Blackstaff Tower Dungeon Level

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The purple dots on a map indicate directions as yet unexplored.

Central & Southern Chambers

  • 1: Well Room. The well from the Yawning Portal drops out here.
  • 2: Room of pillars
  • 3: Curtain of darkness
  • 4: Teleport trap to sahuagin statue room (6)
  • 5: empty room
  • 6: Sahuagin Statue Room. Teleport from area 4 drops here.
  • 7: Room with traces of sand to the area north of it.
  • 8: Snake-head Statue. State of a woman's body with a hissing serpent head.
  • 9: Long Gallery. Long dwarven gallery with high ceilings where drow patrol hid in ambush.
  • 10: Altar of the Spider God.

Unknown Areas

  • 1: Portal Location. One-way portal to this area from a tomb in the City of the Dead that transports only dead things (PCs used an alchemical substance to make the portal register them as dead.)
  • 2: x
  • 3: Moaning Chamber. Chamber with walls decorated by dozens of deathmasks, strange moaning comes from here that stops as the room is approached. Deathmasks detected as magical.
  • 4: Temple to Myrkul.
  • 5: Monument of Kings. Grave site of ancient Northern kings.
  • 6: Hall of Tombs. Chamber with many wall-niches filled with coffins, and a low mist along the ground.
  • 7: x
  • 8: x
  • 9: x
  • 10: x
  • 11: Tomb of Glories. Dwarf-made tombs for six half-elven women. Floor between the tombs are grates, with still, brackish water beneath them.
  • 12: x
  • 13: Hall of Hanging Men. Zombie put on hooks with bells, hanging from the ceiling. Their struggles to try and grab whoever enters the room rings the bells, sounding an alarm.
  • 14: x
  • 15: Stairs to Storage Level (Level 2). This long staircase descends down to the second level of Undermountain. PCs fled the slavers via this route, eventually ending up in Skullport.
  • 16: Slavers Guard Post.
  • 17: Slavers Encampment.
  • 18: Slavers Infirmary.
  • 19: Slavers Prison Cells.
  • 20: Head Slaver's Chambers.