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This is a list of the Storyteller Characters who have appeared in the game, in a named capacity, at some point.


  • Abel: Werewolf (Coast Range Pack) • Party Organizer Part of group that got away with Davis, and left Henry bleeding out.
  • Alice: Werewolf (Independent Alpha) Used to be part of Coast Range Pack. Thomas saw her shapeshift at the Bonfire Night attack. Followed Thomas around thereafter, showing weird stalkerish romantic interest. Killed Aedia Randall against Volk's orders, becoming alpha. Fled with Donaldo; Volk has indicated he'd like them dead. The Astoria pack recently discovered that Alice has set up her own pack right on their backdoor in Svenson.
  • Amanda Wade: Werewolf (Coast Range Pack) • OSU Student, Wrestling Strong fighter.
  • Avery Wendley: Student Advisor at University of Astoria. An old friend of Thomas' grandfather. Former love interest of Elaine.


  • Bernard Atterly: Wrestling & Rugby Coach Henry's coach.
  • Bethany Tanner: UofA Student (Art History Major), Theta Phi Alpha member Part of Aedia's clique. Quiet girl from old Southern money.
  • Bradley Humes: UofA Student (Athletics Major), Baseball, ATO Brother Harassed Danny Marin when he left the baseball team to join wrestling. Earned Warner's ire.


  • Cameron O'Reilly: Alice's Pup. Cameron is Jace's former foster brother, recently come to Astoria under false pretenses with Abe. He was seeking revenge for Jace destroying his family back in Chicago, and he has since fallen under Alice's influence, receiving the Bite from her and continuing his vendetta against the Evans brothers. He does seem to have a hard on for the younger Evans, though.
  • Carmen Anderson: Nurse at Cartwright Recuperative Clinic. Helped Astoria Pack get Davis out.
  • Carter Smythe: UofA Student (Engineering Major), Cross Country, Wrestling Captain, Rugby • Old scouting friend of Warner. Competed with Henry for wrestling captain, and lost to him. Carter is part of UofA's elite social group known as the Vault. His star is also on the rise thanks in part to Jace's silent backing.
  • Casey Johansson: Tattooist and Spiritual Group Leader. Owner of Keepsake Tattoos. Designed Thomas' wolfsangle tattoo.
  • Clyde Griffon: Portland Burnout, Hipster Twink, Internet Model. Clyde works for Jace on under the name Griff Kidd.


  • Dana Redmond: Dana is a high school student, and a member of the Trailjumpers team of parkour athletes. She gives the impression of being the spoiled high school popular girl, but the truth is very different. Her boyfriend is Kraig Tillman, and her best friend is Omar Chandler.
  • Dane Ryerman: Stoner and Drug Dealer Old flame of Stella's. Jace's dealer. Dane is currently a point of contention between Stella and Jace. Stella stopped seeing him when she discovered that Jace trades sexual favors with him for priority consideration in drug deals, but Jace thinks she is overreacting and that Dane deserves better.
  • Danny Marin: Freshman at UofA Friend of Warner, Thomas, and Jerome. After being kept in the dark about werewolves by his supposed friends, Danny is currently on the outs with the segment of the pack he was friends with. He's gone off on his own pursuits with little contact with his former friends.
  • Darnell Wilson: Porn Activist. Darnell works for Jace on under the name Danny Truth.
  • Davis Monk: Former UofA Student (Communications), Marine Veteran Son of the Monk Family of hunters. Involved with Jace romantically. Though accepted by the Astoria Pack after siding with them against his own family, Davis has returned to the Monks as part of a hostage exchange. He has vowed to return to Astoria when he can.
  • Deacon Alders: UofA Student (Engineering Major), Baseball, ATO Chapter President • Though kind of a jerk, has proven himself an ally to Stella.
  • Delilah Redmond: Delilah is the mother of Trailjumper Dana Redmond. She's the too-enthusiastic supportive modern mother, in many ways, and Dana seems terribly embarrassed by her.
  • Denis Losevesky Boxing Coach, Art Dealer. Jace trains informally with the UofA boxing team under Denis's direction. Vanya recently hooked up with him.
  • Desmond Lancaster: Werewolf (Astoria Pack • UofA Head of Security Part of pack since Amarissa's time. Seems to have interest in Stella, who might reciprocate to some degree. Has a daughter, Shelby Lancaster.
  • Devin Matthews: Astoria PD (Investigations). An APD detective and old friend of Stella's.
  • Donaldo: Werewolf (Alice's pack) Once part of Coast Range Pack; very protective of Alice. Killed Orlando Guerra during Blood Moon attack, followed Alice into exile.
  • Douglas Mayhew: Park Ranger. Doug met Warner out in the woods and raised more than his interest in ranging.




  • Gabe Gerhardt: Werewolf (Coast Range Pack) • Former UofA Student (Conservation Major) Met Thomas and Teresa on the outskirts of the Bonfire Night party; they saw him attacked by a werewolf. Was among students who went missing, taken by Volk to train and induct into his pack. Part of the group that took Davis, and left Henry bleeding out. When Jace last saw him, Gabe was becoming involved with fellow packmate Miranda Barnes.
  • Gary Bryant: Private Investigator. Sought out Jace seeking information about the whereabouts of Harris Clayton.
  • Ghislaine Hopewell: Werewolf (Siuslaw Pack) Ghislaine is Jace's potential sponsor into the Cult of the Gibbous Moon. She has asked him to use his talents to reveal some truth as a demonstration of his sincerity to join the cult.
  • Gideon Monk: Hunter (Monk Family) • Former Navy Seal Arrived after Davis was hospitalized; discovered the existence of the Astoria Pack shortly thereafter. Prevented them from gaining access to Davis while he was hospitalized. All around asshole.
  • Grace Caldwell: Tattoo Shop Employee. Mysteriously met Thomas at the Bonfire Night party. He found her working the front counter at Keepsake Tattoos later.


  • Harris Clayton: Werewolf (Coast Range Pack) • Former UofA Student (Mathematics Major) Originally worked for Jace's modeling site Was bitten on Bonfire Night. Was among students who went missing, taken by Volk to train and induct into his pack. Part of the group that took Davis, and left Henry bleeding out. Harris has recently gotten back in touch with Jace, though Jace has declined to share this with the rest of the pack.
  • Haywood Nixon: UofA Student (Business Major) Haywood is the founder of the influential UofA social group known as the Vault.
  • Heida Alders: Wereowl Swamp Witch. An old crone of a witch who lives on a houseboat in the Cathlamet Bay. She is known to have an alliance with Alice's pack, but she is also teaching Elaine Cunning Witchcraft.
  • Horst Messer: A strange man that used magical powers and a silvered gladius to rescue Abe from a Lupercalia-stricken Cameron.



  • Jarod Jalo: Head Librarian Stella's son, recently returned from Minneapolis out of concern for her; lives with her. Recent hire at UofA Library. Jarod has recently begun dating again, taking his attention off Stella to a certain degree. The pack is naturally suspicious of his new paramour but have failed to turn up anything incriminating on her.
  • Jerome Tate: Werewolf in Astoria Pack • UofA Student (Music Production Major) Bitten Bonfire Night. Dating Renee McDonnall. Good friends with Thomas and Warner even before the Bite.
  • Juanita Cantu: Astoria PD Dispatch. Single mother; daughter was Teresa, Thomas' good friend. Juanita and Stella are friends from way back. Juanita has faded out of the picture following her daughter's death.


  • Kaleb Jackson: UofA Student (Marine Biology Major), Swim Team, Coast Guard ROTC • Harassed Zane Connelley homophobically. Nearly date-raped a girl at the Bonfire Event, but was stopped by Henry and Elaine. Also made a deal with drug smuggling bikers to use ATO event shipping, and was discovered by Stella who learned they had a debt over his head.


  • Linda Dennison: UofA Student (Biology Major), Cross Country Linda pursued Elaine in an almost predatory fashion late in the Fall, so it came as no surprise that she is a werebird of prey, specifically an owl. The impetuous girl was behind the fire fury attacks and is now dating Elaine and has become an ally of the Astoria pack.
  • Lydette Monk: Hunter Matriarch (Monk Family) Head of the Monk Family; grandmother to Gideon and Davis. Arrived when Davis was hospitalized. Lydette was behind the kidnapping of Abe and Neena to exchange them for her grandson Davis. She is sure to come at the pack in full force now that he is out of the way.
  • Lysa Amber Godfrey: UofA Student (Veterinary Medicine Major), Theta Phi Alpha member Part of Aedia's clique. Good planner and social media maven. Lysa is a member of the influential social group known as the Vault. Jace has been increasing his influence through her as she rises in the UofA scene.


  • Miranda Barnes: Werewolf (Coast Range Pack) • Former UofA Student (Psychology Major), Theta Phi Alpha member Part of Aedia's clique. Hooked up (for a handjob) with Jace. Was bitten night of Bonfire Night party; was one of the students that disappeared, taken by Volk for training and induction into pack. Part of the group that took Davis, and left Henry bleeding out. The last Jace knew, she was shacking up with packmate Gabe.
  • Minerva Holman: Beta in the Cathlamet Bay Pack. One of Alice's new recruits.



  • Oakley Gellert: Clatsop Elder Older First Nations man who is representing the interests of the Clatsop-Nehalem peoples in the Bonfire Clearing dig. Working closely with Elaine and has intimated that he knows what she is. Has a close relationship with Victor Sutherland.
  • Olivia Saenz: UofA Student (Conservation Major; Journalism Minor) Met Warner after alarming Basin Pack of wolves. Warner told her about werewolves. She got over the revelation pretty quickly and continued to date Warner. Awkwardly, she had sex with Warner in the back of her car while he was at the mercy of his weremones.


  • DJ Paloma: DJ at the Crossroads Spun at Fall Formal.
  • Perla Ramirez: UofA Student (Sociology Major), Cross Country, GSA President. Helped injured people get out of Bonfire Night clearing.



  • Reese Tavis: Werewolf (Astoria Pack) • UofA Student (Archaeology Major), Wrestling, Rugby, ATO member • Bitten by Amarissa to cure him of leukemia. Was in a relationship with Victor Sutherland. Defected to Coast Range Pack unwillingly; bit Henry on Bonfire Night. Returned to Astoria Pack, though they had trouble accepting him again. Reese has become more comfortable in the pack again and is also Jace's weretoy.
  • Renee McDonnall: UofA Student (Anthro/English double major) Saved from being picked on by Henry, became his sidekick "Snips." Devastated by his death and blamed Warner. Dating Jerome Tate. Part of the Astoria Pack. She and Warner have recently made up, thanks to a push from Elaine.
  • Roman McCloughsky: UofA Student (Physical Education/Sports Medicine Major), Baseball, Swim Team, Pi Kappa Alpha member Fought with Jace over dancing with Aedia at the Fall Formal.
  • Rory Quinn: Biology TA, Marine Biology Graduate Student, Parkour Enthusiast. Rory is the leader of the Trailjumpers and ex-boyfriend of Neena's. Their relationship went south after Rory was kidnapped and roofied by members of the Monk family.


  • Sandy Roberts: UofA Student (Sociology Major) Thomas prevented her from throwing herself in front of a car.
  • Sasha Maldonado: Werewolf (Coast Range Pack) • Dance Instructor Kidnapped Renee and took her captive with several humans associated with Astoria Pack. Led the attack on the ranger station on the Blood Moon attack, killed Martin Dane. Brutal, acrobatic fighter.
  • Melissa "Sissy" Thompson: UofA Student (English Major) Once a wallflower and Jace's go to fuckbud, Sissy resolved to elevate her status this year. With the benefits of her acute business acumen, a makeover, and Jace's social support, she has become a member of the influential group known as the Vault.
  • Stephanie Condon: Bartender at the Crossroads Elaine seems to have a thing for her.


  • Tessa Edmonton: Dean of Students at UofA Tessa is Jace's sugar momma, having helped him transfer to the UofA and later gifting him with a riverfront loft. Jace revealed his werewolf status to her, and after a period of minor crisis, she has adjusted to the new reality that the supernatural exists. She is unaware of the identities of the rest of the Astoria Pack.
  • Timothy Gruber: Dock Worker, MMA Fighter. A member of the short-lived Astoria fight club, Timothy was possessed by Linda's fire spirits to murder undercover Monks. He's probably okay since being released from her control, right?
  • Tommy Halloran: Regular at the Crossroads Party boy. Used to do work on for Jace until an anonymous blackmailer drove him away.


  • Ulysses Deneveu: The Coast Range Pack's Ritemaster. Ulysses is Volk's right-hand man. He is also the pack's accomplished cook and was quite friendly to Jace during his time among the pack.


  • Vanya Simonson: Werewolf (Astoria Pack) • UofA Cross-Country Coach and Art Teacher Part of Astoria pack; used to be part of Coast Range Pack. Both Warner and Elaine seem quite taken with her, though she's never given any feedback on their interest one way or the other. During the Valentine's Moon, she hooked up with boxing coach Denis Losevsky.
  • Victor Sutherland: Werewolf (Astoria Pack) • UofA Student (Conservation Major), Phi Sigma Nu member • Part of the Astoria Pack; was romantically involved with Reese at one point. Habitually silent.
  • Volk Yuriev: Werewolf (Alpha of Coast Range Pack) Business importer. Interested in Stella joining his pack; bit her at the Bonfire Night attack. Responsible for the death of Amarissa and, as far as Jace is concerned, Henry as well.





  • Zane Connley: UofA Student (Marketing Major), GSA Occasional-drag queen. Zane lied about work on in order to gain acceptance in the Vault. Jace has supported this lie on the condition that Zane actually work on promoting the website and help recruit new cam boys.
  • Zev Caldwell: Electrician's Apprentice and Internet Model Does work on for Jace under the name Johnny Brick.

The Book of the Dead

  • Aedia Randall: Werewolf (Alpha of Astoria Pack) • UofA Student (Business Major), Cross Country, Swim Team, Theta Phi Alpha president Alpha of Astoria Pack, inherited from her mother Amarissa. Harassed Warner and had an off-again, on-again thing with Jace. Thomas was very into her, but never said anything.
  • Amarissa Randall: Werewolf (Alpha of Astoria Pack) • Alpha and founder of the Astoria Pack.
  • Cecil Eversley: Werewolf (Astoria Pack) • Bartender at the Crossroads Killed during the Bonfire Night attack, witnessed by Elaine.
  • Dan Montoya: UofA Student (History Major), Cross Country, Basketball • Bitten at the Bonfire Night event, and died of a fever in the hospital afterward.
  • Maisha: Werewolf (Coast Range Pack) • Former Military Knife fighter. Kidnapped Jace as part of group of humans associated with Astoria Pack; was killed by Henry that night.
  • Martin Dane: Werewolf (Astoria Pack) • Park Ranger Killed by Sasha Maldonado during the Blood Moon attack.
  • Teresa Cantu: UofA Student Stella knew her for a long time. Seemed on the verge of something romantic with Thomas when she was killed in an auto accident.
  • Orlando Guerra: Werewolf (Astoria Pack) • UofA Head Librarian Part of Astoria Pack. Killed by Donaldo.
  • Viktor Harmon: UofA Student Student and ATO pledgeKilled at the Fight Club
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