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The Book Messenger, Court of Mercury

Rank 2 Book Spirit

Quote: (written) Of course. I go.

Background: A minor book spirit in the Court of Mercury, Biblodiaktoros serves as a messenger as well, using his command over books to alter the content of those books in order to deliver a message. Additionally, Biblodiaktoros can also serve as a communicator with other spirits of the Court of Mercury in a several mile radius, thanks to its Chorus power.

Description: Biblodiaktoros appears as a small leather-covered journal or chapbook, with an electrum caduceus set into its cover. It communicates in writing within its pages, and when it needs to travel somewhere, a wind suddenly gusts the book open and its pages fly loose, with the covers being the last part to go, reforming at its destination.

Biblodiaktoros typically remains in Twilight, fettered to some book or other in Axios’ library. When he sends it on a mission, it unfetters and travels quickly, using its Speed power (augmenting its base Speed with Essence if necessary), and then refettering itself when it arrives at the place where it intends to deliver a message, generally refettering itself to a book there (often a book the intended recipient is reading).

Summon: When summoned, Biblodiaktoros arrives in a flurry of quick-moving pages, forming a book. Communication with the little spirit is never spoken — blank pages exist in which the summoner must write his requests, and his answers come in subsequent pages. When using its Chorus power on behalf of its summoner, the replies of those spirits it is communicating with appear in different color inks, with different print-fonts or handwriting styles.

  • Attributes: Power 3, Finesse 5, Resistance 3; Willpower: 6; Essence: 15; Initiative: 8; Defense: 5; Speed: 18; Size: 2; Corpus: 5
  • Influences: Books 2; Numina: Chorus, Fetter, Gauntlet Breach, Seek, Speed, Unfetter; Bans: Like many book spirits, Biblodiaktoros may not enter any area where there is an open, uncovered flame (a lantern is permissible, so long as it is covered). It will also flee any area if a fire spirit enters that area, as long as it is not bound from attempting to do so.