Bad Moon Season Two

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Episode One: Serenity


Session Eighteen: 4/15/2015

Will, of the LaPine Pack
Ivy, of the LaPine Pack
Cosgrove, Alpha of the LaPine Pack
Linda Dennison
Roy Blackburn
Lysa Godfrey
Zane Connley
Carter Smythe
Haywood Nixon
Melissa "Sissy" Thompson
Timothy Gruber


  • Stella and Jarod Jalo spend a quiet Christmas together. Stella's somewhat impatient curiosity about Jarod's extended presence in Astoria is answered when Jarod tells her that he applied for the open librarian position at the University of Astoria. Stella is flummoxed, questioning the abandonment of his career and girlfriend in Michigan (?). Jarod explains that he hasn't been satisfied by his work in a while, and his girlfriend turned out to not be a good choice. He also drops the bomb that not only did he apply for the position, it's already been offered to him and accepted. Unable to come up with any plausible objections, Stella reluctantly acquiesces.
  • Warner Pelt's Christmas at home in La Pine is made uncomfortable by tensions between his parents, which aren't hidden so well from Warner's prying wolf senses. A distraction from the situation in the form of two glowing creeper werewolf eyes outside his bedroom window soon presents itself. The situation turns out to be no less tense, however, when Warner investigates and discovers an old boy scout compatriot Will Galdwin. Will is immediately confrontational over territory, but two more mature werewolves, a woman named Ivy Morse and a man soon revealed as La Pine's alpha, Cosgrove, soon intercede to prevent any violence. Cosgrove tells Warner that he's welcome to visit his family, of course, but he can't use his powers while in the La Pine territory. He even offers to have his pack keep an eye on Warner's family for him.
  • Thomas Michael Craig is also home with the family for Christmas, with an experience more unsettling than Warner's. Thomas's dad becomes hyperfocused on his computer, probably starting flame war after flame war, while his mom ruins the kitchen trying out her mother's old recipes. Thomas's grandfather barely sleeps, starting and abandoning home projects left and right. They all demand Thomas's attention despite his attempts at isolation, and he is miserable suspecting that somehow his strange experiences following Alice's bite have something to do with all of this.
  • Miles Brovik is alone on campus for his first Christmas in Astoria, but Desmond Lancaster and Vanya Simonson ask him to join them for a small pack Christmas. Miles is enrolling at UofA for the spring semester and has a new job with security under Desmond. Desmond warns Miles that the situation at UofA is likely to get messy soon.
  • Dr. Elaine Litchfield spends Christmas back in New Hampshire at her family's estate. She and her parents spend most of their time in their separate spheres, which suits Elaine's obsessiveness just fine, especially when she hears cawing in the attic one night. Following the now familiar sound of her insanity, she finds an old crate stashed in the attic containing an old book and a pair of human skulls. She no doubt left these here as a child and is now ready to harvest. However, the packing slip in the crate indicates otherwise, identifying the crate's origin as the Egyptology department of the British Royal Museum in her great-grandfather's name, Elijah Dunning. The book turns out to be a collection of poetry written by Elaine's great-grandmother Elizabeth Dunning heavily featuring death themes, especially death as a beautiful garden. Norse and corvid imagery is a common motif running throughout. Of course, it's no news to anyone that insanity is often genetic.
  • Jace Evans spends an almost idyllic Christmas with Davis Monk at the cabin. They're snuggling naked in front of the fire when Jace hears Harris Clayton approaching. Jace doesn't bother to get dressed for his old cam buddy, but Harris is there to because he overheard Volk Yuriev planning to "get rid of" Jace and Davis before the pack heads off somewhere else in the state. Although Harris doesn't know exactly what Volk meant, he's concerned enough to give Jace a map to get out of the area and back to Astoria. Harris refuses Jace's suggestion that he come with them, but Jace tells him that he can still keep in touch through the website.

December 28th, The Oak Moon

  • Stella and Miles are patrolling the pack territory on the morning of the full moon. Miles say very little, but Stella is naturally chatty and nurturing toward him as she concerns herself with how Miles is settling into Astoria. Miles seems to have some sort of complex around this, as he warms rather quickly to her mothering ways.
  • Jace and Davis get out of a semi nearby, having hitchhiked their way back to Astoria. They're near the House of Running Water and start walking the final distance back only to be intercepted by the faux mother/son patrol. Stella is elated to find the missing students, but she's surprised when Jace dismisses his time in Volk's pack as relatively pleasant with very little torture involved.
  • The four return to the house, where much of the pack is hanging out. They question Jace about what's happened to him, but he has very little to tell. Stella settles Davis into a chair to ease the stress on his prosthetic. Finally, Jace, having seen Henry's Harley outside, asks where he is, since Jace has been carrying Henry's keys around since the hospital raid. Stella drops the bomb as gently as possible that Henry died the night of the raid. Jace is at first outraged that he's spent the last month among Henry's killers. Warner takes the brunt of his rage when he reveals that he was with Henry when he died and couldn't save him, but despite Jace's demands, he doesn't know exactly who put Henry down, though he knows Miranda Barnes and Gabe Gerhardt were a part of the fight. Jace quickly retreats to a private room. Uncertain what the reaction might be, Davis follows to comfort Jace, who breaks down into tears as soon as Davis touches him. The pack is stunned.
  • Thomas and Jerome Tate arrive at the house to the pervasive awkwardness left in the wake of this scene. Stella shares the news that her son will be staying at the UofA, and the pack is surprised that she is mostly opposed to it. She explains that she doesn't want to have the pressure of hiding her new life from Jarod, and he's already pried because of her fight with Volk last semester. The pack discusses whether she should tell him the truth or further her deception concerning Volk, perhaps by claiming drug problems of some degree to explain the circumstances. Thomas reasons that giving Jarod a simple explanation will throw him off the track of finding out anything closer to the truth. The pack is further surprised to find out the Stella hasn't been with a man since her husband, which derails the conversation, especially when Jace emerges from his room to suggest that she might have a little something with a certain childhood friend/drug dealer of her acquaintance. A few notice her hastily concealed embarrassment at this mention in front of Desmond.
  • As the Oak Moon rises, the pack prepares for its run. Desmond explains that during the Oak Moon, the barrier between the physical and spiritual world thins, so the pack is more likely to interact with spirits. Indeed, as the pack runs, they are joined by a large spirit wolf. Her appearance startles the longer standing members of the pack, and it is later revealed that the spirit wolf looked exactly like Amarissa's form.
  • She guides the pack toward a strange buzzing sound but parts with them as they find a grotesque spirit shaped like a man with chainsaws for hands near a collection of houses along the John Day River. Greasy spirit smoke fills the air. Recognizing its inherent wrongness, the pack falls upon the spirit and disperses it, cleansing it from their territory. When the pack returns from its run, Amarissa's spirit wolf has departed.

Session Nineteen: 5/13/2015

Monday, January 7th

  • Jace Evans is awakened early when Dean of Students Tessa Edmonton arrives at the loft with coffee in tow. Barely clothed, Jace sits with her in the lower floor of the loft and awkwardly talks around the issue of why he's been missing for the last month. Tessa assumes it's had something to do with Henry Mulgrew's tragedy, and Jace tells her that he wants to talk to her later after he's had time to gather his thoughts. In the meantime, Tessa tells Jace that she's taken the liberty of enrolling him in spring classes and scheduling make up exams for his missed fall finals. A naked Davis Monk stumbles downstairs, much to his own consternation, and retreats upon seeing the dean, leaving Jace and Tessa with more awkward conversation about Jace's sexual habits.
  • Over at ATO, Stella Jalo and the higher ranking brothers are discussing the upcoming rush week. Danny Marin is among this year's ATO rushes. While ATO president Deacon Alders goes over the schedule, Carter Smythe is more concerned about the reputation the frat has gained since Fall's series of disasters. Many students have been gossiping about an ATO curse, which is hurting the frat's social standing and leading to further rumors that Dean Edmonton is considering replacing the local ATO chapter with another frat. Stella, who knows full well that the weirdness isn't likely to end any time soon, can only muster the suggestion that no one else die.
  • Dr. Elaine Litchfield and Warner Pelt are waiting for Vanya Simonson to join them on a run, but when she texts that she can't be there, the pair head out. Vanya mentions in her text that Warner isn't competing in Cross Country this semester, and when Elaine asks him about classes, he dodges the question. Because it would be sane to notice this omission, Elaine doesn't.
  • Miles Brovich is brushing his teeth in his new dorm room when he smells fear emanating from the other dorm room sharing his bathroom. He knocks on the door and hears faint whispers. When he opens the door, he finds Thomas Michael Craig having a nightmare. Yep, it turns out that Miles has inherited Teresa Cantu's previous dorm room. Miles leaves Thomas to his sleep.
  • After her run, Elaine is crossing campus and something odd catches her attention. At this point, you would think she'd be more likely to notice when there's nothing odd around. At first, she can't put a finger on it, but after investigating, she realized that the quad is a very weak locus. She lacks the skills to determine much more about it, though.
  • When she gets to her office, she finds Linda Dennison waiting with tea. Linda coyly shows Elaine her class schedule to reveal that she isn't taking any of Elaine's classes this term, then she not so coyly asks Elaine out. Proving for once that she can think with more than just her head, Elaine accepts a lunch date.
  • Miles shares a computer class with Jerome Tate and Renee McDonnall and discovers this to be an excellent vantage for pack drama when Danny Marin also enters the class. Renee tries to get Danny to sit with them, but he awkwardly sits elsewhere when Jerome doesn't also invite him. When Renee goes to sit with him instead, Jerome growls.
  • Thomas is walking through the quad when he, too, notices something off. Recalling that this is the same area where he once saw dead Teresa, he investigates. He examines the quad in the reflection of his phone and sees words crawling across the ground. When he tries to read them, they skitter out of sight, but he tracks them to their source: the fountain in the center of the quad. As he sits at the fountain, he observes that the words fade as they reach the edge of the quad, and foreign feelings wash over him. The panic of needing to get schoolwork done cascades into regret over poor work done.
  • Thomas is interrupted by some dude named Roy, who confirms that Thomas is one of Warner's friends. He further confuses Thomas when he asks him to tell Warner better luck in the next fight. When Thomas says he knows nothing about any fights, Roy tells him there will be more tonight at the Cannery.
  • Elaine and Linda head to their lunch date, where Linda makes small talk about the dig. Elaine is direct about the dig taking up much of her time outside of classes and somewhat less direct in using the dig as a shield against seeing Linda regularly. When Linda tries to get Elaine to agree to come out to Crossroads with her, Elaine is noncommittal.
  • Jace also has a lunch date, his with Dean Edmonton in her office. He asks Davis to come along and wait outside, though, just in case. The dean is surprised when Jace starts the conversation by asking her why she's been so good to him since approving his transfer to the UofA when he doesn't feel his deserves the treatment. Tessa simply tells Jace he fulfills something for her, and she is genuinely fond of him. Jace tells her that because of her trust, he can't lie to her about all the odd behavior from the Fall and his absence over Christmas.
  • Jace launches into a full explanation of everything supernatural that has happened in Astoria since the werewolf attack at ATO's Bonfire party. He outs a few werewolves, including dead Henry Mulgrew and missing students Harris Clayton, Miranda Barnes, and Gabe Gerhardt, but avoids naming any of the active Astoria pack. Tessa thinks all of this is an elaborate joke, so Jace calls Davis in to confirm his story, explaining that the Monks are a family of werewolf hunters. To further prove his point, Jace changes in front of her. Predictably, Tessa is shocked but asks if there are werewolves other than Jace on campus, which he confirms. He asks Davis to give her one of his hunter sprays so she can protect herself, then they leave her to absorb the wereinfodump.
  • Aware that he has another Herculean task, Jace clears his calendar for the rest of the day and reluctantly calls the pack out to the House of Running Water to tell them what he's done. Attempting to preempt the lengthy conversation by telling the pack right away that he doesn't really care what they think doesn't work so well, making some of the pack question whether he should even be a member. Pointing out that it was Aedia Randall, the pack's former alpha, that agreed to let him in doesn't help matters either. Few in the pack accept that Tessa is genuinely important to eternally scornful Jace, and Elaine accuses him of endangering the pack for his own gain.
  • The sun crosses broad swaths of sky and eventually gets tired and sets before the pack's conversation turns to how to be a better pack. All commit to increasing their involvement in pack necessities like territorial patrols and outreach to other packs to shore up their missing knowledge.
  • As the night wears on, Warner leaves because he "has some place to be." Thanks to Thomas, though, the pack is on to him, and deciding that a little release after the day's pack building exercises is warranted, most of them head out after Thomas to see him fight. It turns out that the Cannery is full of recognizable faces from school, and Jace and Thomas quickly fall in with some of Jace's outer circle, Sissy Thompson, Carter Smythe, Lysa Godfrey, and less familiar Haywood Nixon among them. Thomas quickly realizes that no one is playing bookie to the fights, so with cash openly fronted by Jace, he runs the bets for the night, turning a sizable profit.
  • Linda Dennison, apparently taking over Reese Tavis's previous role as ever present stalker for this season, quickly finds Elaine when she arrives.
  • Behind the scenes at the fighting pits, Warner discovers that Olivia Saenz also knows about the fights. They haven't talked since Warner outed himself to her, but Olivia makes it clear that she still wants to see him when she playful asks him why he hasn't called.
  • As the fights start, Buster the Wolf gets overexcited by all the violence, and Stella quickly loses control as he comes running out to play. Too much release, Stella, too much!

Session Twenty: 5/27/2015

  • Buster the Wolf tries to return to the warehouse to break off a piece of slab of meat Carter Smythe, but Dr. Elaine Litchfield quickly intercepts with the strong newspaper to the nose approach of a snout full of silver mace.
  • Hearing Stella's howl of pain and rage, Jace Evans and Miles Brovich drag her back outside, where Elaine promptly administers a dose of belladonna. Unfortunately, it's a dose sized for Henry Mulgrew, which throws Stella into a bout of seizures.
  • Back inside, Warner Pelt is suffering a beatdown in the ring from Kaleb Jackson, riling his wolf up.
  • Thomas Michael Craig is the only pack member left in the crowd to notice two of the fighters stalking a college couple. Alarmingly, the fighters have fiery eyes. Thomas quickly joins the couple and diverts them toward the makeshift bar. The fighters, who seem to be avoiding overt notice (good luck with those fire eyes), don't follow.
  • Warner, who is struggling with his wolf, enlists Kaleb's help to drive the wolf away, in the form of many painful punches to Warner's face. When Kaleb finally lays Warner out his a final blow, Warner bursts into laughter. Kaleb is completely taken aback, but Warner gains his approval when he gets to his feet and challenges him to drink.
  • Outside, most of the rest of the pack drags a dying Stella to her SUV to get her out of sight. Much to everyone else's chagrin, Elaine insists on administering wolfsbane to counteract the effects of the belladonna. Jace is already wondering if Elaine is starting to go off the deep end, so when her wolfsbane treatment doesn't produce an immediate result and she shifts into a death crow in desperation, he takes refuge in the rear of the SUV. Against all odds, further medical treatment from Elaine manages to stabilize Stella.
  • With Warner being dragged away by Kaleb, Thomas is without the rest of the pack while collecting a tidy profit from running the night's bookings. As the spectators disperse after the fights, Thomas catches sight of the two fiery-eyed fighters dragged the college couple into the back of the warehouse. He notices the heat in the warehouse rising. Although he tries to sneak after the fighters, eyes lit with fire seem to be exceptionally good at seeing into darkness, and the fighters attack Thomas for following them. Thomas tries to throw ice water from the beer tub on them but instead topples over as the fiery eyes give him a taste of what Warner got in the fighting ring.
  • As the warehouse clears out and becomes silent, Jace goes inside looking for Thomas. The blood smell is strong, and he follows it to two corpses--the college couple--and Thomas lying unconscious under the beer tub. Jace calls the rest of the pack in, and Elaine investigates. The two college kids were killed with surprising force, but the girl was dead before other trauma to her body. Jace gets Thomas to his feet, and the pack decides to leave the scene as undisturbed as possible and call in an anonymous tip from Astoria's last remaining pay phone.

Later That Week

  • Miles and Thomas pay a visit to the UofA quad to investigate the locus there. Miles, not to be outdone by the recently discovered fiery eyes, has wolf eyes of his own to see a tree laden with spirit diplomas in the quad. Thomas discovers that he can see into Shadow (yep, that's a mystical Shadow with a capitol "S") at night, and he sees a raccoon looking suspiciously like the UofA's mascot the Bandit. The bandit raccoon can't communicate with Thomas directly, but he does seem curious about him. The two sort of agree to meet up again before the bandit scampers off. Miles and Thomas speculate that the bandit might be a raccoon spirit who started eating the smart spirits of the quad locus and started educating himself. The pack really needs to learn more about the supernatural so they can fact check some of this ridiculousness.

Friday, January 11th - The day of the ATO Graffiti Party

  • Thomas, Warner, Renee McDonnall, Jerome Tate, and almost invisible Danny Marin are playing video games at Jerome's. Renee is still throwing shade at Warner, but they're at least able to be in the same room together now. Danny mentions that he's rushing ATO, and despite some ribbing, insists that the group come to ATO's Graffiti Party later that night to support him.
  • Linda Dennison also prevails upon Elaine to come to the Graffiti Party using her usual honeypot allure. This during one of their morning afters. Stay classy, girl.
  • Stella is setting up for the party with the rest of ATO when Bro President Deacon Alders brings this year's rushes in (2013 ATO Rushes). During the small talk, it's mentioned that one of the rushes, Viktor Harmon, has been missing along with his girlfriend Joelle. That industrious ATO curse is getting a head start on the new crop of kids.
  • Stella has some other party prep to do, which requires a visit to childhood sweetheart/drug dealer Dane Ryerman. She discovers that she has something in common with Jace when she arrives at Dane's house to find the two of them smoking some weed after some post-business business. Although Dane leaps up to put some clothes on, Jace just sits amused on the couch while Stella storms after Dane. Stella is astonished that Dane is sleeping with a "boy" who's young enough to be his son, but Dane is more taken aback by Stella's conservative attitude.
  • As the fight escalates, Jace finally puts on some clothes on and interrupts before Buster the Wolf gets involved. He fails to smooth the situation when he assures Stella that there's nothing emotional between him and Dane; he just sleeps with the man to ensure preferential treatment. The pressure's off Dane when Stella is more concerned with Jace prostituting himself for drugs, and her insistence that something bad must have happened to Jace sets him off. Their fight spills out into the street in true trash-being-aired fashion. Jace attempts to explain to Stella that his relationship with Dane is just two adults giving each other something they want--the basis of all relationships--but Stella is insistent that the situation is fucked up. Eventually Dane tells them to leave.
  • Distraught, Stella heads out to the house to vent with Vanya Simonson about what she just learned. Vanya, who herself has a bit of a flirtation going on with a student-aged wolf pup, finds Stella's objections to 21-year-old Jace sleeping with older men a little strange and asks if it has more to do with it being Dane and also Dane sleeping with men. Stella denies it, but deep down inside there's something there. Vanya is also a little concerned but unsurprised by Jace's activities. Stella eventually calms down but resolves not to see Dane anymore.

Session Twenty One: 6/10/2015

Friday, January 11th Cont.

  • Desmond Lancaster is showing Miles Brovik around the ATO house in their capacity as campus security in preparation for tonight's graffiti party. He mentions there might be police around following the discovery of two dead students at the aftermath of an illegal fighting ring. Stella Jalo discovers them wandering around the house and insists that they eat.

The ATO Graffiti Party

  • Jace Evans arrives at the party predictably late, after much of the rest of the pack is already there. The only thing of real interest to him is the social circle forming with Sissy Thompson, Lysa Godfrey, Carter Smythe, Haywood Nixon, and Zane Connley. Lysa explains that they call themselves the Vault and are aligned around their business interests. She also notices that Jace has worn an expensive white v neck and designer briefs to the party, which will get marked up with highlighters. He merely shrugs and says he has plenty more when she cautions him.
  • Reese Tavis hesitantly approaches the group but is reassured of his welcome when Jace brings him a beer and casually slips his arm around Reese's chest while handing it to him.
  • Zane draws Jace aside to confess that not only does he know about, he lied to the other Vault members, saying he worked on developing the site with Jace, in order to gain admission to their group. He's taken aback by Jace's immediate anger without even needing to know that Jace's primal wolf wants to tear his throat out, and he promises to help Jace develop the site if Jace lets him off the hook, but not before Jace slams him chest first against a wall and presses up against him. Zane isn't sure whether to call out for help or pop a boner, but he elects the latter as a first course of action. After scaring Zane a bit, Jace sees several uses for him and agrees to accept his help on the website. He tries to recruit Zane for performances, but Zane appeases Jace by promising him several new cam boys recruited through his ties. To remind Zane just who he works for now, Jace writes his phone number on Zane's briefs-clad ass with a highlighter.
  • Elsewhere at the party, Thomas Michael Craig is circulating and spots the two fiery-eyed fighters from the fight club. They don't seem to remember him from their "fight," so he follows them discreetly.
  • The talk circulating the party centers around two rushes who are especially keen to enter ATO, curse be damned. Stella finds out from the brothers that they are Louis Porter and Oscar Tae. Oddly, as the rest of the pack start to pay more attention to the fire eyes, they also notice that they seem to be stalking the pledges. Warner Pelt knows the two a little from the fight club. They are Tim Gruber, owner of a fighting gym in Astoria, and one of his proteges, Andy.
  • Jace and Reese take up a position to guard the pledges and notice that Oscar is missing.
  • Stella and Miles notice Andy sitting against the door to the ATO alumni room, and when they go to confront him, they hear a thump inside the room. Miles tries to break past him into the room and gets fiery eyes flashed at him for his trouble. A fight erupts as other pack members converge on the scene, but Miles easily breaks through the door to find Tim attacking Oscar inside.
  • While Miles and Stella go after Tim, the rest of the pack pile onto Andy, who proves to be far stronger than he looks. When Thomas blinds Andy with some spray, he also somehow hits the mute button on Andy's dialogue, as the fighter is no longer able to make a sound. Thomas has little time to marvel at this before Warner and Jace beat the guy into unconscious, but they also notice the eerie muteness.
  • Stella gets Oscar safely out of the alumni room while Miles and Tim fight, but once Thomas, Warner, and Jace get into the room, the fiery eyed man simply vanishes before their eyes. Thomas, however, peers into Shadow to see a figure of golden fire running through the wall of the room, but the pack can't follow.
  • Desmond arrives on scene to take an unconscious Andy into custody shortly before the police arrive, so the pack is unable to question him.
  • Desmond also notices that the Gauntlet, a barrier between the world and Shadow, is abnormally thin at ATO now, and when the pack explains what happened, he tells them that an excess of supernatural activity can cause such a thinning. It can also allow spirits to slip between both worlds.
  • Thomas hasn't been able to return his vision to normal and can only see the unsettling Shadow. That, and finding out that he somehow has access to this show's remote control, has sent him into hiding under a bed in the frat house. Jace, Warner, and Stella find him and convince him to come out to Crossroads to blow off some steam.
  • At Crossroads, Warner notices Reese swooning over Jace and isn't surprised when the two of them leave together.
  • Elaine goes home to research and concludes that the evidence points to some form of spirit possession powering the two fiery-eyed fighters.

Later That Night

  • Thomas makes his way to the quad to meet with the mysterious spirit raccoon Bandit, hoping that he and the raccoon can find some way to communicate with each other. However, while he is waiting around, he something sharp scratching him from inside, and tattoos begin to writhe across his body. Bandit, who was just approaching him, sees this and runs off in terror. In the water of the quad's fountain, Thomas sees that his eyes have turned black with silver pinpricks in their center and now knows the feeling of the crescent moon inside him.

Session Twenty Two: 6/24/2015

Saturday, January 12th

  • Desmond Lancaster texts the pack with the news that Fire Eyes Andy escaped police custody after being removed from the ATO house and calls a pack meeting.
  • When Thomas Michael Craig arrives for the meeting, Dr. Elaine Litchfield tells him that she has been reading children's books and believes he may be a maenad and possibly trans. Thomas takes the news with his usual stoicism.
  • The pack pools what they know about the two possessed fighters. Scoffing at the pack's usual techno-ignorance, Jace Evans starts stalking the two on social media and confirms that Timothy Gruber works at Gunner's Gym and Pier 3 at the Astoria docks. They have also largely been absent online for the last month, with messages going unanswered. Jace sends Timothy a friend request on Facebook, but given that a supernatural entity is driving Timothy's body, he despairs of it having any grasp of social media.
  • The packs splits up to investigate their leads. Back at this loft, Jace looks for further information online but is unable to find anything. He sits Davis Monk, who has been holed up in the loft watching Netflix a lot lately, down for a chat. Jace tells Davis that he spent last night with packmate Reese Tavis but completely shocks the lapsed hunter by offering to be his boyfriend openly. Davis agrees, but not before Jace tells him that as his boyfriend, Davis going to have to step up his game and find some ways to impress the college crowd as a proper trophy boyfriend.
  • Warner Pelt and Miles Brovik head to Gunner's Gym posing as potential members to snoop around. Miles reacts immediately to the atmosphere of anger permeating the gym and is certain something supernatural is afoot. Sadly, these two are the worst wolves to send on a social call, as neither has any social game. They attempt to subtly extract information about Timothy and Andy from the manager on duty but only make her suspicious. Fortunately, when Miles switches to gruff bullying, she recognizes his potential and opens up a little, enough to mention that Timothy has a daughter with an ex but has stopped returning their messages. Before the two leave, Warner notices that the plaques on the wall have been moved recently.
  • Thomas knows that grizzled sea captain Joseph Nadir often hangs out at Kaffe, so he goes to chat with the man about local folklore. Although the man is full of stories, there is a curious lack of anything relating to Astoria's docks. Thomas is not sure what to make of this.
  • The pack decides that the gym bears further investigation, this time covertly at night, when the anti-social wolves won't have to talk with anyone. Jace takes up watch at the dive bar across the street while Thomas, Warner, Elaine, and Miles break into the gym. Warner is creeped out when he notices that Thomas's eyes turn black, and shadows crawl on his skin as he sneaks through the darkened building. But he decides now is the not the time to gawk.
  • They notice a symbol etched over the back door of the gym and soon find a matching symbol hidden beneath one of the recently moved plaques. Elaine recognizes it as a sigil of Indo-European occultism but is unsure of its purpose.
  • Thomas shifts his gaze into Shadow and sees two figures with red skin and fiery eyes in the gym with them. One smiles when it realizes Thomas has seen it. A third such figure walks by on the street outside. The group decides to retreat, but Miles scratches out the symbol over the door as they leave. The spirits do not follow.
  • Elaine continues her research and finds the symbol is linked to cunning witchcraft and used to lay curses on a place.
  • Miles decides to shift into potato wolf form and go hunting for Timothy, using his scent from the gym as a lead. He manages to follow the trail back to Timothy's apartment, which is dark, so he leaves for campus to gather up Thomas.
  • Desmond soon texts the pack that another attack has occurred on campus, once again on the ATO rush Louis Porter. Louis managed to get to the athletic center for help before Timothy and Andy could take him, but the pair are likely still on campus. Miles and Thomas, who are already out on campus, quickly find the pair and give chase, but they lose the fighters when they reach the quad and disappear into Shadow.
  • Miles and Thomas break into Timothy's apartment looking for clues and find plane tickets for himself and daughter Samantha that were never used.

Sunday, January 13th

  • Victor Sutherland calls Elaine to the burial site because human remains have been uncovered. It is a body wrapped in wolf's skin in a canoe. Oakley Gellert is also on hand for the discovery, and though Elaine senses that the man knows the significance of this find, she doesn't press him on the issue.
  • That night, the pack is training together when a werewolf howl splits the air. It is not the howl of a pack member, so they head off into the woods to find the source. They quickly come upon a feral werewolf whose hands have been bound in silver. Miles recognizes her as his old packmate Evangeline just before she attacks them in rage.

Episode Two: Motherhood


Session Twenty Three: 07/06/2015

Sunday, January 13th cont.

  • Stella Jalo has had to spend most of the weekend with her son Jarod Jalo trying to dodge his inquiries into her latest mysterious activities. Stella hears the howl that roused the rest of her pack last episode. She claims to have developed an overwhelming hunger for popcorn and drives out into the woods. Later, Jarod will be forced to wonder why the popcorn run necessitated so much mudding.
  • Stella arrives on the scene at just about the same time the rest of the pack did only to be attacked by a feral Evangeline. Much of the pack dogpiles on the feral werewolf, and Miles Brovik manages to rip her silver manacles off and knock her out. But not before Jace Evans and Warner Pelt's wolves, incensed by this territory invasion and threat to a packmate, get loose and try to murder the interloper. Victor Sutherland manages to drag Jace down while Miles beats him into submission, and Warner, after taking a bite out of Desmond Lancaster, flees into the woods.

Friday, January 18th

  • Stella, along with the other Greek advisers, is summoned to a meeting with Dean Tessa Edmonton. The dean asks if anyone is aware of any unreported pregnancies recently, as a newborn baby corpse has been discovered. Although creeped out, no one present has any knowledge. Stella calls Det. Devin Matthews to ask if he has any more information, but he knows little more himself.
  • Linda Dennison calls Dr. Elaine Litchfield to invite her to what promises to be a killer kegger, but Elaine is distracted by Oakley Gellert's recent interview about the Bonfire dig site and declines.
  • Jace is out with his new usual circle, the Vault, when the police approach Sissy Thompson and Lysa Godfrey to ask if they have any information about the mysterious pregnancy. Jace asks if they do know anything about it and wolf ears into their hearts, but they are also clueless. While they're talking, Sissy confides to Jace that she is planning on rushing this year, and he tells her he's happy to support her, even allowing her to play up the fact she's managed to sleep with him in the past. Sissy asks him to come with her to the Sorority kegger later tonight, and for once he agrees to definitely attend something.
  • Later, Jace is approached on campus by a scruffy looking teenager. The young man has a picture of Jace from and asks if he is, in fact, Jason Evans. Jace's wolf begins hungering for blood, but Jace confirms his identity. The young man claims to be Jace's younger brother Abe Evans and brings the news that their mother recently died. Jace, who has no idea that he even had a younger brother, tells the little shit that he has no family, that he doesn't care about any mother, and that Abe better get lost before he gets hurt.
  • Unknown to Jace, Abe is not only an undiscovered family member but also a budding psychic witch sort of deal, and he reads Jace's aura when the angry man gets in his face. He learns that Jace is something other than human. Abe stands his ground long enough to tell Jace that their father is in prison, so Abe will have to go into the foster system if he doesn't find a guardian, and Jace is the only candidate. This enrages Jace further, who drives Abe off, but not before telling him to meet him later at a Starbucks far away from campus.
  • Once Abe leaves, Jace goes into full on meltdown mode and heads out to the House of Running Water so he can get at Desmond's supply of wolfsbane-laced whiskey. He gets well and truly sauced, and only Warner is brave enough to try to approach him to see what's wrong. Although Jace lets Warner drink with him, he won't open up about the day's shocks.
  • Jace finally arrives for at Starbucks, over an hour late and stinking of booze, to talk more with Abe, who is unsettled by his brother's supernatural energy and out of control drunkenness. When Jace presses for more details about how Abe found him, Abe reveals that he tracked Jace to Chicago and his last foster family, the O'Reillys, but he only managed to find Jace's former foster brother, Cameron. Jace seems especially on guard at the mention of the O'Reillys, but he says nothing about it. Abe says that Cam is anxious to see his former big brother, which is again greeted by wariness on Jace's part.
  • Jace asks Abe what he'll do if Jace says no to becoming his guardian, and it becomes clear that Abe has few other options. Jace tells Abe to stay in town for a few more days and that he'll pay for a Abe's motel room while he's in town. Abe somewhat angrily says he hasn't come for Jace's charity, but Jace throws a wad of cash on the table and leaves anyway.
  • Abe returns to the motel room he's sharing with Cameron, who presses the teenager into going to a Sorority party he learned about on campus. Abe is wary of running into his brother again, but Cameron is insistent. The pair find themselves at the very same kegger that Jace has agreed to attend with Sissy.
  • Jace does indeed keep his commitment, though he's especially curt company for the evening. Elaine reconsiders Linda's invitation and also appears. Nervous Abe, who's keeping a sharp eye out for Jace, sees him as soon as he gets to the party, and Elaine notices the obviously underaged boy keeping a close eye on her packmate. She quickly pulls Abe outside under the pretense of removing a minor from the premises. When Abe reads her aura, he feels nothing but the chill of the grave, and he immediately flees from the creepy corpse lady, jumping off the balcony they're standing on. Elaine, however, can feel that he's seen her true nature, so she makes matters worse by chasing him with supernatural fleetness and crazy obsessiveness on full display.
  • Abe tries to disappear back into the party, but Elaine follows like an implaccable dread. Jace notices the commotion and angrily grabs his brother to drag him outside. Elaine, of course, refuses to leave well enough alone and follows, claiming to Jace that this young man knows what she is and must be a Monk. Jace, further angered at her intrusion and crazy claims, tells Elaine that Abe is his brother and certainly not a Monk. He's also not some weird whatever Elaine thinks he is.
  • That, of course, is when Gideon Monk himself emerges from the shadows and throws a grenade at the arguing trio.

Session Twenty Four: 07/14/2015

  • Oh yeah, grenade! Wolfsbane, to be exact.
  • Jace summons the pack with a howl, but only Elaine and Neena are on hand to fight. The Monks press their advantage, and in the chaos, Elaine loses her rookery, which finds its nearest home in Neena. The fight quickly draws too much attention, however, and the Monks take off before inflicting any lasting harm.
  • Neena is nowhere to be found in the crowd. The rookery drives her body over to Elaine's house, though, where it picks up Elaine's horded occult books and throws them off a bridge. Satisfied, the rookery leaves Neena to her own devices to return to campus.
  • Jace, who sent Abe back to his motel room the night before, takes Reese with him to see Abe and Cam, though he is wary of Cam's involvement. His wariness is justified when Cam pulls a gun on Jace, revealing that he used Abe's search as a means to reach Jace and kill him. Jace has no problem disarming Cam, however, and angrily tells him Cam's parents deserved everything that came to them before driving Cam out of the hotel.
  • Abe, dismayed by this revelation, tried to flee through the bathroom window, but Reese, who has been keeping watch outside, meets him at the window and keeps him from leaving. Jace orders Abe to pack his things and takes him back to the loft.
  • There, Jace tells Abe the truth about his recent past. His last pair of foster parents, the O'Reillys, used him and Cam, their biological son, to run drugs for them. However, Jace worked to secure his future after high school by holding private cam shows for paying customers. When his foster dad, found out, he became violent and demanded Jace stop, but the boy fought back, forcing his foster dad to back down. His foster parents left him alone until Jace was about to graduate, when they planned to have him caught while running drugs. Jace caught wind of the plot, though, and convinced Cam to take his place on the run. Cam was caught and arrested, and it was traced back to the O'Reillys, who were also arrested. Their two younger children were placed in the foster care system.
  • Jace started college at DePaul University in Chicago, but his guilt over consigning children to foster care threatened to consume him, and he nearly drank and drugged himself to oblivion during his freshman year. Needing to escape from Chicago entirely, he applied for transfer to the University of Astoria and was only accepted thanks to Dean Tessa Edmonton's generosity, as she interviewed him personally for the transfer.
  • Jace arrived in Astoria for his sophomore year with a new persona, setting up a porn cam business with local recruits and passing off the money as trust fund cash. He also began an intimate relationship with Dean Tessa.
  • Jace tops all of these revelations off by also telling Abe pretty much everything he knows about the supernatural world and the existence of the Astoria pack.
  • Abe takes most of this news rather well, only really balking when Jace tells him that he's going to need to start acting the part of trust fund brat, too. But he even quickly gets over that when Jace gives him his own credit card and tells him to spend frivolously.
  • As Abe starts setting up a room for himself in the loft, Jace takes Davis Monk, who has been in the loft to hear all of this, aside to find out what he thinks of the revelations. Davis is supportive and even relieved to find Jace opening up about his past.

Saturday, January 19th

  • Jace calls a pack meeting, dreading that explaining Abe's presence in Astoria means not only telling them that he revealed the pack to him but also telling all of them his true past.
  • Stella is delighted that her claims that Jace must be a traumatized individual are true.
  • Jace is pissed when the pack gives him a pass for telling Abe the truth simply because he's family. OR AT LEAST SOMEONE WHO CLAIMS TO BE FAMILY AND WHOM JACE HAS KNOWN FOR LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!!

Session Twenty Five: 07/27/2015

Monday, January 27th

  • Warner Pelt awakens to Manny, a wolf from real wolf pack, poking into his tent. Strange shapes swim around the edges of his vision, and spirit flame seems to limn the objects around him. Warner begins to suspect that camping in a magical wolf glade has consequences.
  • Davis Monk shows up to the loft to talk to Jace Evans. Dean Tessa Edmonton, who has been distant from Jace since he disclosed his werewolf status, has asked Davis to start meeting with her so she can learn more about the supernatural world. He wants to make sure Jace is okay with this, and Jace assures him that he's overjoyed to hear that his "mentor" seems to be accepting these recent revelations.
  • Dr. Elaine Litchfield is working at the dig site and can now view it through the twilight filter, where she sees fog-like swirls in a few places. When Oakley Gellert arrives, she finally begins to push more openly at his secrets, and though he seems receptive, he reveals nothing of import just yet.
  • Stella Jalo is spending the day running errands with her son Jarrod. He has noticed that she spends all of her time at the ATO house, and he encourages her to spend some nights at home with him. Even though Stella just supported Jace telling a complete stranger about the pack, she tells her lifelong son nothing about what keeps her attention focused on campus life.

Tuesday, January 28th

  • Neona, a werewolf from Oregon's Crater Lake pack, is scheduled to arrive at the House of Running Water to advise the Astoria pack on the supernatural subjects they lack access to since Orlando Guerra's death.
  • Desmond Lancaster pulls Warner aside to talk to him about becoming the pack's warden. Naturally, the young werewolf doesn't know what this means, so Desmond explains that it involves taking more direct charge of defending the pack's territory. Warner is intrigued.
  • Elaine notices that Warner's eyes are a predatory yellow to her sight, but who knows really, she could be into full blown hallucination by now.
  • Neona, a statuesque woman of indeterminate age, arrives by Jeep to meet the pack. She even wears the hippiest of silver jewelry without showing the slightest concern.
  • Most of Neona's talk of gifts and cults and lodges goes right over most of the pack's heads. Even the elder werewolves supposedly in the know nod blankly through most of her talk. And anyway, it's all elsewhere on the wiki if you're curious.
  • Once most of the werewolves are playing on their phones, Neona wraps up her talk and passes around some Crater Lake weremead, which proves to have a strange effect on Thomas Michael Craig, who starts babbling about things being trapped somewhere when he takes a drink.
  • For once, the pack is with someone who knows her supernatural shit, and Neona recognizes that Thomas is a rare supernatural being who has a piece of the moon trapped inside of him and spouts prophecy from wine. Once he masters his powers, will he wear a sailor suit?

Wednesday, January 29th

  • Renee McDonnall and Jerome Tate drop by Elaine's house. Renee is clearly worried about something and when pressed reveals that a friend of hers has gone missing.

Episode Three: Reunion


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Episode Five: Liberation


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Episode Six: Retribution


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