Bad Moon Werewolves

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Cults & Societies

  • The Cults of the Moon: The five branches of the Moon Cults of werewolf society, one for each phase of Luna's faces.
    • The Cult of the New Moon: Upholding a philosophy of cunning over brute force, the Irraka werewolves are spies, assassins, tricksters, and thieves.
    • The Cult of the Crescent Moon: Upholding a philosophy of wisdom and close association with the spirit world, Ithaeur werewolves are shamans and spirit-talkers, ritualists and occultists.
    • The Cult of the Half Moon: Upholding a philosophy of honor and justice, Elodoth werewolves are judges and historians, often acting as leaders or organizers.
    • The Cult of the Gibbous Moon: Upholding a philosophy of glory and excess, Cahalith werewolves howl at the moon. They are artists and performers, story-keepers and story-tellers.
    • The Cult of the Full Moon: Upholding a philosophy of purity of purpose over fear and pain, Rahu werewolves are warriors and soldiers, bloody-handed monsters intent on keeping their kind safe.



  • Astoria Pack: Based out of Astoria, OR. Relatively new pack that has seen some troubles of late.
  • Coast Range Pack: Based out of Tillamook State Forest, OR. Long-standing pack of several decades.
  • Crater Lake Pack: Based out of Crater Lake, OR. Known to have a strong population of esotericists, Cultists of the Moon, and Lodge initiates.
  • LaPine Pack: Based out of LaPine, OR.
  • Portland Pack: Based out of Portland, OR.
  • Siuslaw Pack: Based out of Siuslaw National Forest and Yachats, OR.


  • Auberdeen Pack: Deceased. Based out of Auberdeen, WA. The pack formed when Amarissa Randall departed the Gray Harbor area for Astoria in 2010. They were recently wiped out by the Monks, with only Miles Brovik surviving.


  • Little Red & Big Bad: Deceased. Alice and Donaldo, renegades from the Coast Range Pack for killing Aedia.