Bethany Daytower

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Lady Bethany Daytower





Agility: 4

  • (Acrobatics: 1B)

Animal Handling: 2
Athletics: 2
Awareness: 4

  • (Empathy: 1B)
  • (Notice: 1B)
  • Add +5 to all Active and Passive Results (Keen Senses)
  • Reroll one 1's (Keen Senses)

Cunning: 6

  • (Logic: 1B)
  • (Decipher: 1B)

Deception: 3

  • (Bluff: 1B)
  • Add +6 to all Deception Results

Endurance: 3

  • +1B Healing in Deltario Holdings

Fighting: 1
Healing: 4

  • (Treat Injury: 1B) - See Miracle Worker
  • (Diagnose: 1B)
  • Add +1 to all Results (Miracle Worker)


  • Common: 3

Knowledge: 3 (Education: 1B)
Marksmanship: 2
Persuasion: 5

  • (Charm: 3B)
  • (Convince: 3B + 2) And Increase Influence by 1.
  • (Bargin: 1B)
  • Reroll two 1's during Persuasion

Status: 3
Stealth: 2
Survival: 2
Thievery: 2
Warfare: 2
Will: 3

  • -1D (Flaw)


Intrigue Defense: 14 {4(Awareness)+6(Cunning)+3(Status)+1(Lifestyle)}

Composure: 6


Combat Defense: Base: 10 {4(Awareness)+2(Athletics)+4(Agility)}

  • While Acrobatic Dodging: 12



Health: 6

Armor: None


Destiny, Benefits and Flaws

  • Destiny Points: 3


Miracle Worker: Add number to a Healing tests equal to your bonus dice in Education. Whenever you successfully use Healing to diagnose your patient, you gain +2B plus +1B for each degree of success on your next Healing test to treat the patient. You may swap two bonus dice gained from this benefit into one extra test die.
Attractive: Whenever you roll a Persuasion test, you may re-roll a number of 1s equal to half your Persuasion rank (minimum one re-roll).
Charismatic (Convince): Choose one Persuasion specialty. Add 2 to the test result of any Persuasion test involving that specialty. You may choose this benefit multiple times. Each time, choose a new specialty.
Magnetic: Whenever you defeat a foe using Charm, that foe’s disposition increases by a number of steps equal to the number of bonus dice you invested in Charm (minimum 2 steps).
Acrobatic Defense: Spend a Lesser Action to add a number equal to twice the number of bonus dice you possess for Acrobatics to your Combat Defenses until the beginning of your next turn. You cannot use this maneuver if you are wearing armor with Bulk 1 or greater.
Keen Senses: Each time you would test Awareness to notice something, you may reroll a number of 1s equal to the number of bonus dice you possess for the Notice specialty. Also, increase your passive Awareness result by a number equal to your Cunning ranks.
Treacherous Social: During an intrigue, you may add a number equal to your Cunning ranks to all of your Deception test results.
Compelling (Convince): When Bethany uses Convince during an intrigue, she increases the Influence Gained by 1.

Drawbacks and Flaws:

Nemesis:Stephen Blackmont: Bethany's father Stephen was outraged that his daughter was married off without his consent. He has sworn vengence against Sir Mortimer and the Deltario's.
Flaw: Will: While Cunning, Bethany is a bit unruly and a hot head... ready to charge in without first considering her options.
Flaw: Survival: Bethany has grown up in comfort and luxury of the Major Houses of Dorne. She has never spent much time in the wild and suffers -1D to all Survival Tests.
Poor Health: Bethany routinely is ill, and her body struggles to recover from even minor injuries. She is at -3 Health.
Fear: Contagious Diseases: Because she is so often ill, Bethany has developed quite the fear of becoming ill. Whenever she suspects that she might catch something, she suffers -1D to all tests. She is allowed a single die roll at the start of each round/exchange. On a roll of a 6 she has overcome her fear and can act normally.


  • Coin:

72GD and 70 SS

  • Garb:
    • Nobles Garb (1200SS) Impressive Rating: 4
    • Fine Jewelry (300SS) Extravagant Rating: 2
    • Sweet Perfumes (250SS) 10 Uses




Earned: 193xp + 2 Destiny
  • Charater Creation 52xp
  • Book 2 Audit: 70
  • Book 2: 38xp + 1dp
  • Book 3: 30xp + 1dp
  • Book 4: 3xp

Spent: 180xp; Unspent: 13xp

  • Status 3 (10xp)
  • Decipher, Charm, Bargain +1B (30xp)
  • Cunning 5 (30xp)
  • Persuasion 5 (30xp)
  • Charm and Convince +2B (40xp)
  • Cunning 6 (30xp)
  • Bluff 1 (10xp)