full moon organizational meeting. Vanya tells Thomas that Volk has also shared with her that Alice is the alpha of her own pack now, and he doesn't care if the Earth is wiped clean of her soulless red-headed scourge. Thomas asks if there are other packs they might reach out to for aid, and Vanya acknowledges that this might be a good pursuit but also that Volk has been the one with stronger connections in this regard. Amarissa, however, was a part of something called the Cult of the Moon and also an initiate of the Lodge of the Black Forest, so there might still exist some connection there.
  • Collectively, the pack decides to take up the Randall name as their own. Neena, the only local member of the family, agrees to keep the Randall holdings for the pack's use, and Victor, a born wolf, offers to give her the bite. She's not quite ready to accept.
  • Obviously, Desmond loved Amarissa.
  • With the arrival of the full moon, most of the Astoria pack assumes full wolf form and runs into the night. Warner alone struggles to control his primal self before joining the pack, and Thomas, Neena, and Elaine also join in the run.
  • The night ends as the pack arrives at the Wolf Grove. Warner's wolf pack has settled in, and they are initially wary but finally happy at the Astoria pack's arrival. Thomas finds that he's able to see the spiritual aspects of the grove along with the werewolves, and he introduces himself to the vine snake that lives in the grove's tree.
  • The season draws to a close as nearly all of the pack finds solace together in the grove. Only a few phantoms, tokens of recent loss and absence, linger.