Blackstaff Tower Silverymoon NPCs

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The High Palace of Alustriel

Alustriel, the Lady of Silverymoon
Lady Alustriel Silverhand
Lady of Silverymoon
The beautiful silver-haired sorceress-queen of Silverymoon is well-loved by her people (and many outside of Silverymoon), and hated by those who would seek to enslave, conquer or destroy the goodly folk of the North. She is an avid ally of the Harpers, going so far as to publicly open her court to Those Who Harp, and a part of the Lords' Alliance. Her neighbors know her protection without any fear of being conquered for the aid, and she has made Silverymoon into a bastion of art, culture, beauty and love, inspired by the example of ancient Myth Drannor. She has been acknowledged as an elf-friend by the elven folk, and has a handful of half-elven sons, the Brothers Aerasume. She is a dedicated sensate and cheerful hedonist, although does not allow her pleasures to stand in the way of her duty; indeed, she is very well-known for letting her pleasures to assist her (she is somewhat notorious - in an envied fashion - as a "budoir diplomat").
The High Mage Taern "Thunderspells" Hornblade
Taern "Thunderspells" Hornblade
High Mage of Silverymoon
Alustriel's strong right hand, and the High Mage of Silverymoon, Taern loves his liege greatly, and those who would seek to do harm to her are in grave danger from him. An invoker of dangerous reputation, Taern deeply believes in the ideals of Silverymoon, even while proclaiming himself a "man too simple to truly understand them." Despite his bluster and thunder, he is a skilled politican, with a good-natured laugh that can hide the most subtle of threats.

The Brothers Aerasume

The Aerasume Trinity
Naerond Aerasume
Knight in Silver
A paladin of Mystra and mage both, Naerond is warm and outgoing, cheerful where his brothers can be distant or suspicious. Ciro was closest to Naerond during his time in Silverymoon, as the two young men often spent evening in one anothers' company (and beds), artfully stepping on the line that separates friendly lover and beloved routinely during that time. Naerond was very happy to see Ciro return.

Mielikki's Grove

Daemera of the Bow
Daemera of the Bow
Priestess of Mielikki • Harper Agent
A blonde half-elf with a strongly elfin appearance, Daemera is a ranger and priestess at Mielikki's Grove in Silverymoon. Before she took such vows, however, she was an adventuring companion of Glim's mother, Syanee Farwalker. She suggested to Glim that if she wished to know more about Syanee, she seek out the wife of the owner of the Old Xoblob Shop, in Waterdeep, who apparently acted as sort of a "den mother" for their old adventuring company. She is also one of Silverymoon's Harper agents.

The Dwarvenfolk of Silverymoon

Ahmadar's mother, Private Dancer
Moved to Silverymoon into a comfortable home by Ahmadar, Teshura has settled in and become something of a fixture in the local dwarven community. She has gained something of a reputation as a merry widow, willing to grace suitors with her charms not out of expectation of marriage or coin, but because it pleases her to do so. Of course, dwarves being who they are, messengers arrive with expensive gifts from anonymous admirers and beaus multiple times a week.